What makes great value-based messaging?


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What makes good messaging?

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What makes great value-based messaging?

  1. 1. Can you recognizegood valued-basedmessaging?
  2. 2. 3 Essentials .. Creating messages that are Understanding your relevant, can connect & tell a story. customers and what they value. Discovering a value proposition that really resonates.
  3. 3. What’s a message? A short assertion of unique value that the listener can connect with. [Supported by points to get the message across.][The best messages are also credible, provable and don’t over-claim.]
  4. 4. Why tell stories?Once upon a time and even now, we relatemore to “stories.” Even business messagescan be told as stories .. to engage, describe,reinforce and assert the value of what we sell.
  5. 5. Who do you message to? The hearts and minds of people who reallyThe corporate buyer use the product?about dollars andcents?
  6. 6. Messaging isonly as goodas yourknowledge ofthe customer &what theyvalue Based on anecdotes, intuition, experience, customer research or feedback testing ...
  7. 7. Good messaging is alignedto business needsWhere do we need to inform?Where do we need to educate?Where do we need to use messagesto create believers and persuade inorder to grow or sell our business?
  8. 8. A good messagestrikes a chord.Whether financial,technological or personal, agood message makes anemotional connection withthe recipient.
  9. 9. A world class message is visceral
  10. 10. The best value props resonate. Based on resonating value of your offering to the customer. More than just the ways in which you differentiate against your nearest competitor. More than just the sum of features or benefits of your product. Read Harvard Business Review
  11. 11. Good messaging is real. Social media has changed the rules. You are no longer in control. (Get over it.) “I had a bad experience.” “You didn’t deliver on time.” “I don’t like sales reps.” “You are not being authentic.” I”ll just tell my friends on Facebook.” (http://www.thefacebookera.com)
  12. 12. Customer Set + Value drivers +Value prop = Value-based messages Answers  the  ques,ons  ... • Who  are  the  groups  or  types  of  customers  I  can  focus  on? • What  do  they  value  and  how  do  they  measure  that? • What  is  my  of  value  proposi,on?      Does  it  resonate? • Do  my  messages  engage  and  tell  a  story,  are  they  relevant  and  describe   the  value  of  my  product  to  this  type  of  customer?
  13. 13. Messaging is thefoundation ofgood contentmarketing andeMarketing “Gone are the days when sales people actively “sold” to prospects and marketers would participate in “interruption marketing” .. regardless of interest .. Marketo
  14. 14. Get the message? 1. Do you really know your customers? 2. Do you know what they really value? 3. Do you know how your offerings really resonate? 4. Are your messages relevant and do they tell a story?