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Au psy492 m6 a2 thompson b doc

  1. 1. Baroness Thompson 1June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty Baroness Thompson Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty AU PSY: 492 M6 A2 Instructor: Lizzie Stevenson
  2. 2. Baroness Thompson 2June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty Abstract There has been little to know research-surrounding individuals that have succumbto poverty, living, and those living posttraumatic stress. Statistically individuals thatsuffer from a traumatic event have underlying disorders in the following three months.The correlations’ regarding culture is a definite contribution to pathology and mentalillness. Minorities in the ghetto are suffering from undiagnosed (PTSD). There is astigma in the urban community regarding psychological evaluations. Nevertheless, it isimportant to consider how the individual perceives himself, or sees her relations withothers and the environment Problems result from distortions in perceptions of the realityof a situation. Idealistic values and beliefs can actually put a generation in a negativebelief system about there strengths and weakness. Children can be stressed in healthy andtainted surroundings. The cognitive complexity is very different based a familiar valuesand beliefs, In order to construct Varity of different frame worksThe sociocultural perspective emphasizes the role culture plays in both the etiology andthe diagnosis or labeling of abnormal behavior, (Agosyonline2011).In order to bring awareness, surrounding the correlation of people that suffer fromposttraumatic stress disorder need comprehensive psychological evaluations In general, within urban and socioeconomic communities comprehensiveevaluation is not prevalent. There are significant factors that influence physical effectsof depression and post traumatic depression.
  3. 3. Baroness Thompson 3June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty In the area of Posttraumatic stress disorder, there are few evidence basedtreatment programs providing a psychological evaluation for people living in poverty.Many programs and treatment regarding (PTSD) are usually addressing the needs of warveterans. For example, women and or families that have succumbed to, (PTSD) rarelyseek services. Logical health coverage and awareness about the disorders is an antecedentof the lack of treatment.Psychological evaluation is a necessary tool to identify posttraumatic stress in peoplethat have succumb to proverty.While the main focus of (PTSD),has surrounded warveteens,thier are various factors that can cause a young child to suffer from (PTSD).Literature Review OutlineIntroduction Post Traumatic Stress is prevalent in individuals that have succumbed to poverty.Depression, guilt pain is associated with poverty and economic instability. A lack ofbasic needs may taint family system. Various disorders orders can arise when severedepression is untreated. Economic instability can have a detrimental effect on a familysystem. The structure of the system is rigid because of poverty. Mental illness can arisefrom poverty. The correlation in (PTSD) and poverty is valid. Validity may beconstructed from various, surrounding basic needs that go unmeet, For instance, due toSocioeconomically status.
  4. 4. Baroness Thompson 4June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty In this article, the author does not talk about people living in poverty in contrast tothe complications regarding PTSD, (Julian D. Ford Ph.D. As published in the February1999 issue of Journal PTSD) Is in contrast to my research project. Describing the overall topic that has been investigated, would be prevalent invarious areas to research. She addresses the importance of, PTSD treatment. The fact thatit is not resting the conjunction with related disorders such as depression, substanceabuse, problems of memory and cognition, and other problems to live in poverty.(PTSD) and Poverty have a correlation in a tainted community. The samplepopulation would be the (ghetto), tenements. In relation to the descriptive accuratepresentation, I would focus on the demographics of crime rattled communities. I amtrying to study the relationship between (PTSD) and individuals living in poverty.Demographically the bigger the sample the better the independent variable.Nevertheless, there is defiantly a relationship between trauma and (PTSD). Our warveterans experience (PTSD) on the war field and in the community, My father was a Vietnam War veteran; he suffered severely from (PTSD), andeventfully committed suicide. (PTSD) is a very common disorder that has not beenaddressed based on my review.a. Psychological evaluation is necessary tools to identify posttraumatic stress in peoplethat have succumbed to poverty. While the focus of (PTSD), has surrounded warveterans, various factors cause a young child to suffer from, (PTSD) Based on my
