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Gru some-orizont-prezentare


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Gru some-orizont-prezentare

  1. 1. GRUNDTVIG- GRU-10-P-LP-57-DJ-TR 2010-2012 ROMANIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION FOUNDED IN 2006This project has been funded with support from the EuropeanCommission . This publication reflects only the views of theauthor and the Commission cannot be held responsible for anyuse which may be made on the information contained therein.
  2. 2. ORIZONT CULTURAL T is a cultural association from Craiova,Dolj (Romania), opened by trainers and Methodists, Universityteachers, inspectors, as a result of experience of involvement inComenius, Grundtvig 1 & 2 projects, Comenius, Arion, Grundtvig 3,Pilot Communitarian Project, Intergeneration events.AIMS: developing intergeneration programs for learners,young and adults, parents and grandparents, living on asocially and economically disadvantaged area, due to theconcentration of “disadvantaged” people and to the recentclosing of many factories. Lot of inhabitants need to finishtheir education or adapt their professional competences tobe useful for the society, towards a real feeling of solidarityfor a better Europe. Our role will be to organise activitieshelping people different ages to became interested inlearning more about EU institutions and how their workinfluence the daily life of UE citizensWe are providing - Cultural events such as conferences,symposiums, round tables, multicultural workshops focusedon marginalization, people similarities and differences,European culture values, living in diversity, respect forhuman rights; - Fighting against social and culturaldisadvantage and risk of marginalization- Promoting cultural heritage in the respect of living togetherin a common Europe.- The development of knowledge and competencies on keyconcepts as active European citizens;- Raising people awareness about stereotypes making themaware of their similarities and differences and the spiritualenrichment and the enjoyment of life in the face of risingEuropean dimension.- To enrich knowledge in specific issues of EU, about health,education, employment, environment, consumers rights, etc.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. We focus in making people aware of theimportance of knowing and preserving thecultural heritage, organizing meetings,workshops, conferences, symposiums, and•other actions of this kind, at local, nationaland international level, establishingcommunication between the culture ofvarious nations, starting with the definitionof the Inter Cultural Heritage.
  5. 5. OUR PROJECTS: GRU-09-P-LP-121-DJ-CY- Audiovisual Languages in Social Inclusion Programmes for Disadvantaged Young Adults-- GRU-09-GIVE-5-DJ-PT- THE VOICE OF EUROPEAN SENIORS- Participant- DIAL-UP: develop intergenerational activities locally: unchain your potential-2009 GRU-09-P-LP-122-DJ-GR- ‘’Adult Multicultural Education and European Identity - A.M.E.d.E.I.’’ GRU-10-P-LP-57-DJ-TR Mainstream of Integrating Adults through "Soul of the Music Energy" GRU-10-GIVE-6-DJ-DK- European Seniors exchange experience from a social café
  6. 6. WORKSHOP VIDA, PORTUGAL“Intergenerational solidarity’’
  9. 9. GRU-10-P-LP-57-DJ-TRMainstream of Integrating Adults through "Soul of the Music Energy"
  10. 10. Our learners were involved in Comenius and Grundtvig projects, focused on:• -To reinforce a concept of European citizenship in order to accept and value cultural differences, getting in personal contact with people of other cultures can help recognise other countries’ cultural identities.• - To implement the European dimension amongst all the participants• - To strengthen links between the new EU member countries and older EU members by personal contact and working on common objectives.• - To encourage tolerance and democratic values in order to build up better relationships;• -To encourage our students´ notion and feeling of active EU citizenship;• -To reinforce a positive attitude towards diversity.• -To improve the feeling of European Citizenship• - To develop a feeling that they (the students) belong to a wide European diverse cultural family• - To recognise similarities and differences between cultures;• - To arouse respect for cultural heritage of other EU countries;• - To enjoy cultural products from different countries of Europe.
  11. 11. WE ARE INVOLVED IN COMENIUS REGIO, OPENED BY CONSILIUL JUDETEAN DOLJDolj County Council is a local public administration institutionorganized on the basis of the Local Public Administration Law no.215/2001 republished.The Dolj County lies on a surface of 7414 square km,respectively 3,1% of the Romanian territory, being the countrys7th county in size. The Danube crosses the southern part of thecounty on a length of 150 km, also representing the Bulgarianborder.Dolj is one of the counties with an ancient tradition in the OldRomanian Country, whose existence - as shown by the name -was linked to a river - the Jiu - to its valley - a real geographicalaxis on which there is the residence and towards which convergeall the inner connections. In this institution there is a specialdepartment for management of community programs and issuesof European integration, which organizes many activities thatdevelop continuously in order to better the knowledge andunderstanding of the European Union by the citizens, includingthe students, by bringing information closer to them. For thispurpose, since 2005, our institution had created a network ofEuropean information multipliers consisting of one representativefrom each school in our subordination.With their help, various activities are continuously developed,focused on the improvement of the level of awareness aboutEU policies and how they intervene in the daily life ofcitizens.
  12. 12. COMENIUS REGIO 2010-1-PT1-COM13-05133 2 10-PR-02-DJ-PT,RO 2010-2012 1-Câmara Municipal de 1-Consiliul Judetean Dolj Lousada Str. UNIRII nr. 19, 7200585 Pr. Dr. Francisco Sá –CRAIOVA Carneiro Apart 19, ROMANIA 4624 -909 Lousada, PORTUGAL 2-Agrupamento de Escolas 2-Liceul de Arta M. Sorescu’’ Lousada Norte Str.TABACI, NR. 4 Escola Básica de Lustosa Craiova 3-Centro Social e Paroquial 3-Orizont Cultural T, de Craiova Sousela ROMANIA PORTUGALThis project has been funded with support from theEuropean Commission . This publication reflects only theviews of the author and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made on theinformation contained therein.
  13. 13. This project has been funded with support from theEuropean Commission . This publication reflects only theviews of the author and the Commission cannot be heldresponsible for any use which may be made on theinformation contained therein.
  14. 14. GRU-09-P-LP-121-DJ-CY
  15. 15. GRU-09-P-LP-122-DJ-GR- ‘