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Ict why


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Ict why

  1. 1. Originality and Creativity Megan Barnard
  2. 2. st 1 Step● The first thing we did was choose a theme for the website.●●● We decided to choose the corporate theme because it is easy to use with a simple and clear layout. This would be easy for parents and students to use. We also like the light blue colour of the background, as the light blue was inviting and friendly. We also thought that the light blue linked to Island School because of the blue buildings, blue uniform etc.
  3. 3. nd 2 Step● The second thing we did was add a banner●●● We decided to use a picture of Island School, which is also on the website because it made the website more personal to Island School. We added the Island School logo onto the banner to make the website more personal as well. We chose to make the “Island School” in a dark font so that it was bold and easy to see. The “PTA uniform shop” is slightly transparent, however it almost fades into the picture of Island School. The font is still quite easy to see, so parents know that they are on the correct page.
  4. 4. rd 3 Step● The third step in our process was adding dif- ferent pages in our website.●● We chose this tab bar because it is simple and clearly laid out. Also, when you click on one of the tabs it is slightly highlighted and the font turns red so that the page you are on is easy to identify. The colour of the tab bar also matches the background colour.●
  5. 5. th 4 Step● The next thing we did was to add a search bar onto the home page.●● We added the search bar so that the site is easy to navigate around and so parents and students can search for a particular item of clothing if they are unsure as to where it would be placed under.●
  6. 6. th 5 Step● The next thing we did was write on the “about” page.●●●●● We added the “About the website” page so that parents who were unfamiliar to Island School would understand what this website was for and how to use it. We also added a map so that parents can come to pick up the uniform and know where to go.
  7. 7. th 6 Step● The next thing we added was a slideshow for each of the categories.●●●●● We added a slideshow because we thought that it would be easier for parents to simply click through different categories, or click on the picture that they want. This also saves space on the website as well. We decided to caption the photos in a grey box with white font so that it was easy to read and stood out amongst the white background. We included the sizing and prices so that students can come into Island School after ordering online with the exact amount of money.
  8. 8. th 7 Step● The next thing we added was a contact page.●●●● We added the telephone number, email, address and opening hours on the left hand side in case parents wanted a direct way of contacting the school and so they knew when the PTA shop is open. We added an even more direct messaging system to the PTA shop so that if there were any complaints or questions, the PTA would get them directly and try solve the problem.●
  9. 9. th 8 StepThe next thing we added at the bottom ofWe added this form at the bottom of the page of each uniform sectionSo that parents have an online ordering form and it is easy to buyUniform. This was also part of what the current PTA staff wanted onThe website.
  10. 10. The last thing we did was add a slideshow of Island SchoolsValues, as it is also on the Island School homepage.We did this so that the home page was a bit more colourful andMore interesting. It also grabs the audiences attention so thatPeople want to stay and explore this site. The images also makeThe site more personal to Island School and let knew parentsKnow what Island Schools values are.