How the App Store Positions Your Company for World Domination


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Now that SharePoint 2013 is available, almost every SharePoint user wants to know “What the heck is the App Store? How will it impact my environment? How will it impact me?” In this session, you’ll learn how the App Store will help you unlock the full potential of SharePoint by offering business users the ability to download valuable apps from a public market place—without posing risk to the environment—and use them to create better SharePoint solutions that IT can easily support and maintain. An app from the App Store could be the difference between an average SharePoint environment and one that takes your business to the next level. Come witness how the App Store will help you improve SharePoint adoption and enable you to focus on more strategic projects and daily SLAs.

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  • A “What if” journey based on historical facts and future possibilitiesLet’s challenge the current paradigmWith knowledge comes power and the ability to invoke changeMoving the needle internallyA better conveyer belt as a result of maximizing and improving the toolset (Business, IT, Operations, Control, Tax legal, HR, Marketing, R&D)What’s different about SharePoint going forward? How can this change the game for my group and my company?I’ve been a part of that change and the app store furthers SharePoints potential as a catalyst of improvement
  • Worked with SharePoint before it was called SharePoint (12+ years)When the content management piece was a separate tool altogether. All the good old days…..not really….it sucked!!Progressive Insurance (the third-largest auto insurer in the US) and as a senior consultant for Crowe Horwath (one of the largest public accounting and consulting firms in the US)Founded a consulting practice that ran for 5 years.
  • Audience QuestionsHow many of you know what the app store it?How many of you have actually downloaded a SharePoint App and used it?Someone tell me what the App Store is.
  • Consumerization of SharePointPeople are becoming used to things outside of the workplace and now they are starting to demand it within the workplaceEspecially true of the younger workforceLife without an iPhone? Life without a tablet. Life without the internet?This methodology is now being injected in to the enterprise both young and old
  • Only available in SharePoint 2013 going forwardOnly available in Office 2013 going forwardOnly available in Windows 8 going forwardA unified front across the Microsoft stack
  • We are extending SharePoint native capabilities via Apps right?Apps can be used on a trial basisApps can also be purchased for useThere are various license types. Options vary by app and by vendor.
  • Shamelessplug for Dell SoftwareA featured app in the app storeStill a beta but being feverishly worked on for full release this year
  • Let’s talk about impactsWho is a SharePoint admin?
  • Acquiring tools was difficult unless you were the adminStill challenges there as well post installTraining, adoption, internal supportRemember we are talking about moving the needle. SharePoint creates the potential to improve any group in your company and group to group collaborationWe don’t work in silos…..and if we do we probably shouldn’t….collaboration right? Accountability….transparency….what get’s measured get’s gone
  • You have access to tools today but it’s not integrated (SharePoint 2010 and the latter)Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.Most people don’t go through the effort to request a tool they wantOr don’t have budget to do itOr don’t feel empowered to ask or DO
  • Question for the audience: Who has heard of the term “Citizen Developer”?Over time it may be higher than 25% depending on how proactive everyone isFight for the tools you need to succeed & make your company better
  • Don’t we all create business solutions for themselves and their groups – to help them perform their jobs more efficiently?
  • I hear this a lot “SharePoint drives me crazy sometimes” or “I can never find anything in SharePoint”When you try to fix it… can’t
  • - Given the changes we talked about in the previous slides lets talk about
  • The more ability the business users have the betterRequirements gathering is easiest for the people actually doing the work. They understand the business context, and requirements.Due to project prioritization you may be left waiting….and waiting….and waiting….COMON IT GOOD LORD I NEED A SOLUTION HERE….I NEED SOME HELP …..
  • Makes things easier and more efficient for everyone (IT, Admins, and the business users / “CD’s”)We always hear about “best practices”….blabla….I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I see more “Worst Practices” than “Best Practices” when it comes to SharePointIt’s not easy
  • A governed tool that enabled CDs Address the everyday common scenarios across the entire enterprise.The App Store can provide these types of tools
  • I call SharePoint the conveyer beltCan makes the process better, more efficient.Both sides can provide input to improving and managing the process.
  • At Progressive the control group had excel spreadsheets all over the placeNo consistency Highly inefficient 1 year later SharePoint was operationally critical to performing their jobsAnd it saved time, eliminated duplication, standardized process, made things faster and easierI was help a number of other groups implement similar solutions
  • This wasn’t possible 1 year ago!This is the future!