  5. 5. Baroness Thompson 5June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and PovertyExperiences, Validity is concrete. Suffering would support my own argument, the focusof outline. Review is to of the theme (commonalities, differences, nuances)Sub-theme – narrow but grouped findings related to the, (Doctored 8, Boggio PS et al., JPsychiatry 2010 Aug; 71:992.) The The article should acknowledge the need for evaluation in poor communists.People that living in crime, dilapidated homes, surrounded by drugs. As humans, wechallenge ourselves to filter and make a better choice regarding life rewards. Cortisol ishigher in children and our individuals that have succumb to violence. The violence can bein the home and our community. The higher levels of cortisol may cause unhealthyrelationships and low school performance in young children.a. (How do you relieve the symptoms of PTSD?Study 2 :( Neurologic Impairment can Cause or a Result of PTSD) based on myexperiences regarding (PTSD),I have daily experiencing regarding detachment fromrealty, I feel as if I am living in a dream. My daily =y interactions do not feel real.Meditation has helped, with psychological consultation. This article addresses variousaspects regarding, (PTSD). Nevertheless young women and children living in poverty .The doctor talks abouthis impairments one may face that have suffered from PTSD. The fact being, individualslivening in poverty have little to no resources. Neurologic findings consist of MRI andconstant evaluation regarding neurology, (Steven Dubovsky June 21, 2006, MD).
  6. 6. Baroness Thompson 6June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty Theme B – The lack of resources cause a various demographics to beundiagnosed with post traumatic stress a, b, c, and so on from aboveConclusion: There is validity in articles assumptions regarding people living in povertyand their experience surroundings relating to post traumatic stress. Write severalparagraphs.What are the contributions of this literature to the field? Psychological evaluation is necessary tools to identify posttraumatic stress invarious ethnic groups that have succumbed to poverty. While the focus of (PTSD), hassurrounded war veterans, various factors that can cause a young child to suffer from(PTSD).My experience suffering would support my own argument, the focus of outlineReview is to summarize and synthesize the arguments and ideas of others.Looking for a correlation on Poverty and Post Traumatic StressQuasi Experimental or null hypothesis regarding, a population that hasn’t been tested forPTSDA Multisite, Randomized Controlled Trial for Children with Sexual Abuse,” RelatedPTSD Symptoms .ABSTRACTObjective I agree with the research regarding children that have suffered sexual abuse. Ihave been sexually abused as a child. The trauma from my assault has caused various
  7. 7. Baroness Thompson 7June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Povertyemotional and behavioral problems in my adolescent years. An early psychologicalevaluation would have been a turning point for me. Nevertheless, fear and environmentalfactors caused me to keep quiet. I am 33 years old and I still live in fear because thetrauma I encounteredTo examine the differential efficacy of trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and child-centered therapy for treating posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) andrelated emotional and behavioral problems in children who have suffered sexual abuse,© 2004 The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Published byElsevier Inc. All rights reserved) retretvedJune28th20110MethodI agree with the alternative treatments regarding children and the exposure to tramTwo hundred twenty-nine 8- to 14-year-old children and their primary caretakers wererandomly assigned to the above alternative treatments. These children had significantsymptoms of PTSD, with 89% meeting full DSM-IV PTSD diagnostic criteria. More than90% of these children had experienced traumatic events in addition to sexual abuse.ResultsA series analyses of covariance indicated that children assigned to TF-CBT, compared tothose assigned to child-centered therapy, demonstrated significantly more improvementwith regard to PTSD, depression, behavior problems, shame, and abuse-relatedattributions. Similarly, parents assigned to TF-CBT showed greater improvement withrespect to their own self-reported levels of depression, abuse-specific distress, support ofthe child, and effective parenting practices.Conclusions
