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  1. 1. Once upon a time, in a little town called Zundert (Holland), there was a boy named Vincent Van Gogh. He became a great painter, but he didn´t start to paint until he was 27!
  2. 2. He moved to a beautiful city in France, called Arles, where he kept painting lots of paintings of the beautiful landscape that surrounded him.
  3. 3. What was his favourite colour?
  4. 4. He liked the sun… …the stars… … sunflowers…
  5. 5. So he bought a yellow house.
  6. 6. He decorated his bedroom, it was so beautiful that he decided to make a painting.
  7. 7. He decorated his house with twelve wooden chairs.
  8. 8. He stayed in Arles for a long time. He loved the place! Every morning he woke up and walked. He liked to paint landscapes with trees, mountains, the sky…
  9. 9. He loved to paint outside.
  10. 10. He sent lots of letters to his brother Theo. This is his postman
  11. 11. He really liked to paint flowers
  12. 12. But his favourite flowers were…
  13. 13. SUNFLOWERS!!!
  14. 14. He painted lots of pictures of SUNFLOWERS
  15. 15. But he liked all kind of plants!!
  16. 16. He liked to paint at night, because he could see the stars!!!
  17. 17. His friend and rival was Paul Gauguin, also an artist.
  18. 18. But they were always fighting, mainly about art. One day his friend left, leaving an empty chair. Gauguin´s chair
  19. 19. He painted lots of self-portraits.
  20. 20. At the end of his life, he wasn´t very happy. He didn´t have money, only his brother Theo helped him.
  21. 21. What happened to his ear?
  22. 22. He painted more than 900 paintings. How many did he sell?
  23. 23. This is his Doctor, he painted him a portrait because he couldn´t pay him.
  24. 24. How much is it now??
  25. 25. In 1990 a Japanese man bought it for 70 million euros!!!! He died and now no one knows where it is.
  26. 26. His last painting…… Cornfield with ravens, 1890