  • In business some parts work together but not very well (in some cases not at all)SharePoint can make the necessary pieces parts work together more effectively.The parts need to be synchronized and SharePoint + App Store tools can help you do thatCan this change how Enterprise software is purchased for SharePoint?I think it canI think it willThere is amazing power when there is a simple easy feedback mechanismGamification, Yelp (Reviewing restaurants, etc.)
  • Show how to get to the SharePoint App StoreMicrosoft.Office.ComThrough SharePoint 2013Available apps (remember the # of apps are growing and will increase over time)Install an app (Dell Software Social Hub)Discuss the various license type optionsFreeware vs PaidConfigure the app so it extends native SharePointUse Case: A vendor management office that wants to pull in vendor/market information using social media streamsInstall another App (TBD)Configure the appDiscuss how the app store makes extending native SharePoint much easier than in the pastTalk about the endless opportunities this provides CD’s to make their jobs easier, faster, more efficient
  • How the App Store Positions Your Company for World Domination

    1. 1. 1 SharePoint SharePoint 2013 Office App Store ROI through Adoption DIY SharePoint Dan Barker, Global Product Manager Dell Software How the SharePoint App Store Positions Your Company for World Domination
    2. 2. How the SharePoint App Store Positions Your Company for World Domination Dan Barker, Global Product Manager, Dell Software
    3. 3. 3 SharePoint • PM and evangelist for Quick Apps for SharePoint • Worked with SharePoint since the “Tahoe” days • Stints as a software engineer, systems architect financial & data analyst, and general manager • Prior work at Progressive Insurance & Crowe Horwath • Executive MBA from the Nance School of Business at Cleveland State University • Live in the greater Seattle, Washington area Who is Dan Barker?
    4. 4. 4 SharePoint Agenda • Discuss options for world domination via SharePoint • Choose one • Eat • Commence World Domination • Tweet, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn the process • Get promoted • Email / tweet me about your success
    5. 5. 5 SharePoint The Real Agenda • What the heck is the App Store • How will it impact my environment • How will it impact me • 6 reasons why you should be empowered through the App Store • Demo • Q&A
    6. 6. 6 SharePoint What the heck is the App Store?
    7. 7. 7 Confidential SharePoint The SharePoint App Store It’s like the Apple App Store But in SharePoint (2013) and for the enterprise
    8. 8. 8 Confidential SharePoint The SharePoint App Store • Available on • Integrated into SharePoint 2013 • Apps extend native capability
    9. 9. 9 Confidential SharePoint The SharePoint App Store Extending Native Capability
    10. 10. 10 Confidential SharePoint The SharePoint App Store An Example App: Dell Social Hub • Extends social features • Pulls in external social content • Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Yam mer
    11. 11. 11 SharePoint How will the app store impact me and my environment?
    12. 12. 12 SharePoint App Store Impacts • Prior to SharePoint 2013 acquiring tools was difficult – Requires server access to install/use – Installing/building apps is risky • For the first time YOU can install and use an app… • World Domination first steps…. • Sometimes it’s the small things We are going to be so productive it’s not even funny….wait.. yes it is….
    13. 13. 13 SharePoint App Store Impacts • Easy access to available tools (“Apps”) – The App Store is a public storefront of tools • App Catalog is another option – App Catalog makes internally developed custom apps available to everyone (Reuse!) • Risk has been eliminated – App store apps are not installed on the server = Less risk! – Like Mafia Wars on FaceBook • Purchasing or Requesting abilities – Powerful organic pressure – Crowdsourcing for tools – Request what you need! – Power in numbers – Improves the purchasing process • You now have more influence! • The App Store helps maximize the investment
    14. 14. 14 Confidential SharePoint “By 2014, (citizen developers) will build at least 25% of new business applications.” – Gartner, “Using Gartner's Reference Architecture to Improve Architectural Decisions,” Mike Rollings, December 11, 2012.
    15. 15. 15 SharePoint Who is a Citizen Developer? You are!
