Dealing with Difficult People and Situations in the Workplace


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Learn tips for dealing with difficult people, situations and politics at work

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  • Welcome everyone to your Goal Setting to Prosperity Coaching Session. My name is Bernadette Boas We will get started in a moment, but before we do…. Today’s call will be content rich, and whether you are live on the call or listening to the recording, all registrants should have received the Goal Setting Workbook that was emailed to you this. If you did not that is okay, as we will not be going through it on the call but it is for your use once we have completed today’s webinar. If for any reason you did not receive it please email me at You will also receive the audio and powerpoint slides from today’s call in the next 48 hours. We have over 60 people from all over the world on the call….. If you should have any questions throughout please use the CHAT function and I will review and respond to all questions on this call and after the call as part of your follow up material. Okay, Give me 5 seconds and I will hit the record button and get us started…..
  • Goal setting is the most widely endorsed personal development strategy in the world today..............Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Eric Lofholm, and many others Today’s call we will address the single most important basic blocking and tackling of starting, managing or growing a business and actually your life– and it is the number one critical success factor for a business or individual attempting to accomplish the goals, dreams and aspirations they have for their business or life. This is one of my favorite quotes…I have it hung on my office wall, taped to my refridgerator at home, and I carry it on a small post card in my wallet. The reason is there are so many people in this world that have such big dreams for themselves, their families and their business, but they just aren’t pursung them. Each month I speak to hundreds of individuals and business owners …and one of the first questions I will ask them is how much time they spend strategizing or planning their business and personal goals…. Most of the time I just get a blank stare….. I then will ask them about their last vacation or road trip and the amount of time and effort they put into planning those out…….Just yesterday I posed the same question to a group at my Toastmasters meeting during my presentation….Kayla responded that she just spent about a month, part time…. Roughly 20 hours. Wow, that is a nice chunk of time to plan out a vacation…. But that is the typical response I receive….. Then I ask them again how much time they spend on doing the same planning for their business or their life….. Then the next thing I hear most often is …………ohhhhhhhhh My objective today is to show you how Planning and Goal Setting is the difference between success and failure, between focus and distraction, between growth or stagnation……..
  • Over the next 50 minutes we will discuss the WOW factors and facts of focusing on planning and setting goals….. I will walk you through a simple 8 step process that will allow you to start today on planning out your dreams, goals and aspirations, no matter what they are…. We will talk about why people don’t plan or set goals and then give you tips, techniques and tools to ensure you are not one of those folks….. And I will guarantee you here TODAY that if you were to begin following this process of planning and goal setting YOUR SUCCESS…… you will not only achieve your goals, you will increase your energy, motivation and productivity by 25% Immediatley, Finally, we will wrap up with your Call to Action, Questions, and how you can continue to work on your professional and personal development with additional teleseminars………………..
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations in the Workplace

    1. 1. Managing DifficultPeople andSituations inBusiness and Life!Shift to Riches™ ProgramBernadette Boas,Chief Ball of Fire1
    2. 2. Learn TodayandTeach TomorrowCommit to teach it to 1 person in the next 7 daysEmail me at bernadetteboas@balloffireinc.comSubject Line – Teaching Managing 2
    3. 3. Who is Bernadette Boas?25 year corporate executive, consultant and globalVPEntrepreneur – CEO, FounderBall of Fire, Inc. – media and publishingShift Coach, Consultant, MentorSpeakerRadio Host – Shedding the Bitchon Blog Talk RadioAuthor –Shedding the Corporate BitchCreator of the megabrand “Shedding the Bitch”Contact me
    4. 4. Outcomes• Understand your Role• Tips for dissecting the‘difficult conversation’• Understand Do’s and Don’ts• Call to Action• Programs
    5. 5. My own goal for YOU:Approach conflict withconfidence vs. aggressionemail me the #1 thing you learned today:bernadetteboas@balloffireinc.comSUBJECT LINE –“# 1 Tip for Dealing with Conflict”I will email you back a letter grade of A for completing
    6. 6. “ Whenever you’re in conflict withsomeone, there is one factor that canmake the difference betweendamaging your relationship anddeepening it. That factor is attitude.”William
    7. 7. Shift to RICHES Formula!7ProfessionalDevelopmentProfessionalDevelopmentMind SetMind Set Skill SetSkill SetPersonal DevelopmentPersonal DevelopmentPersonal DevelopmentPersonal DevelopmentDiscoverDiscover ShedShed CreateCreate
    8. 8. Self AssessmentFree Workbook
    9. 9. Managing Difficult Situations – Assessment (sample)I believe sincerely that I do NOT deserve to be treated disrespectfully? _____I do not hesitate to confront difficult conversations when I am impacted? _____I do not hesitate to confront difficult conversations when it involves others? _____I do not like confrontation as it makes me ‘the bad guy’? _____I do not immediately react (especially publicly) without all of the detail? _____I do address uncomfortable situations and difficult conversations upfront? _____I prepare the approach, message, and solutions prior to addressing the issue? _____I schedule a one-on-one meeting in a private neutral place? _____I am straightforward and to the point in addressing the issue? _____I listen actively, thoughtfully, and purposely to understand the entire issue? _____I am effective in asking questions to gather all of the information? _____I am open to feedback, objections, and discussion from the other party?
    10. 10. Angst, Attitudes,Fears, Insecurities,Negative Mindsets‘Bitches’
    11. 11. Dissecting the DifficultConversation• What makes a conversation DIFFICULT• What difficult situations do you face?
    12. 12. Types of Difficult Conversation• Employee to Boss disagreement / lack of support• Denied promotion due to ‘politics’, ‘favoritism’• Delivering bad or hard news• Dress, hygiene, cultural habits/rites• Inappropriate/illegal/lewd dialogue by staff/students• Layoff, firing, demotion, student failing• Employee/Student undermining authority, teaming• Flirtations, inappropriate behavior, sexual
    13. 13. DON’TDOStep back, walk away, prepare, approach calmThe Do’s and Don’
    14. 14. DON’TDOAddress it early, ask permission, consider themThe Do’s and Don’
    15. 15. DON’TDOAsk questions, consider options, be open tofeedback, consider YOU changingThe Do’s and Don’
    16. 16. DON’TDOListen carefully, openly, thoughtfully, purposelyThe Do’s and Don’
    17. 17. DON’TDOEstablish solution, define deadline, follow upThe Do’s and Don’
    18. 18. Summary• Difficult conversations can be simpledifferences or unknown issues – don’tassume• Address early, be straightforward, keep itsimple• Identify solutions, set deadlines, follow
    19. 19. Your Call to Action Give meaningful thought to the last 3 difficultconversations, your role and outcome Identify ways you could have ‘CHANGED’ Practice and implement ONE Tip from todaylet me know: Assist and mentor others on how to handledifficult
    20. 20. Exciting Programs..... JOIN IN Shedding the Corporate Bitch – Book – AMAZON Weekly Shedding the Bitch Radio at Noon est.Call in live or listen to recording –BlogTalkRadio/SheddingtheBitch FREE weekly Shift to Riches Webinars™ at 1:00 p.m. Designing a Powerful Woman Telesummit –Dec 7thfrom 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. eastern Shedding the Bitch NICHE
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