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  1. Prepared by : Oras Bakhtyar Shangar Rebwar Ahmad Abdulhamid Group : CS-B1
  2. What Is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
  3. • The term “internet service provider (ISP)” refers to a company that provides access to the internet to both personal and business customers. ISPs make it possible for their customers to surf the web, shop online, conduct business, and connect with family and friends—all for a fee. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  4. What Is the Purpose of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?
  5. • Internet service was originally limited to government agencies and specific university departments. The technology was developed to provide access to the general public through the World Wide Web in the late 1980s.
  6. What Are Tier 1 Internet Service Providers? • Consumers and businesses are accustomed to the idea that they should be able to connect to the internet from anywhere—whether at home or while sitting in a local coffee shop.
  7. What Is an Example of an Internet Service Provider?
  8. Is an internet service provider (ISP) the same as a WiFi provider? The main difference is that an ISP provides access to the internet often through cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), fiber, or satellite connections. ISPs, such as AT&T or Verizon, can be wired to a location such as a home or an office building directly. By contrast, WiFi providers allow you to access the internet through a wireless connection. With WiFi technology, a modem delivers internet service and a wireless router connects to the modem.
  9. What are different types of ISPs?
  10. What are some common ISPs?
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