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Slides from session 3 of the Digital Eyes Media Academy. Looking at which social media channels are right for your business, if any at all.

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  • Go around the table asking what people have done to measure the success of their existing online marketingIf there is little ask for 1 thing that they took away from the last session and WILL implement.
  • Media – use to radio/newspapers/averts ….SM is two way –use to shouting at customers your message …SM is a two way communication channel brings benefits as in talking direct with your customers but you also have to be prepared to respond.Networking event – go to sell your business but its not its you…Marketing your business though you – same with SM
  • SM should not replace any of marketing you do – best results used in conjunction with all other marketing –offline …traditional and online. People think they don’t need to do traditional …just because company such as NEXT is tweeting doesn't’t mean that they no longer advertise in papers/refer a friend/TV etc. SM
  • When SM is successful – one of the results can be generating traffic to your website – to buy/more info etc. Therefore it is really important that where you send them too. This needs to be thought about at the beginning, no point in doing all hard work on SM building your reputation, adding value, gaining the trust from others IF the website you sent them to is poor ..doesn't represent your business well/easy to navigate, look and feel. NEED to make sure that your website clearly and easy to find your SM channels links e.g shouting about a sale on your FB/TWITTER pages send them to your online store – and there is no banner to say they have arrived at the right place, its not easy to navigate round/check out/buying tranasaction long …page takes a long time to load –they will go else where
  • Traditionally build database (one way traffic) collect business cards – SM is now next level of database …sitting ready to be communicated to only it’s a multi dimensional database –interacting with customer –good/bad lovers/haters/suppliers so it need managing well. Links to join your database –share/join everywhere Make it as easy as possible – name and email address – immediately email to say join us on FB/tWITTER ETC ask THEM
  • Sounds obvious, but people often forget get caught up in trying to sell. Get people to know you, like you, and to trust you…communicate with them. Private stuff works….of course when I say private I mean what people think is private –birthday in office –share photo of bday person and the cake…so people get to know the person behind the business.Customers are social -Photos of customers using your products/services…or made purchase take photo (held course, charlotte bought new phone) help build relationships if see customers had successHobbies work …keen cyclist mention that you are ….whole new group …new customers
  • When customer reads a post/quote or watches a video they have to feel it was worth while. Educate people of your industry/business of how and why you do things. Help them decide why they need you, knowledge about your business e.g 7 questions you should ask every accountant before hiring one. They have to see you as an expert, so they trust you to make recommendations. Added value doesn’t have to be all of your only content…outside resources/review/magazine articles/videos …use online resources available to you (unless direct competitor)
  • If some one comments, make sure you reply…two way conversations. Before like scan down timeline – see how much interaction, I want something back from them – see active, see if I drop line they will respond –like any relationship …successful ones two way. Closest mates are those that you interact with the most not just talking …Direct message on twitter/fb/linkein can be very powerful if used in right way
  • Emotion is a BIG part of Social Media…being able to connect with your audience EMOTION is the next level of interaction …you share a emotion/event you can connect with that person …good example of this is beliefs/children/support same team/from same town …gives you the edge of someone else who does same product or service as you –more likely to be more loyal. SM Terms …you get more shares/likes/RTS/mentions etcThinking/buying with heart rather than head. Alison coach – why you? Printer – love of pink?! Carl – team you support
  • Emotion is a BIG part of Social Media…being able to connect with your audience EMOTION is the next level of interaction …you share a emotion/event you can connect with that person …good example of this is beliefs/children/support same team/from same town …gives you the edge of someone else who does same product or service as you –more likely to be more loyal. SM Terms …you get more shares/likes/RTS/mentions etcLots of comedians on tour next year – guess which one ive booked to see?
  • Yes you have to sell …1/4 of your of all your posts should be selling an no less than 1/8 eitherBut do it softly …do social only offers fb twitter etc makes them feel special rather than over sold toTake photos …images speak volumes –good way to sell themselves Instagram new products you have in Link TO SOMETHING LIKE A VIDEO OR A QUESTIONAIRE ADD VALUE THEM ON SECOND PAGE NOT ON fb HAVE A SOFT SELL AT THE END. Soccer lions – post of fb WOW just had our first Soccer lion signed for stoke city ….picture of blog post and at bottom of post for more info on times and locations of lessons got to our website www.
  • Airline video
  • What useHow use ..tell us how you planned thatHow/Why ….is it planned?
  • 500 million registered users ..av person has 130 friends – viral effect. Generally speaking most applicable to most businesses.Key to make your profile complete –more info you have on your page the easier the decision it to like your page and connect with you – nothing more off putting than half completed. Testimonial's, your web address, reviews etcCan have multiple pages and groups, this work best if you have different target markets and really want to specially target each of these – but only do multiples when conquered one successfully
  • All about the headline with twitter …so many tweets in a twitter feed you have to stand out – You should read our blog on XXXX OR The 7 most profitable ways to grow your business in this article nowLinks work well every 2 or 3 tweet – send them to your blog/website …great for sharing Twitter to work have to follow/favorite and comment – make sure you are interacting so uyou are seen out there –not interacting with others don’t expect them to come and interact with you.
