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Gvwn conference ioana's report

  1. 1. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 1 FIRST GLOBAL CONVENTION OF GLOBAL VISIONARY WOMEN’S NETWORK, JULY 2014 On the 11th of July 2014, Ewa Sadowska took part to the 1st Global Convention of the Global Visionary Women Network, as one of the keynote visionary speakers. As part of the International Festival for Business 2014, The Global Visionary Women Network (GVWN) in association with Voice of Nations (VON), welcomed some of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs, visionaries, and academics to its 1st Global Convention. The theme of the convention was Empowering Nations, and took place in the prestigious IFB Hub, in Liverpool. Ewa shared the history of her parents who left secure jobs as psychologists in support agencies to move into a crumbling building in the countryside in western Poland to live with a group of people who experienced trauma. She spoke about growing up in the community they created and about the people who were coming from everywhere. The audience was extremely inspired about the movement borne out of the pioneering work of ‘Barka’ that eventually became a system of social economy with benefits in the form of local organizations, enterprises and institutions. Ewa also spoke about some common experiences of Poland (its history of occupation and war) and the African countries which experienced colonial government and became dependent on the power and the systems of Europeans. She said that resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit needs to be fully rebuilt and revived both in countries of transition in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Africa and that social economy and social enterprises play an important role in this process. She said that Europe has a lot to learn from Africa, and especially from its philosophy of “ubuntu” and “harambee” (I am because you are) . Ewa also said that the biggest asset of Barka are the people who rebuild their lives and now play the role of mentors to others who are struggling with addiction or unemployment. After the speech, Ewa held a workshop were attendees could take part in order to ask her more questions. Many of the women who themselves came to the conference as key note speaker attended the workshop and shared their thoughts and express interest in coming to Poland for study visits.
  2. 2. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 2 Ewa Sadowska, CEO Barka UK Amongst other keynote speakers of the conference were the Queen of Ga Kingdom of Ghana, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I, Dr. Annie Lim, HRH Betty Makoni, Katherine Corich, Stephanie R. Dawkins. The Queen of Ga Kingdom of Ghana, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo I Her traditional titlw is ‘Amamole Djasee Mayne’ which means ‘King-Maker Queen’. Apart from ruling a kingdom, Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I is also an Entrepreneur, an Advocate, Educator and Community Leader. Some of the key projects she is involved in includes rescuing children and young people from abuse. During her speech she emphasised her strong belief that education is one of the most important things in life and has dedicated her time, experience and financial position to ensure those who are underprivileged benefits from her knowledge.
  3. 3. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 3 Ewa Sadowska, HRH Queen of Ga Kingdom of Ghana and Ioana Tanasescu Dr Annie Lim Dr Annie Lim is a serial entrepreneur; a playful and creative individual who lives to serve and touch the lives of others through coaching, training and transformational work in addition to owning several businesses in various industries. She is the founder and CEO of Women Entrepreneur World Summit (www.weworldsummit.com), a global online live summit connecting speakers and attendees on a global scale to collaborate, inspire, contribute and inspire women in business while balancing work-life and personal well being. Dr. Lim talked about women needing to continue to challenge the existing business structures and models instead of taking on what is existing and trying to fit in. She emphasised that women will first have to understand that self-care is important and that when they take care of themselves, they will do better in everything else, including their businesses, friends and family.
  4. 4. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 4 With education, resources including trusted networks and support systems, women will be able to overcome challenges. In addition, it is important to work collaboratively to shift the way business in currently done. By moving from a competitive arena to a collaborative one, it is evidenced that by coming together, we can all create more good for the people, the planet and for the enterprises that we own. Dr. Annie Lim, Ewa Sadowska and Ioana Tanasescu
  5. 5. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 5 HRH Muzvare Betty Makoni Betty Makoni is Founder and current CEO of Girl Child Network Worldwide, a registered international organisation championing for empowerment and education of girls in Africa since 2009. Millions across the world passionately call her CNN hero as she was the top in 2009 category for Protecting the Powerless and was honoured by Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. Betty Makoni talked about her life in Africa a child that shaped her to be the advocate and champion for girls rights she is today. Orphaned at age 9, she grew up as one of the most poorest and marginalized African girls in the early 1980s and the education she attained up to degree level was through the Work For Your Education program where she became a child labourer at a middle girls’ school in Zimbabwe and it is this experience that shaped her to be the humanitarian she is today. Katherine Corich Katherine is the founder and Chair of the Sysdoc Group, a high tech and services company with operations in 4 countries. Katherine leads global strategy and development of new markets. Katherine is a regular guest lecture for the Oxford Advanced Executive Management and Leadership programme of the University of Oxford and Leadership programme of the University of Oxford, Said Business School. Stephanie R. Dawkins Stephanie was the highest African American in the history of AB Volvo in Goteborg, Sweden to hold a C-Suite position. She is the President and CEO of Stephanie R. Dawkins International (SRD International). SRD International is an international business consulting firm that works with organisations in the areas of country infrastructure, business development, mergers & acquisitions and motivational speaking.
  6. 6. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 6 Katherine Corich, HRH Betty Makoni, Dr. Annie Lim, HRH Queen of Ga Kingdom of Ghana, Nick Small and Stephanie R. Dawkins Ms. Dawkins talked about leadership and how a great leader must fully comprehend the culture and other dynamics of their business environment. She emphasised that an organisation such as Global Visionary Women is a perfect platform and venue to learn and network with some of the most influential and highly regarded women in the world. This was the only time that amazing women from various corners of the world will come together. Not only will women be able to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom from the presenters, but the participants of the venue have information to share. We can all learn from each other, continue to exchange ideas and stay engaged. Each one is to teach one. As we are able to come together and find common ground, the wealth of information and actions that can be generated from this type of venue are unprecedented. A good team matters more that a great individual.
  7. 7. INISE aisbl Adress : Square de Meeus – 38/40 Tel /fax : + 44 79079 53348 B 1000 Bruxelles Email: office@inise.org 7 Barka UK would like to express its deep gratitude to Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, visionary founder and Chief Executive of Voice of Nations cic, the founder and Global Chair of Global Visionary Women Network and Little Angels Foundations for her dedication in organising this Global Conference. Report by Ioana Tanasescu BARKA UK assistant ioana.tanasescu@barkauk.org