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Training programme

  1. 1. Training of staff of civil society organizations and local council officials taking place in the Barka Foundation and Barka Network in Poland Draft Itinerary of TWO WEEKS TARAININGWeek I15.07.2012 (Sunday)Arrival to Poznan airport (21:15)Arrival to Chudobczyce Centre (22:30) – accommodationDay I (16th of July, Monday)08:00 – 09:00 – breakfast in Chudobczyce Centre10:00 -12:00 – visit in Posadowek Community; meeting with the members of theCommunity; visiting second hand shop13.00 - 16.00 - visit in Wladyslawowo Community (first Barka Community house); meetingwith the Community, the Social Cooperative14:00 – lunch in Barka Community Wladyslawowo16.30 – 19.00 – Meeting with the Community and the Social Cooperative in Marszewo;18.30 - Dinner in Barka Community in Marszewo;DAY II (17th of July, Tuesday)08.00 – Breakfast in the Chudopczyce Centre;09.30 –Meeting in the Social Integration Centre in the village of Kwilcz. Interactions withthe representatives of the “KRAM” Social Cooperative;11:00 – meeting with the Partnership – the mayor, the director of Social Welfare Office, etc.14.00 – Lunch in the Catering Social Cooperative in the village of Kwilcz;15:00 – Farm in Chudopczyce – the Social Enterprise and the Settlement of Barka Leaders 1
  2. 2. 16.00 – Meeting with the “Ecological group”. The history of the Group’s establishment andits goals: – Discussion on stages of the establishment of the Model EKO-Farms in Chudopczyce , Marszewo and Wladyslawowo in the public-private partnership with Regional Municipalities; - Discussion over the projects of the Settlement of the Barka Leaders;18:30 - Dinner and meeting with the Leaders. Meeting with the Community and theAssociation for the Communities Integration;Day III (18th of July, Wednesday)8.00 - Breakfast in the Chudopczyce Centre; departure to Poznan;10.00 – study visit in Social Integration Centre in Darzyborska Street, Social EmergencyAssociation and Barka Social Settlement of “Darzybor”;12.30 – Working lunch at the „Old Bakery” Social Cooperative;14.00 – Social Economy Centre of Barka in Poznan; study visit in the Social IntegrationCentre; meeting with the staff members of the Barka Foundation;17.00 – Departure to Chudopczyce;18.30 – Dinner in Chudobczyce;Studies over the publication „New beginning – Social Market Economy” –Part I „Programmes of social and vocational integration during 1989 – 2004” (chapters 1 – 5).Day IV (19th of July, Thursday)8.00 – Breakfast in the Barka Centre in Poznan;9.30 – meeting with Tomasz Sadowski about the project „Equal Europe with Africa”(initiative of Barka and African Communities) and about INISE – International Network ofInnovative Social Enterprises;13.00 – lunch in Chudobczyce; 2
  3. 3. 14.00 – Simulation Exercise: „session with the persons in crises situations of social, family,health, legal and economic nature”. Admission of a beneficiary – interaction and completing documentation. Initial assessment and diagnosis by the team. Agreeing a long-term action plan. Outcomes. Monitoring, statistics and research.18.30 – Dinner in Chudobczyce;Studies over the publication „New beginning – Social Market Economy” –Part I „Programmes of social and vocational integration during 1989 – 2004” (chapters 1 – 5).Day V (20th of July, Friday)8.00 – śniadanie w Chudobczycach;9.00 – wyjazd do Poznania;10.00 – wizyta w Centrum Integracji Społecznej na Dąbrowskiego; zobaczenie warsztatów wdziałaniu (prowadzenie: Żaneta Przepiera)12.00 – wizyta w Centrum Integracji Społecznej na Piątkowie; spotkanie z przedstawicielamipracowników oraz uczestników CIS-u (prowadzenie: Zbyszko Siewkowski); - spotkanie z przedstawicielami spółdzielni socjalnych oraz Partnerstwa; zobaczenie spółdzielni w działaniu14.00 – lunch in “Old Bakery” social enterprise in Poznan;15.00 – Seminar – discussion on the Week I. Feedback from the training participants,summary; Session run by Tomasz Sadowski17:00 – departure to Chudobczyce18:30 – dinner in ChudobczyceDAY VI (21st of July, Saturday)Free day in Chudobczyce09:00-10:00 – breakfast in Chudobczyce 3
  4. 4. 14:00 – grill in the Recreational Centre in Chudobczyce18:30 – dinner in ChudobczyceDAY VII (22nd of July, Sunday)09:00-10:00 – breakfast in Chudobczyce10:00 – departure to PoznanFree time in Poznan17:00 - departure to Chudobczyce18:30 – dinner in ChudobczyceWeek IIDay VIII (23rd of July, Monday)8.00 – breakfast in Chudobczyce;9.00 – departure to Czarnkow;11.00 – meeting with the Local Partnership in Czarnkow and the representatives of thesocial cooperatives (seeing social cooperatives in action); - meeting with the mayor the director of the Social Welfare Office;13.00 - lunch in the Social Integration Centre in Gebiczyn;14:00 – meeting in the Social Integration Centre in Gebiczyn (visiting the workshops, etc.);16:00 – return to Chudobczyce18.30 – goodbye dinner with the representatives of the CommunityDay IX (24th of July, Tuesday)7.30 – Breakfast in the Barka Centre of Chudobczyce; 4
  5. 5. Meeting with a Local Partnership (participation of Senators, representatives of RegionalAuthorities and local non-profit organisations). Development of social economy projects:social integration centres/social enterprises;Day X (25th of July, Wednesday)PartnershipsDay XI (26th of July, Thursday)PartnershipsReturn to Poznan – accommodation in hotel Lech (sw. Marcin street 74)Day XII (27th of July, Friday)08.00 – Breakfast in the hotel Lech10.00 – Summary of the training with the participation of the staff and participants of theprogrammes of the Barka Network; - End of the training. Summary and presentation of certificates.13.00 – lunch in the “Old Bakery” in Poznan14:00 – free time at the Old Market square18:00 – goodbye dinner at the Old Market square20:00 – departure to the airport Lawica in Poznan21:40 – flight to Dublin 5