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Lmn presentation


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Lmn presentation

  1. 1. Live Music Now was founded by Yehudi Menuhin and Founder Chairman Ian Stouzker, with the inspiration that by embracing the power of music to transform lives, musicians play a central part in a healthy society. Live Music Now operates throughout the UK & Ireland with two major strategic aims:• 1 To bring live music of the highest quality to those for whom access to its benefits is normally restricted.• 2 To support the professional development of musicians at the outset of their careers, ensuring the highest quality of delivery through a rigorous selection and training process.
  2. 2. ‘‘ I can only think of music as something inherent in every human being - a birthright. Music co-ordinates mind, body and spirit” Yehudi Menuhin
  3. 3. Listening to live music has a proven impact onbehaviour, health and wellbeing. And yet the peoplewho need these benefits most are excluded frominvolvement in live music through ill health, disability,isolation or poverty.Young musicians have enormous potential, as theystart out on their professional musical lives, todevelop skills for creative, participatory performancewhich touches the heart and generates a powerful,therapeutic response in audiences and participants.Live Music Now works to bring these groups togetherto change lives.
  4. 4. Facts and Figures• 3,000+ Workshops and Interactive Performances• 330 musicians performing with LMN at any one time• 51 training sessions for LMN musicians• 109 training sessions for outside bodies• 100+ volunteers• 6UK cities hosting auditions• 16 0,000 total audience and participants
  5. 5. Areas of Need• Special Educational Needs • Wellbeing • Justice System • Early Years
  6. 6. Special Educational Needs38% of our work 80,000 adults and children in education and support settings One third of our work provides SEN children with intensive, hands- on music making LMN performs regularly in 302 special schools
  7. 7. Wellbeing37%of our work 40,000 people in day, residential and hospital care One third of the work supports people living with dementia and their carers LMN is delivering programmes in 75% of central London NHS hospitals, on wards and in public areas We deliver regular music programmes in care homes throughout the UK
  8. 8. Justice System Intensive, regular delivery in 10 prison settings• Training programmes involving prison staff alongside musicians and workshop leaders• Accredited PEETA programme supports positive life chances for young offenders• Research underway with University of Western England into the long term effects of music on rates of re-offending.
  9. 9. Early Years 11%of our work 5,000 young children and their families• Engaging hard to reach families in non- educational settings• Flagship projects in Scotland and Yorkshire are demonstrating the benefits of regular participatory music activities for under- fives• Training and resource packs ensure sustainability
  10. 10. Personal StoriesI really enjoyed the music today because I was actually doing it myself, rather than just listening. I find that so many things are done for me now and it was great to take control and do what I wanted to do. Mrs D
  11. 11. Personal StoriesThis class has enabled me to use other qualities in me that I can use in‘Employment Environment’, helping other colleagues to achieve theirresults and also myself. I am going to do more to be able to achieve higherstandards in my learning and working with other people, giving and takinginstructions. I aspire to do greater things which I will pursue… Prisoner participant
  12. 12. Where are we based? Wellington, Somerset
  13. 13. Traditional English MusicFolk music of England is a type of traditionally based music, often contrasted with courtly, classical and later commercial music, forwhich evidence exists from the later medievalperiod. It has been preserved and transmitted orally, through print and later through recordings.
  14. 14. Traditional English MusicThe term is used to refer to English traditionalmusic and music composed, or delivered, in atraditional style. English folk music hasproduced or contributed to several importantmusical genres, including sea shanties, jigs,hornpipes and dance music, such as that usedfor Morris dancing.
  15. 15. SOME• We hope to meet lots of nice new partners, to gain new experiences, knowledge and make new friends• We also hope to share knowledge on traditional English music and share our expertise in the area of community music
  16. 16.