    16. 16. 16 Confidential SharePoint What is a SharePoint “citizen developer” • End users who are not professional developers, but who create business solutions – for themselves and their groups – to help them perform their jobs more efficiently – Also called “power users” • Used to be called “Rogue IT” (but it doesn't have to be!) Citizen developers do … Citizen developers don’t … Create solutions with user-facing tools like Excel, Excel Services or PowerPivot Write code using tools like Visual Studio Have some technical knowledge Have custom development knowledge or experience Understand their business needs Always know what tools are available
    17. 17. 17 Confidential SharePoint A root problem with SharePoint Users need SharePoint to do more • SharePoint out of the box doesn’t meet business requirements – Specific functional needs … – Forms – Data views / filtering – Navigation – Charting/BI – … Or composite solutions • Citizen developers (CDs) lack training and experience required to self serve – Or don’t have rights to customize if tools are locked down • CDs need enhancements done yesterday • Limitations are usually realized real-time
    18. 18. 18 SharePoint Your organizations face a choice Shut down citizen development or embrace it Too risky - Shut it down • Burden on IT to control and monitor this rogue development • Performance issues if solutions are not built and deployed properly • Lack of consistency across solutions, which lead to support and upgrade headaches Benefits abound – bring it on! • Increased user adoption • Better business productivity • Reduced IT burden • Improved SharePoint ROI • Enablement • And more!
    19. 19. 19 SharePoint 6 reasons why you should be empowered as a Citizen Developer
    20. 20. 20 SharePoint • Eliminates back and forth between IT and business to define project requirements • Ensures faster and more accurate delivery • Reduces turnaround time for updates and change control • You understand your needs/requirements best – No amount of scoping will identify all nuances 1. Puts business solutions in the hands of the business – You!
    21. 21. 21 SharePoint • It’s gonna happen anyways (“Rogue IT”) – Does not have to be negative! • Governance, training and proper tools are key • Look for supportable and upgradeable options ensure long-term value • Helps avoid discovering “Worst Practices” – Example: building and testing in prod – Example: using InfoPath client solutions 2. Results in solutions IT can support and encourage
    22. 22. 22 Confidential SharePoint 3. Reduces the IT burden • Empowered CDs can make their own customizations – quickly and confidently – without posing risk to the environment – in a way that IT can support and maintain • Frees IT staff to focus on important projects that only they are qualified to take on – especially important to free expensive developer resources
    23. 23. 23 SharePoint 4. Enhances the IT and business relationship Building better connection points • You can build your own solutions on your own timelines • IT can helps citizen developers learn SharePoint techniques—and vice-versa • Allows the business and IT to work together using a common platform and toolset • It’s about getting things done as efficiently as possible
    24. 24. 24 Confidential SharePoint 4. Enhances the IT and business relationship • Citizen development improves organizational agility – IT can facilitate this process
    25. 25. 25 Confidential SharePoint 5. Improves SharePoint adoption • As a citizen developer you create solutions that make SharePoint more useful and engaging • Successful citizen development leads more users to become citizen developers • Maximizes the SharePoint investment
    26. 26. 26 SharePoint 6. Harness the SharePoint 2013 App Store Microsoft is creating opportunities for citizen development • New app model enables users to install apps from both Office and SharePoint 2013) – potentially without ever calling IT • Public and private enterprise app catalog options • App Store benefits – No server-side install = no risk – Cloud-ready – Bringing solutions directly to the business users
    27. 27. 27 SharePoint How does this position my company for World Domination? Doing the everyday better than anyone else • Connecting the dots • Tracking & transparency • Trends • Opportunities for improvement • New more efficient ways to do things • Like gears in motion • Result: Address bottlenecks • Result: Faster Speed to Market • Result: Cost savings
    28. 28. 29 SharePoint Final Thoughts Quick summary 1. The app store extends native SharePoint capabilities 2. It’s like the Apple store for but the enterprise 3. You can purchase & install apps 4. You now have organic influence 5. You should be empowered and now you know why 6. You are the gears of the enterprise 7. Make your group, team, organization better 8. Dominate your competition as a result
    29. 29. 30 Confidential SharePoint Questions?
    30. 30. 31 Confidential SharePoint Additional resources • Dan’s Contact information – Email: – Twitter: @BarkingD – LinkedIn: – Blog: White Paper: 6 Reasons to Empower Your SharePoint Citizen Developers citizen-developers819267.aspx
    31. 31. Thank you