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Chinese Food


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chinese food

Chinese Food

  1. 1. Chinese Food Jake Barnish
  2. 2. Types of Chinese Food Main Food Traditional food Festive dishes Vegetarian diets Herbs, spices, etc. Desserts
  3. 3. Main Food Generally, there is rice in Southern and Eastern China, Wheat in Northern China and Sweet Corn in Middle, Northern, and Western China. People in Southern China have rice, congee or rice noodle as their main food. Northern China has wheat made products like Bun, noodle, and pancake. People on the seaside and lakeside will have seafood for meals.
  4. 4. Traditional Food There are many different types of traditional food in China Some popular meals include Doufu- Ingredients include Bean curd, Yunnan Ham, Black Mushrooms Steamed Fish- With some light soy sauce andseasoning. Dim Sum- Ingredients include Shrimps, Pork, Wheat Flour for pastry Lobster- Sometimes with Chicken Stock and Garlic Dark rice- With sweet dark rice vinegar, pig's hands, egg,ginger Eggs in tea- Eggs put into Chinese dark tea
  5. 5. Festive Dishes T he Chinese have many dishes of meat recipes like Chicken, Pork, Fish that they do not have on normal days. They are a special snack, or festival food and are made during the Chinese festivals, Such as Sweet-Stick Cake and Turnip Pastry in Lunar New Year, Glutinous Rice Tamale in Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Cake in Middle Autumn Festival, and Steamed Buns to the Birthday person.
  6. 6. Vegetarian Diets Buddhism and Tao are the main religions in Mainland China and vegetarian diets are the main food to the people who cult as monk, nun, or Taoist. Some vegetarian meals include: Bean Curd Sheets Toasted or Roasted Seaweed Mushrooms Fungi Walnuts Gluten Bean Sprouts
  7. 7. Herbs and Spices The Chinese use a lot of herbs and spices in their food Chinese chefs might use some parsley, aniseed, fennel, cloves, peppercorn, red chili pasty. Light and dark soy sauce, wine, rice vinegar and oyster sauce are the main seasonings and sauces. The Chinese like to use the preserved and salty ingredients like preserved eggs, potherb, pickled mustard, dried shrimps, bean curd cheese, dry and salty pork, salty duck, and meat sausage
  8. 8. Desserts Chinese desserts are sweet foods and dishes that are served with tea or at the end of meals. The desserts in China can be roughly divided into several types: Bing Candies Gao Jellies Soups
  9. 9. Desserts Bing- baked wheat flour based confections, and are similar to the short-pastry crust of western cuisine or flaky like puff pastry. One of the more commonly known bing is the moon cake. Candies- Chinese candies and sweets, called tang, are usually made with cane sugar, malt sugar, and honey. These often consist of nuts or fruits mixed into syrup or pastes to flavor or give the candies texture. Tanghulu, dragon's beard candy, and White Rabbit Creamy Candy are examples. Gao- Gao are rice base snacks that are typically steamed and may be made from glutinous or normal rice. These rice based snacks have a wide variety of textures and can be chewy, jelly-like, fluffy or rather firm. One of the more commonly known gao is the niangao. Jellies- Many jelly desserts are traditionally set with agar and are flavored with fruits, though gelatin based jellies are also common in contemporary desserts. Some Chinese jellies, such as the grass jelly and the aiyu jelly set by themselves.
  10. 10. Chinese Pudding Since pudding is quite a tasty dessert, there are many types of pudding that the Chinese make. These include: Mango pudding Coconut pudding Eight precious pudding Rice pudding And more
  11. 11. Authentic differs from in U.S. Restaurants American Chinese food typically treats vegetables as garnish while cuisines of China emphasize vegetables. Native Chinese cuisine makes frequent use of Asian leafy vegetables like bok choy and kai-lanand puts a greater emphasis on fresh meat and seafood. American Chinese food tends to be cooked very quickly with a great deal of oil and salt. Many dishes are quickly and easily prepared, and require inexpensive ingredients. The food also has a reputation for high levels of MSG to enhance the flavor. American Chinese cuisine often uses ingredients not native and very rarely used in China.
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