  8. 8. Baroness Thompson 8June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and PovertyThis study adds to the growing evidence supporting the efficacy of TF-CBT with childrensuffering PTSD because of sexual abuse and suggests the efficacy of this treatment forchildren who have experienced multiple traumas.Drs. Cohen and Mannarino are with the Department of Psychiatry, Allegheny GeneralHospital, Pittsburgh. Drs. Deblinger and Steer are with the University of Medicine andPII: S0890-8567(09)61245-4© 2004 the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Published byElsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Baroness Thompson 9June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty (Prevailing Argument) The biological cause regarding mental illness, are the stigma surroundingdiagnoses is based on an evolutionary perspective that suggests there is a predispositionto fear of the unknown. Although the correlation is evident, .whatever was related tosources of serious danger among our ancestors. The preparedness hypothesis suggeststhat we carry an evolutionary tendency to respond reflexively to once-feared stimuli. Environmental Factors California embodies a historically diverse outlook on social andpolitical views. Our state has the top colleges and business, which people travel acrossthe world to become associated. Nevertheless, individuals that have succumb to povertybelieve their problems, are the antecedent of the history. Various theorists have suggestedthere is an association with environmental factors and human development and or valuesand beliefs.There are many aspects to post traumatic stress and poverty. The underlying fact thatlittle to know documentation of local minorities has access to qualified psychiatricevaluations raises great concern. Posttraumatic stress is a very prevalent disorder thatmany people succumb. An adequate psychological evaluation is necessary to prevent,further depression and other disorders associated with, (PTSD). The place in which they
  10. 10. Baroness Thompson 10June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Povertyraise and or attempt to show the child and our children a different avenue in regards tothere choices in life.Recognition of posttraumatic stress is a prevailing argument I would like to addressfurther. My home has little to know resources to gain a tangible grip around myprevailing argument, regarding posttraumatic stress and poverty. A child in a communitythat has a high crime rate will eventually succumb to various behavior problems. Poorwork ethic, low-test scores a lack of proper nutrients and guidance, would be associatedwith undiagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder.In closing, Oakland California is our nations 6th dangerous place to live. Rape, robberyand various crimes associated with unstable community our prevalent. Various affluentcities surround the city, but the have little to no crime. The crime is associated with urbantent aments, poverty, and other factors that are associated with rigid unstablecommunities. It is necessary for a village to raise a child. On the other hand, when thevillage is tainted, the village taints the child. The underlying fact regardingdocumentation of research, to prevent depression is a necessary step; I would takeregarding my research topic. The prevailing argument surrounding these factors has littleto know research. Poverty stricken Schools and community should receive access toqualified psychiatric evaluations to help the on sight of generational tainted beliefs aboutones life worth. (Pros and Cons)Given the results of your literature review, what is/are the prevailing argument(s)? Whatresearch question could you ask in order to further development is this area of study?Outreach programs should be expanded in areas that are in need of psychological
  11. 11. Baroness Thompson 11June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Povertyevaluations. Areas that have high crime rates, rape, domestic abuse make an argument asto why your research question is important and relevant to the current work on your topic.References byJulian D. Ford Ph.D. As published in the February 1999 issue of Journal of Consultingand Clinical Psychology, 67(1), 3-12,Retrived May 21st 2011Peter Roy-Byrne, MD, is Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and BehavioralSciences at the University of Washington, Seattle, Depression and Anxiety, Co-editor-in-Chief, Up-To-Date Psychiatry, Retrieved, May 21 2011
  12. 12. Baroness Thompson 12June 28, 2011M6 A2 AU-PSY 492 Post Traumatic Stress and Poverty MaximumAssignment 2 Grading Criteria and Respective Point Value PointsTopic description was proper. 10Relevant literature was researched and found. 20Strengths and weaknesses discussed in evidence of articles. 20A full coverage of the arguments and implications were 20covered as well as creation of a research question.Peer review form included in with Review Paper 6Met all of the writing requirements outlined in Module 1. 20Followed proper APA style guide along with proper 4grammar and punctuation.Total: