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A Review of Just Dance 3 for the Wii


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A Review of Just Dance 3 for the Wii

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information and recommendations about the dance central 2 song list see ====Ever since the computer was invented, life has become easier. It enabled everyone to do things thatwere thought of as impossible in earlier times. People can now communicate with their loved ones whoare abroad through chat and even see their loved ones through the camera. Students lives were alsomade easier because they can now do painless research through the World Wide Web. Not only arecomputers used in business and in schools, they are now also used for numerous recreational activitieslike gaming and exercise. In conjunction with this, a variety of gaming consoles and devices have beencreated by different companies. Kinect is one of these and Kinect games are quickly becoming a verypopular choice for fun.What is Kinect?Kinect is made to be used with a gaming console, the very popular Xbox 360. Kinect can be likened toNintendos creation, Wii. Kinect has just been launched in North America on November 4, 2010. Therelease dates in Japan, Australia, Singapore and Europe came at a later date.The Kinect sensor is quite small. The sensor is in a bar shaped horizontally which connects to a smallbase that has a motorized pivot. The Kinect sensor comes with a camera, a sensor and microphone. It isdesigned to be capable of 3D motion capture, voice recognition and facial recognition. For now, thevoice recognition capability of the device is only available in the United States, Japan, Canada and theUnited Kingdom. It will be available in 2011 in other areas.Kinect Dance GamesJust like the Nintendo Wii and the Sony PlayStation 3, the Kinect is also a treasure box of games. One ofits highlights is the Kinect dance games. For a list of songs from Dance Central 2 visit a site with a rich listof Dance central 2 song list .Since the Kinect has just been released, Kinect games are still limitedcompared to the other established names in the industry. Dance Central is just one of the few gamesavailable right now. This is a dance game where you can dance to your hearts content, regardless if youare a dancer or not.This has been marketed as one of the best party games ever. The games goal is to follow a set of dancemoves correctly. You will be scored based on the way you dance and the accuracy of your dance steps.This is different from other dance games that only require you to move your arms and your feet. You willget a lot of exercise with this game; it requires full-body dancing. Right now, there are only about 30songs that you can dance to, but do not worry; the list of songs will be expanded sometime soon.
  2. 2. The game has different difficulty levels. You have to be able to pass the easier levels before you canunlock the hard level. Thankfully, the game comes with modes that are like tutorials for people whohave just begun dancing. Players have the opportunity to look at the moves closely by opting to slowdown the dance moves. Aside from the dancers you see doing the steps on the screen; you will also heara voice that will guide you through the steps by telling you what to do next.Dance Central has been reviewed by the masses and by numerous independent companies and so far ithas earned nothing but great reviews. In fact, in a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 as the highest score, it hasnever fallen below 8. Impressive, isnt it?In Conclusion...If you want dance routines that are realistic enough for an average dancer to achieve, or if you want awhole body workout, want to work on your dance moves, get a Kinect and dance to Dance Central now!Exercise and computer gaming has reached its pinnacle with the Kinect Dance Games. The goal is tokeep games interesting and have healthy games for you while indoors. Playing the game wouldeventually help you reach kinect fitness in no time.Article Source: ====For more information and recommendations about the dance central 2 song list see ====Do you want to dance? Do you want to get fit? Why dont you do both at the same time with DanceCentral?
  3. 3. And the good news is that Dance central 2 is even better.Dance Central is a music video game for the Xbox 360 that uses the Kinect motion peripheral. Thismeans that you can control the whole game using gestures, including body movements and voice. Noremote control or cables needed!When you play the game, you follow a series of dance moves performed by avatars on the screen, andthere are also "flash cards" on the screen to help you. The moves range from a simple shuffle step to anadvanced series of upper body motions. As you dance, your body movements are tracked by Kinect togive you a score.And it doesnt just track your feet. It has full body tracking including your feet, twisting of your joints,and noise recognition such as clapping or snapping your fingers. It also takes pictures of you and playssome of them fast-forward mode, which is quite amusing.There are five modes in this game:Break it Down: If you are a beginner, or if you dont have dancing skills, this practice mode helps you tolearn more advanced dance moves in a step-by-step process. It allows you to practice each moveseparately so you can master the moves.Performance: You can dance alone, with your aim being to score as high as you can.Workout: This is similar to performing on your own, but as the name suggests, it focuses on fitness, soyour workout time and the number of calories you burn are also tracked. You can dance and exercise atthe same time!Dance Battle: This involves a competition or battle between two players, and the player with the highestscore wins.Challenge: After you have got at least four stars in all the songs in a difficult category, you unlock achallenge based on the level of difficulty. The game is made more challenging by mixing sections fromfour or five songs so that the dance moves are also mixed.There are dance routines for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert. But be warned: itstracking is highly accurate, so unless you know what you are doing, there is a learning curve.Dance Central 2The original Dance Central is great fun, so why is Dance Central 2 even better?Well, if youve played the game before, or read the reviews, youll know that there were some criticisms
  4. 4. of the original game. So lets see how Dance Central 2 is even more fun.The original game has no story/career mode in it, it just had a list of songs organized by difficulty level.You can learn more about Dance central 2 songs. Dance Central 2 has a more fully featured story mode.The characters in the game all belong to distinct dance crews, each dressed in wildly different costumes.So as you play the game, you travel through the world of underground dance crews, and work your wayup the ranks of the best-known dancers in the world.In the original game, you have to keep changing from player 1 to player 2 which is rather a nuisance, andif player 2 watches what player 1 is doing, player 2 will almost always win. Not fair! In Dance central 2you can now play (or dance) simultaneously, and player 2 can even drop in or out of the song at anytime. So Dance Central 2 is not only more fair, its also a more social game.Some people feel that the original game does not have as much content as other rhythm games. InDance Central 2 there are more than 40 new dance hits and classics, and you can also import all yoursongs from the first game into it. So youre actually doubling the list of songs in Dance Central 2 rightfrom the start!Dance Central 2 has a revamped tutorial mode, meaning that you can take a quick peek at a songschoreography while choosing it from the song list, and you can also navigate all the menus with yourvoice.In addition, you can get detailed feedback on your dance skills.So, whats the verdict?Dance Central 2 is a stylish game with incredibly fun dance moves. But its also satisfying, because youknow that the game is tracking your whole body accurately, so when you master a routine, you reallyfeel that you have done well!So all in all, its well worth the investment! The party never stops. Have fun!If you feel like dancing, and you want to learn more about Xbox with Kinect Dance Central 2. visit ====For more information and recommendations about the dance central 2 song list see
  5. 5. ==== ====Article Source:http://EzineArticles.comWhen looking to take a Central Florida vacation this holiday season, remember that youre not limited tovisiting just the theme parks. Winter break means long lines and huge crowds at the Disney parks andUniversal Studios - its better to visit these parks in the off-season. Instead, consider one of the manyseasonally appropriate events going on all across the region. With so many holiday things to do, the areaoffers something for everyone.Holiday ShowsVisitors to the area during the holidays have the opportunity to attend a variety of theater productions.Lakeland Community Theater is putting on The Sanders Family Christmas by members of thesurrounding Lakeland community. The show features the family from the hit musical Smoke on theMountain on Christmas Eve, 1941. With more than two dozen Christmas carols and a hilarious script,everyone - especially those familiar with the characters - will be greatly entertained.Another highlight of a Central Florida vacation during the holidays, The Lakeland Center is putting onJingle Bell Rock, a fun-filled, energetic show. This production features a live band, talented singers, andSanta Claus! Classic songs like "Here Comes Santa Claus" and "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" willput everyone in the family in a cheerful, merry mood for the holidays.If youre looking for more of a classic to see on your Central Florida vacation during the holidays, youcant miss the Great Russian Nutcracker put on performed by the Moscow Ballet. For one afternoononly, be enamored by the exquisite dancing and spectacular costumes and sets that leave critics raving.The production has been called "flawless," "breathtaking," and "dazzling," and stars a gold medalistballerina from a prestigious international ballet competition. With such beautiful dancers and a classicholiday story, this is one of the Central Florida attractions you cant afford to miss. shows you will wantto see.Holiday Tours, Villages, and MoreThere are many more Central Florida attractions to attend during the holidays. The Christmas atPinewood Holiday Home Tour lets you see the Pinewood Estate at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Walestransformed into a glittering, beautiful holiday paradise. The 20-room, Mediterranean-style mansionfrom the 1930s will leave you breathless. If mansions arent your style, bring a can of food and a new toyand tour Flywheelers Village in Ft. Meade. At the 19th century village decorated for the holidays, you
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