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1 25-07 january reflective paper


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Published in: Education, Technology
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1 25-07 january reflective paper

  1. 1. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -1- Baroness Thompson PSY: 301 Social Psychology Dr. James Williams Social Beliefs in Urban Areas January 21, 2007
  2. 2. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -2- Social Beliefs in Urban Areas Individuals living in urban areas are faced with adversities that people in suburbanareas face. Nevertheless, we see less crime and more perseverance in areas other thanurban areas, tenements our the" Ghetto." Why are people dying and living in fear on adaily basis? Can our environment be the antecedent to our failure? Can our environmentinfluence our behavior and positive development? Can our environment detour orchances to preserver. Is our cultural belief s the antecedent to or bias beliefs toward adifferent ethnicities other than or own? Until we get the answers will feel eccentric. Socioeconomic issues are very difficult in any society. I believe Moral beliefsand values can fluctuate our development. It is very difficult to decipher goals whenyoure social, mental and environmental state is unstable. Education should bepredominant in every ones life. When your demeanor is unstable it is hard to obtaingoals. Education should be predominant in everyones life. Hypothetically; we modelbehavior we admire. Our lives are prevalent models of or peers or parents. Minoritiesare vulnerable, when they live in areas that are plagued with crime, and no positive rolemodels. How can we alleviate a concurrent calamity in urban areas? In my essay, I will address this infamous life. I am a minority, and I have dealtand are dealing with the issues that are prevalent in urban areas. My environment wasthe antecedent to my orient adolescent years. Education was my way in which I was able
  3. 3. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -3-to deify my life, and than obtain persevere in my job and college. Many of my peershave succumb to there environment. There were, and is no positive role models for themto model. The best education should be concurrent in all areas, urban and rural. This shouldbe mandatory. Jails and cemeteries are over crowded with minorities. These, areas arefilled because we tend to call, people bad or crazy when we dont understand therebehavior. In urban areas or the "ghetto" schools are plagued with drugs, crimes, andcynic behavior. This behavior is destroying many generations. Urban areas needcontinuous intervention. In the home and in the community. Human beings perceive situations differently, due to our cultural and ethnicbackgrounds. As citizens in cities or society, environmental circumstances influencethere behavior. As a child, my environmental circumstances influenced my behavior. Ifound myself in a environment with no room for advancement. This was very orient as aadolsecnt.My daily activities were trying to stay safe. I felt trapped in my community. People living in urban areas fell similar. Youhave to manage your house in order to manage your life; ecology has a lot to do witheconomy. I believe," The purpose in the human mind are like deep water, but theintelligent will draw them out." -Proverbs 20.5 (Myers, 2005, p.127). As we construct our social beliefs, we then influence others to confirm them. Wemake situations look worst than they are, because of inexperience about differentpredicaments. "In creating these problems, we didnt set out to fool people. All ourproblems fooled us, too." -Amos Tversky (1985) (Myers, 2005, p.127)
  4. 4. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -4- When we are in predicaments that we cant understand we begin to becomeoverwhelmed with our situation. Our situations become bigger than the are. I see thishappen everyday at work. I work in a high school. I have worked in the Vallejo school district for 5 years.There is a lot of gangs in the schools. The police have it under control, neverthelesschildren are suffering. I am underpaid and over worked. I keep my position at workbecause, I feel sorry for the kids that I work with. Many of them come from povertystricken homes. They are hungry and are not motivated to learn. Sometimes they lash out on the teachers, because of there personal problems.Most of there parents are raising several children in a single family home. In areasplagued with crime. This is prevalent in every school, I have worked at. Many of theadmistrators at the schools are overwhelmed. They arent dealing with socioeconomicproblems in there homes, thus they try to help the kids that are. Students are overwhelmed with there environment. The feel like no one cares.They view each teachers the same. I work in disabled classes, and regular Ed classes.The adolescents that I work with are faced with many different adversities. Teachers give students special attention, that seem capable of understanding givenwork. This can be good for the students attitude and help them persevere in differentsubjects. Nevertheless students that dont receive special attention may feel left out. Thiscan be detrimental to a Childs self-esteem. Children that feel different or, like undercaregivers may act out for attention. They may become nuisances in the class room andor society.