  • As business owner all should be on linkedin
  • How?Make sure you know your USP …what is your unique Selling point? ..Quality/turn around time 24 hr print/personal touch …no corporate bull shit/ mention ours Crowded network on twitter/Facebook …you can not be the same as every other accountant/health and safety/mobile phone provider
  • Everybody in this room …not doing something unique …USP …why you Example – lawyer blogged about how to get immigration visa - gave away info on everything they knew about how to obtain all existing visa (colleague called him crazy)…nothing that someone could find out for themselves with time and investigating but the result ….after two months had to turn people away as all the blog did was convince people that he was right person to get the visa. If you don’t let people know and show them that you have the answers …how will they know to come to you?
  • Example of SP Cadbury's …twitter for customer service.
  • Soo many different channels/options to do it well takes time either yours or if you pay someone to do it …either way it costs money…therefore you have to make sure you are making money from it to make it worth your time
  • You have a business plan, marketing plan if you don’t have a SM plan ….you are operating blind …how do you know how well you are doing? You shouldn't’t just be doing Social media …because you feel you should be in the ‘IN” things to do OR because your competitors are …should be doing it because it get your business results. Creating a robust SM strategy is the secret to managing your ROI
  • Increase sales…develop new business for new clients or new products OR improve your customer retention rate and increase sales to current clientsAre you a start up – looking to use SM as your primary marketing channel OR looking to generate more traffic to either your website or shop?Attract Social Media influencers in order to better amplify your social media messages
  • The target demographic group for your SM strategy should be based not only on who your current or potential customer is BUT who among them is using which SM channels and in what way. Minimum ..age/gender/location/profession/interests/SM channels most active on ……research current customers/competitors/visitors to your website etc
  • Same content …different channels to get your message out. Planning a sale or new product/course –New year ….create a bit of hype about it …write a blog post it on your website/FB ….send tweet out to followers. Banner of your websiteContent and when plan ….dates when you are going to be putting out what content and when ..rather than waking up thinking what should I post about today. Day 10 exclusive Facebook offer voucher. Secret preview pics on pinterest day XXX . Day of launch …YouTube video of the people attending the course …or the new dress in. Constantly drip feeding customer info from pre launch –testimonials.
  • Log …have to start from somewhere …simple excel spreadheet month on month –key it to track everything so when you get a enquiry by what ever means…email/website submission/phone call you all waysask the question …where did you hear about us from –log it1 per month update your excel spreadsheet – numbers so you can see ….interesting what you can get out – best time to tweet/post/see colerlation between customers/age/sex on sm chains to your off line marketing activities
  • Innocent –picturesHowever …doesn't’t matter who you are – you will get unhappy customer one day, be prepared, give a dam, listen &action (demonstrate that interest publicly) respond in real time –direct indicator how much you value customer feedback, offer make it better, follow up.
  • Which social media channel (if any) is right for your business - Digital Eyes Media Academy

    1. 1. WELCOME BACK Digital Eyes Media Academy
    2. 2. IT’S BEEN A MONTH…. What have you implemented in your business since the last session?
    4. 4. AIMS OF THE SESSION By the end of the session we’ll all have an understanding of the following: • Know what Social Media is – definition and practice • Understand SM is still marketing • Four main rules for SM to work • Different SM channels –bring different benefits/ways of communicating • Social Media Myths • Why You need a SM strategy • How to measure your Social Media activity • *This is a working Session – Ask Questions & Share Experiences
    5. 5. Power of SM Video
    6. 6. Social Media “Tools that allow the sharing of information and creation of communities through online network of people” source: constantcontact.com
    7. 7. Social Media – Should not replace ANY other form of marketing
    8. 8. When SM is successful it generates traffic
    9. 9. DATABASE – YOUR NO.1 ASSET How to build your list: 1. Invite existing customers join you on FB/Twitter/LinkedIn etc. put it on your email footer/letterheads & pages on your website 2. Physically ask them for contact information. Fill out a form on an iPad when customers come through your door followed by an email asking them to join on FB/LinkedIn etc. 3. Share and RT’s …people sharing your info helps spread your Twitter name/FB name virally 4. Paid for databases – ads on Twitter/FB/LinkedIn but should be last choice after growing followers organically first.
