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  1. 1. Pesla: the Hocoka (center) Victor Douville 1
  2. 2. Pesla: The Hocoka (Center) By Victor Douville © 2011 Victor Douville 2
  3. 3. Pesla and the Night Sky Pesla-Hocoka Victor Douville 3
  4. 4. Spheres in MotionThree way Conjunction: North Pole (Waziyata Canwakan)Ecliptic, Celestial Equator& core of Wanagi Tacanku- Celestial Equatoron Winter Solstice 2012 (Mahpiya Wicahpi Iciyagle) Wi Pressessional Circle Pesla Celestial Sphere (hocoka hektakigle) (Taku Skanskan Autumnal Equinox Tacangleska) (Ptanyetu) Wi Vernal Equinox (Wetu) Ecliptic Pressessional Wobble (Mahpiya Maka Iciyagle) (hocoka iglucancan) South Pole (Itokaga Canwakan) 4
  5. 5. Precession of the Equinoxes Deneb Pole Position Cepheus Constellation after Thuban Wakinyan Alderaman Pole StarVega in 15,000 AD Wakinyan Tacante (T-Direction of imaginary Bird’s Heart) or Pole ofNorth Celestial Pole the Eclipticcarved by the earth’s pole Little DipperPole of the Ecliptic is the Thuban Pole Star incenterpiece of the imaginary 3,000 BC will happencircle again (26,000 AD) Unci Wobble vortex Maka Big DipperPrecessional wobble occurs Precessional Cycle is 26,920every 72 yrs. with a 7 year Years (30 x 12 = 360 x 72)5cycle Pole positions at tilting angles
  6. 6. Wakinyan Tacante • One of the most profound and grandest event that will occur is when the Wakinyan Constellation’s circle, carved out by the northern pole, stands upright with its heart, the pole of the ecliptic, aligned with the earth’s northern pole • This is when the earth’s precessional wobble will push back the heavenly bodies on the ecliptic to a point where *Wakinyan, the most sacred and grandest of all creatures, stands upright and proclaims “I am the heart of everything that is.” 6*A manifestation and messenger of the spiritual beings
  7. 7. The Wobble • Earth wobbles on its spin axis every 72 years Polaris Vega • Wobble cycle lasts for about 7 years (in 2001), it recently completed its cycle in 2008 and its next cycle will begin in 2073 (ending in 2080) Cause of wobble is a drag initiated by the pull of the sun, moon, the earth’s bulge and earth’s inner core reactionEarth’s bulge • Wobble of the earth’s axis iscontributes to like a spinning top thatthe gyration gyrates when it is impacted Vega will be pole by resistance 7 star in 15000 AD
  8. 8. Composition of Earth’s Interior Crust Mantle (nickel/iron)Crust is 5 to 25miles in depth Inner MantleAtmosphere 780 miles deepThe mantle and Outer Mantleinner core 1,800 milesconsists ofmolten liquid Inner Corethat becomes 1,380 milesunstable when longthe earth Corewobbles 8 Lithosphere (between Crust and Outer Mantle)
  9. 9. Autumnal EquinoxVindemiatrix Denebola Regulus Virgo Celestial Equator Sextans Spica Crater Corvus Hydra 9
  10. 10. Cansasa Ipusye Vernal Equinox Aries Keyapiya Pegasus Pisces Hehaka Wi Ecliptic Aquarius Cetus Capricorn10
  11. 11. The Red Race Track Ki Inyanka Ocanku Sa • Also Called Ki Inyanka Auriga B Capella Ocanku Sa Constellation • Red Circle represents a CastorPullox Pleiades cave in the Black Hills Hocoka called Wasun Niye (Wind -Pesla Cave) • The embryo emerging from Betelgeuse the cave is Tokahe (first man)Procyon • The Red Circle can also be a womb Sirius Rigel • Three stars in Orion’s Belt represents the dialectsThe race track story is the time when all • The Black Hills Sits on the 11creatures ran a race to win their destiny red rim of this circle
  12. 12. Ki Inyanka Ocanku Sa • Red Race Track Constellation • Made up of Auriga Hocoka or B, Capella, Pleiades, Rig Pesla el, Sirius, Procyon, Pollux and Castor • Represents the Red Rim that surrounds the Black Hills and the great race • Pesla, center of the B.H., represents Hocoka, the center of the race track on earth and in the sky 12Image courtesy of USGS 36
  13. 13. *13 Constellations on the Ecliptic Keyapiya (Turtle) Hehaka (Elk) Agleska 2 (Salamander) 11 8 Cansasa Ipusye 1 1 (Dried Willow) Owanjila Najin (N. Star) Wicincila Sakowin 2 (7 Girls) Wakinyan (T-Bird) 1 2 Tayamni Capella (Bison) 13 3 Itkob U (Toward) Initi (Sweat Lodge) 7 Auriga B 3 9 5 Pesla -Hocoka Wicakiyuhapi (Carrier) Mato Tipila (Bear’s (Center) Lodge) Wasun Niye Oceti Sakowin (7 Fires)` Cansasa Ipusye (Wind Cave) Nape (Hand) 12 6 Oceti (Fireplace) Anpo 10 Ki Inyanka Ocanku*Plus 2 Amulet & 3 Wicahpi (Race Track) 4 13Circumpolar Starsand Constellations
  14. 14. Lakota Wicahpi Wowapi (Star Chart) Pte Tali Yapa (Buffalo Gap) (Capella) or Unpapa Peak Wanagi Tacanku Auriga B Wicincala Sakowin (Pleiades) (Milky Way) Castor Pesla (bald) or Triangulum Hocoka (center) Pullox Mato Tipila Pte Oyate Aries (Gemini) Cansasa Ipusye Procyon Tayamni - 3 (Triangulum/Aries) parts of a bison Pa (head of Tayamni)Ki Inyanka Ocanku Sa (Red Race Track) Nape Rigel & Betelgeuse-Tucuhu (ribs ofSirius-Sinte (Tail of Tayamni) Tayamni) 14 Orion’s Belt-Cankahu (Backbone of Tayamni)
  15. 15. Above and Below Connection Star Gate Wanagi Tacanku Ki Inyanka Ocanku Sa Wasun Niye Cansasa Ipusye (Dried Willow) Hocoka Wind Cave Devils Tower Buffalo Gap Harney Reynolds PrairieRed Race Track Peak Slate Prairie Gillette Prairie Pesla 15Camps prepare to move to Harney Peak at spring