  5. 5. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -5- Reprehensive Heuristics may put a person in a wrong group. Thus his or herbeliefs about oneself can or become negative. Our beliefs sometimes take on lives ofthere own. Usually, our beliefs about others have basis in reality. Thus, our beliefs aboutourselves can be self-fulfilling. Sometime, we her things for so long, we tend to believethem. This statements can and are most of the time or wrong. Parents, soctiey or peerscan instill false beliefs about ones self at an early age. When we begin school. we expect change. When I was enrolled in middle schoolthings begin to change. My environment became a entrapment. I had know positive rolemodels. Everyone wanted to protect there reputation. A negative reputation that causedharm to there peers. Currently this calamity is still plaguing my community. Everyone istrying to protect there reputation, by murdering and killing there peers. In 1994 I was in the 9th grade. This year was devastating. Two of my closefriends, that I called cousins were brutally murdered. Their mother was also murdered.As they laid asleep in there home. There clothes were laid out to go to school the nextday. They were innocent victims in a crime plagued area. Reputation was usually theantecedent to all of the violence in my community. There murderers were trying to kill there older sister. She was in the home butdidnt get shot. The crime occurred down the street from my home and one block awayfrom our school. The young men that killed my friends came to there triple casketfuneral to kill the sister. A couple weeks before there murderer the living sister, was that antecedent to themurders was kidnapped. She was told by the kidnappers to tell the police a different
  6. 6. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -6-story about a crimes that she was a witness to. They told her if she didnt, her entirefamily would be murdered, including her. Obviously she didnt believe them. Everyone that new the Jacobson family knew about the murder, and thekidnapping before the murder. Nevertheless, no one would tell the police. Everyone wasin fear for there own life. This calamity was with in my community. This is one of themany stories that I knew about. This was prevalent among my peers and adults. The police can only due so much. When crime is in rooted with inn your dailylife style what do you do? Who do tell? Who will protect you? Where will you go tofeel protected? As a 14 ten year old these were my thoughts. I knew murderers andthose who were murdered. I had become so complacent, with crime within mycommunity, I felt like things would never change. Currently they havent, crime hasplagued my community and the people living in it. "A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which isbut saying in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday"-Jonathan Swift,Thoughts of various Subjects1711 (Myers, 2005, p.127)"The error of our eye directs our mind: Many times we find ourselves in negativepredicaments, that will have no way or plan to get out of. We let our negativecircumstances over power well being or train of thought." More compelling evidence issurvive the discrediting of the evidence that gave it birth." Myers, David, G., (2005),Social Psychology (8thed.), New York: Mc Graw-Hill. We are always closed toinformation challenging our beliefs. For instance, we may believe the reason why we didnt get a job could be becauseof our race or gender. Nevertheless, the reason could simply or attitude during the
  7. 7. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -7-interview. A negative attitude or demeanor in or daily life can help us persevere or stayin the same realm of a particular situation. Thus, we may give up because of our beliefs and expectations powerfully affecthow we mentally construct events. We can influence those close to us to believe orfallacies, about obtaining a job or any type of positive development. We can benefit from our fallacies and also disdain from them. We may becomeprisoners from our preconceptions and or own thought patterns. We isolate ourselvesbecause of are fear of being wrong. In doing this, we enable or perseverance. Can a whole community enable there self about events that are threading? Forinstance, my step brothers murder was in broad daylight in the middle of the street. In acommunity that wasnt new to violence. Dale Hodges nicknamed Ducky, was a goodperson with a young son, also a family who loved him. No one deserve to be brutallymurdered. Nevertheless, community casualties happen daily. At the age 29, I have seenso much death and violence nothing can astonish me. It the sense of death and a youngperson losing there life on the street. I decided at a early age to help my own environment by being positive. I go tocollege and I let give younger people lectures about my experience, that is similar tothrees, in doing this I prove to them that there is a way out. There is light at the end ofthe Ghetto. As a young adult I believe change starts within. When I person is a victim ofa violent crime or a violent society, you have to find and use your own tools. This cansimply be school, a job, or a friend outside of your community. When I talk to the children I work with many of there problems are similar.There behavior and social beliefs display the same antecedents. Socioeconomic issues
  8. 8. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -8-are concurrent to move each child or adult, out of these situations is impossible. Whenindividuals see people of there same ethic background, they may consider to changethem. If society models positive behavior, no matter what circumstance those whoadmire them, model there behavior. Ethic groups differ in school achievement; to theextent that family structure peer influence. Parental education, can and will predictachievement or delinquency. I have worked with these delinquents for 6 years. At onepoint in time I was a delinquent. In a area that had no room for advancement. Uncertain purpose in life can be the antecedent in low self-esteem. A individualcan dislike another, because they see a reflection of there self. We all need to sharpenour social intuitions. If we believe in ourselves, we can then help those closest to us.Individuals with similarities due to cultural and social beliefs can benefit from ourbehavior. We can help others process and define life goals by defining our own throughthere achievement or perseverance. It takes a village to raise a community. We have tohelp those that are unable to help themselves. Illusions and optimism increases orvulnerability. Believing ourselves to misfortune, as society we dont make sensible safetymeasures. In closing, society is liable for the delinquency of our citizens. Forever lesson welearn we can teach another. A lesson can simply be patience or plosive thinking when asituation looks it worse. These thought derive from my own as a adolescent, strugglingto develop. In a urban area with no room for advancement. I became close to myprinciple and he told me he saw greatness. I believed him, and change my train ofthought. I begin see life differently. As my environment failed me my perserravce
  9. 9. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper -9-advanced. I became patient; I learned how to think before I react. Those closet to memodeled my behavior. Currently, the murder rate is at its all time high in my community. Neverthelessthere is hope. Hope is the antecedent to perseverance. This will remain until the end ofeternity.
  10. 10. Baroness ThompsonSocial PsychologyReflective Paper - 10 -Reference:Myers: Social Psychology Eight EditionThe McGraw-Hill Companies, 2004The Little Brown compact HandbookRevised Custom EditionJane E.Aaron