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Tanburi cemil bey sadettin kaynak


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Tanburi cemil bey sadettin kaynak

  1. 1. Tanburi Cemil Bey(Tambouri Djemil Bey), (1873, Istanbul – July 28, 1916, Istanbul) was a Turkish tanbur, yaylı tanbur, kemençe,and lavta virtuoso and composer, who has greatly contributed to the taksim (improvisation on amakam/maqam) genre in Ottoman classical music. His son, Mesut Cemil Bey, is an equally renowned tanburvirtuoso.•Tanburi Cemil Bey was born in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire, in 1873, though his birth date is uncertain. He tookhis first lessons in music from Kanuni Ahmet Bey and the violin player Kemani Aleksan, his first instrumentsthus being the violin and the kanun. After completing middle school, he continued in a school for civil servants(Mülkiye), but then devoted himself to music and abandoned his education. He began to play the tanbur quiteearly in his youth and by the age of 20, his renown had already spread among the tanburis of Istanbul.Reforming the traditional playing technique of the tanbur, he developed an energetic technique based on arich and agile picking style, lightening to a great extent the sonority of this instrument. Later on, he set aboutplaying the Turkish classical kemençe and attained an astonishingly high level of technique, so much so thatthe virtuosity level of the Ottoman kemençevi of Greek-Gyspy origin Vassilis (1845-1907), considered as then as"the reference", came to be thought of by certain amateurs to be outmatched... He was also the inventor ofthe yaylı (bowed) tanbur.He was a very sensitive and nervous person, who eventually suffered from alcoholism. Most of his compositionshave been preserved in his recordings, but some of his work were incomplete when he died. Sadettin Kaynak (1895 – 1961) was a prominent composer of Turkish classical music.Born in Istanbul, he became a hafiz at ayoung age. He completed his music education at the Istanbul University. Later, he traveled to south eastAnatolia and researched Turkish folk music there. He lived through the ban on Turkish music during Atatürkstime, but still remained a well known composer writing music for poetry and movies from Egypt. He had astroke in 1955, and lived paralyzed until his death on February 3, 1961. He has got 330 composition in 42different makam.