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William Shakespeare


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Published in: Education
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William Shakespeare

  2. 2. William Shakespeare was bornon April 23, 1564
  3. 3. When William was around 8his dad took him to a play.
  4. 4. Anne Hathaway and WilliamShakespeare got married.
  5. 5. Shakespeare had a daughtercalledSussanah and twins namedJudith and Hamnet.
  6. 6. Shakespeare leftStratford-Upon-Avonto go to London towork.
  7. 7. Queen Elizabeth I became his friend.He wrote plays for her.
  8. 8. Shakespeare wrote a play called “AMidsummer Night’s Dream”. Nick Bottomturned into a donkey in “A MidsummerNight’s Dream”. In a Midsummer Night’sDream”, the queen of the fairies falls inlove with a donkey.
  9. 9. William Shakespeare and hisfriends built the Globe theater.
  10. 10. Shakespeare wroteHamlet. To be or not to be, that is the question.
  11. 11. Shakespeare’s theater, TheGlobe, burned down!
  12. 12. William Shakespeare wrote “Romeoand Juliet”.
  13. 13. In Verona, Italy, you can find Juliet ´s balcony
  14. 14. You can leave your love messages and Juliet will read them
  15. 15. William Shakespeare diedin 1616