    10. 10. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK 1) Be Social – Friendly it’s the Know/Like/Trust
    11. 11. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK 2) Add Value – To the reader
    12. 12. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK 3) Interaction
    13. 13. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK 3.a) Emotion
    14. 14. EMOTION EXAMPLE – JASON MANFORD 08:45am “Right Sweetheart, im just watching Sky sports for two minutes then we need to go to school” “Nooooooooooo Daddy, we want Peppa” “Darling we have been watching Peppa all morning. No” Cut to 10am Phone rings “Hi, just ringing from the school” “Yes” “Nothing to worry but just to let you know, that your daughter has the remote control in her book bag” • 69K likes and 2.1k comments
    15. 15. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK 4) Sell Softly
    16. 16. FOUR MAIN RULES FOR SM TO WORK An example that covers all 4! Video
    17. 17. Different social media channels bring different benefits & are different ways of communicating.
    19. 19. FACEBOOK The GIANT ….compare it to old Traditional marketing it’s the long TV advert
    20. 20. FACEBOOK • Algorithms – how does FB rank? • Comments – High in rankings. Powerful good for likes/comments (not so much for shares) • Pictures/Videos – High in ranking, great for shares and for getting new people to your page) • Events – started get high rankings –say attending shows on your timeline – helps others see your going (Viral effect) • Links – good occasionally but not high on FB algorithms • 4-12 posts per day – mixture quotes/articles/line from blog/pictures/event/videos – many different aspects
    21. 21. TWITTER • Twitter - compared to old traditional marketing = radio • 5secs to capture peoples attention…you have 140 character's to develop a headline • Best you can do is send them to a link • Follow/favorite and comment – make sure you are interacting • # No more than 3 per tweet – not Instagram • Use # for twitter research - best hashtags to use industry - print, health & safety or location #staffordshirehour • 12-24 tweets per day – egg timer/set times per day – manage with Hootsuite
    22. 22. LINKEDIN • Talk back radio – more professional done right – great results • MASSIVE importance spend several hours full profile (links videos/ white papers/ recommendations/ endorsments – friends/customers. The more up to date it is (at least every month add info) - gets in front more people • 1 to 2 posts per day – offers/job • Interact – if business go BIG ….then build or join groups so clear on what your business does (blog/write) • Pick up the phone – interact with them – connect on LinkedIn & maybe go & grab a coffee
    23. 23. YOUTUBE • World of information in video format • How many channels do you want? How many different audiences? What is your strategy? More channels helps you with Google • Ensure videos are tagged effectively & come up with a great title, make it long so that more people get to you • Got to get likes/comments to get conversations going on your video • Videos of? – customers tell the world how great you are as well are use your products/services …results • REMEMBER you don’t need a flashy video camera – iPhone is fine & can be better as things don’t look staged
    24. 24. INSTRAGRAM • Twitter with pictures – v fast growing • Visual - multiple instragrams • Hashtag • Liking • 3 to 4 posts per day for a business – not enough lose interest with you
    26. 26. TOP MYTHS – BUSTED! 1. My customers are not on social media ! 72% of adults who are online use Social media sites (and 85% of adults are online) YES …it is possible customers are not “social” BUT Should use it to research your competitors/new products/brand awareness/build friendship/communities/news
    27. 27. TOP MYTHS – BUSTED! 2. Too much content with give away my secrets! Content …value added content makes customers/potential customers see you as the expert …the go to when they need that product/service “A list of ingredients does not make someone a chef
    28. 28. TOP MYTHS – BUSTED! 3) My business is doing well enough with out spending time or money on Social media - Think about how much better your business could be doing if added content and a social media strategy - Might be “fine” now but is your business going to be “fine” further down the line? about the future?
    29. 29. TOP MYTHS – BUSTED! 4) Social Media is for creating customers…. SM great in helping acquire customers BUT equally: • Brand awareness • Customer service • Loyalty
    30. 30. Social Media is NOT free!
    31. 31. Social Media Strategy…Why?
    32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – WHERE TO START? Objective – This is the reason for the existence of your social media strategy, with out a clearly defined objective, you will not be able to create clearly defined KPI’s that will allow you to measure ROI. Ideally, your objective should align to your business strategy and overall marketing plan
    33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – WHERE TO START? Customer – Who is your target customer? More detailed demographic details you know about the type of people with whom you want to engage, better you can align your SM activities with them ….
    34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – WHERE TO START? Spend next 5 minutes thinking about your objectives for 2014 and who your target customer(s) are/would like to be
    37. 37. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – MONITORING • Facebook Analytics – page visits/reach/fans/likes • Twentyfeet (SumAll.com) Twitter/FB/Google+/Pinterest/Mailchimp • Socialbro – Twitter -following/not following/influence score • Hootsuite – manage your accounts including scheduling but also use ow.ly – traceable links • http://tweetreach.com/ - see how far your tweet travelled/reach/exposure/most retweeted • LinkedIn – own analytics • Klout – love it/hate it measure influence thru engagement on twitter (good for keeping eye) • Google Analytics
    38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – MONITORING Followers Likes RT’S Mentions Engagement Website clicks FB Shop Direct sales …..always log Comments on blogs
    39. 39. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY – INSPIRATION… Businesses doing SM well: Innocent McDonalds Disney Coca-Cola Virgin
    40. 40. Questions?