  16. 16. Cansasa Ipusye • When the sun enters Dried Willow Constellation, it is Vernal Equinox or spring timeCangleska(hoop) or • The people then harvest the a cave Hocoka (center) red willow by stripping its in the sky inner bark and drying the Pesla (bald bark for tobacco mix to be spot) on earth Guide Wasun used for up the coming post Wiconiye spring pipe ceremony (Wind Cave) • The people have a month to - make the journey to the place that makes owl sounds - (Hinhan Kaga) for the tribal spring ceremony Inyan Kaga Guide post for the Pesla, the center (Creation Rock) great race of the BH Race a guide post for 16 Track the great race
  17. 17. Wicincala Sakowin • When the sun enters the 7 Little Girls Constellation, it is time for the great spring ritual • At this time, people gather at the highest peak in the Black Black Hills near the 7 needles hill (Hinhan Kaga) to welcome back all thunder in peace • This is the favorite place where the thunder beings display their awesome power - in order that all life awakens to renew their energy and grow - • The buffalo contribute to this awesome sound by produc- ing thunder from their hoofs as they thunder out of Buffalo Gap to the plains 17 17
  18. 18. Pesla-Hocoka • When the sun intersects the center of the great sky hoop, then it is the time for addressing all of Unci Maka’s (grandmother earth’s) life forms • At this time, the people assemble at Pesla (bald spot) the center of He Sapa race track or Ki Inyanka Ocanku to welcome back all - life in peace- • This renewal ceremony binds all life forms together in a state of peaceful and tranquil relationship 18 18
  19. 19. Matotipila • When the sun enters Bear’s Lodge, it is summer solstice and the time for the great tribal sun dance • At this time, the sun seems to stand still for four days when all the rays of the sun focus on the earth and the beam of the sun empowers the sun dancers with all of the wisdom of the sun and - spiritual powers • This concludes the great- tribal ceremonies and allows free secular time for the people to enjoy the summer and prepare to the next two hard seasons that follow 19 19
  20. 20. He Sapa: the Heart of Everything • Pesla can be seen from satellite as a bald area • Tayamni or Agleska (salamander) image can be seen from a satellite • Keya (turtle) can also be seen • All of these images can be seen in the sky as He Sapa is shaped like constellations a heart • The Black Hills is shaped like a heart, bison or 20Courtesy of Jim Sanovia human
  21. 21. Pesla, Keya and Agleska Images See slide Hocoka (Center) 22 for these imagesSkull of a bear orhuman Agleska (Salamander) Keya (Turtle) 21 Map Courtesy of Jim Sanovia
  22. 22. • At the moment of conception a soul isKeya and Agleska sent out of the core of the Milky Way and enters the embryo via a hole in Wanagi Tacanku the bowl of the Dipper giving essence and life to the baby; In addition, the Salamander (Agleska) Keya and Agleska Constellations prepare to empower the babies Constellation • These images are made into amulets where the dried umbilical cords of the new born babies are placed within • Long life, quick injury recovery, agility are the virtues of the Agleska and long life, hard to kill and perseverance are the virtues of the Keya • Both pass through the Milky Way on their way to the babies and visit their kinfolk for empowerment • Soul loss occurs when the umbilical Turtle(Keya) cord is cut so it is imperative that a Constellation connection be made in the heavens to ensure the safety of the baby on earthGalactic • When a person passes away, the soul Core of such a person returns to the galact- tic core where it came from, provid- vided they live a successful life 22
  23. 23. Pesla: the Hocoka (center) Photograph courtesy of Victor Douville• The center of the hoop of the universe, the center of Lakota world, the center of He Sapa and the center of the cangleska (the hoop or race track) surrounding He Sapa 23• This is the heart of everything that is
  24. 24. Rock Circle and Outcroppings 24 Photographs courtesy of Victor Douville
  25. 25. He Sapa: Heart of Everything That is • Pesla can be seen as a bald spot in the center of the B.H. • Two images of the salaman- der and turtle can be seen just below Pesla • He Sapa looks like a human or buffalo heart • It is called the heart of every- thing that is • It is shaped like a buffalo’s head • It is called the Black Hills because from a distance the pine trees look black 25
  26. 26. Summary and Reflections Precession of the EquinoxThe Lakota regard the He Sapa as hollow-ed grounds and revere it because it is the Wakinyanspiritual center of the Lakota world. This iswhere ancestors of the Lakota emergedfrom Wasun Wiconiye to populate the land, thisis where the heavens reflect their image on Wakinyanspecial landforms that compelled the Lakota to Tacanteperform ceremonies to maintain the spiritual (heart)connection to the powers above so that thepeople may live and this is where the Lakotacan find peace, tranquility and sanct-uary.Moreover, the Lakota called the He SapaWizipan (suitcase) where food and other items VIEW OF THE BLACK HILLS 700 MILES ABOVE THE EARTH COURTESY OF US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY, EROS DATA CENTER, SIOUX FALLS, SD. Unci Makacan be stored. It is truly the heart of everythingthat is. 26
  27. 27. Hecegla 27