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Meetup~Linked In For Business Applications


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Seminar on how Linkedin\'s applications can be used for business.

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Meetup~Linked In For Business Applications

  1. 1. (LL)Filter & browse relevant status updates from LinkedIn and Twitterstreams.Target updates from colleagues & competitorsFaceted search views based on filters: Network, Industry, Company, Time published, Location, School orhash tags.Search for keywords, topics, people over the stream of networkupdates, and tap into an auto updated real-time stream of filteredcontent.Save real time searches for quick and easy accessFind trending links and Industry top headlines.
  2. 2. (LL)Instantly search your LinkedIn network.Quickly find results by name, company, keyword(s)Starts with a search boxKey text, a matrix of 15 profile bubbles pops 1st levelcontacts first, 2nd levelClick on the bubble and you are redirected to theperson’s profile page.
  3. 3. Web software to create a beautiful website or blog.The core software has thousands of plugins and themes Full content management systemSync blog posts with your LinkedIn profilelast five posts from your blog are posted on your Linkedin profileThe updates are also sent automatically to your network.
  4. 4. World’s largest community for sharing presentations.Share presentations & documents with your LinkedIn networkUpload portfolios, resume, conference talks, PDFs, marketing/sales presentationsdisplay them on your LinkedIn profileAll formats supported: ppt, pps, pptx, odp, pdf, doc, docx, odt, Keynote, iWork pagesembed YouTube videos in presentations, add audio to make a webinar
  5. 5. Present on Linkedin (triad) Sync account with SlideShare & FacebookIdentify the slide deck If presentation is mostly images they will not make sense Record over slides OR Presentation the audience to comprehend
  6. 6. Plays your LinkedIn Today headlines leveraging Bing’s Text-To-Speech (TTS)Works best on the iPhone, and also works on the latest desktop versions ofSafari and Chrome. (useful & pleasant) mobile experience Other browsers/devices have different gaps with support of HTML5.Headlines according to your industry. Updates at least every hour
  7. 7. Features simple/Powerful Commands:Invite: Invite someone to connect on LinkedInSearch: Find anyone across LinkedIn’s 100M+ membersProfile: Lookup a LinkedIn profileUpdate: Post an update to your LinkedIn connectionsUses Twilio as the SMS provider
  8. 8. Use for recruiting, sales, fundraising, software development, event planning, etc.Similar to Huddle workspaces Free unlimited workspaces Tasks Name-Date-Creator -Assignee -Status of task-Priority level-Comment area. Filtering in members and the status of task.Eliminate hundreds of emails per week.No training required!Easy enough for your colleagues, customers and partners to use.
  9. 9. Find professional events: Conferences-local Meet-ups Discover what events your connections are attending Listed in order of popularity and not by dateStart with a list of popular events within selected industry.Tabs across the top Events Home-Find Events-My Events-Add an EventBrowse events either by popular events or by seeing the events that yourconnections are attending.
  10. 10. Application from the Financial Times PressConcise business and career lessons from top expertsCategories: Business Motivation, Communication, Economics, Leadership General and Global Business, Management, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, etc.Cost: 3 free credits with each item seems to be worth 1 credit. Purchase 1 ($1.99), 10 ($14.99), or 25 ($19.99)
  11. 11. Why?Reading some fiction or nonfiction , or a business book that youd highlyrecommend, having a reading list to share that on is an excellent ideaShare what youre reading - want to read -what youve read - whether youdrecommend itConnections can either follow your list, or just see your updates in their newsstream.Invitation to engage with youFollow by Network, Industry, or specific like-minded people and share your love ofbooks
  12. 12. My Travel powered byGreat for business travelers and public speakersDisplays current location, upcoming trips and travel stats within your networkShow your planned trips Meet up with contacts and build a face to face relationship See where your most valuable network members traveling What to do on the 6 hour layover ? Meet with a LinkedIn connection that also has a layoverTripIt not only tells you when your connections are traveling – Lets them know as wellTripit account can add trips from your account or directly from Linkedin.
  13. 13. Polls1.) Create a poll, and use the results for blog fodder. Groups to do market topic research Publish takeaways from the poll.2.) Use polls to get product and service feedback. Determine value of new product/service Groups act as focus point as they are relevant in industry/business.3.) Use polls to conduct research. Use polls to perform targeted research that answers the exact question4.) Tweet polls to get more group followers. Poll to market your group on Twitter and get more members engagement with your group.5.) Use polls to generate offers. Ask your LinkedIn Group what types of content assets they prefer to download (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, videos, etc.) Which topics they want to learn more about
  14. 14. Essential for anyone in the creative arenaA free and easy way to showcase your visual work photographer ~ designer ~ advertisers ~ multimediaPull directly from Behance into LinkedinPresent creative projects done for past clients or for your personal portfolio.Showcase your creative talent to recruiters and professional contacts viewing your prof Prospective clients save time and lost opportunity Browse the necessary aspects of who you are straight from your profile Not lost in the sea of flotsam
  15. 15. Outlook Notifier•
  16. 16. Outlook Connector
  17. 17. Mobility
  18. 18. Share from Anywhere
  19. 19. Widget for Lotus Notes
  20. 20. LLIf the content on your profile is good enough for public viewing onthe social network then it should be good enough for a resume11 formats to choose from.Resumes can be exported and printed in PDF format.Custom link that you can share with others viaemail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  21. 21. Realestate ProAgents/Brokers in Residential & Commercial spacesList propertyFollow and connect with active brokers and professionals Promote client transactionsTrack new listings & marketsCreate a followingPromote expertiseDevelop new business.
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