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55284770 print-media-ppt

  1. 1. Print Media
  2. 2. Print Media• Newspapers & Magazines: A publication that appears regularly and frequently carries news about a wide variety of current events. one of the most important functions of the newspaper -- a crucial function in a democracy -- is to provide citizens with information on government and politics.
  3. 3. History• The first newspaper was established in the Philippines in 1811. Del Superior Govierno was published with the Spanish Governor General himself as editor.• The first daily newspaper, La Esperanza (1846), also catered to the Spanish elite. It dealt with non- controversial subjects such as religion, science, and history.• Foremost among the nationalistic newspapers was La Solidaridad, the mouthpiece of the revolution and the fortnightly organ of the Propaganda Movement in 1889.
  4. 4. Print in figures – 60.1% of the population reads newspapers – Patronage is concentrated mostly in urban centers • Newspaper read – Total Philippines 23.6% – Metro Manila 39.1% • Magazine readership – Total Philippines 23.5% – Metro Manila 31.9%
  5. 5. The Golden Age of PhilippineJournalism• The post-war era to the pre-martial law period (1945-1972) is called the golden age of Philippine journalism• In 1952, the National Press Club was organized "to promote cooperation among journalists and uphold press freedom and the dignity of journalists."• In 1964, the Philippine Press Institute (PPI) was organized "to foster the development and improvement of journalism in the country."
  6. 6. Statistics• There are a total of 14 "national" daily broadsheets and 19 tabloids published in Metro Manila (1998 Philippine Media Factbook).• Among the newspapers with biggest claimed daily circulation are Manila Bulletin (280,000 on weekdays and 300,000 on Sundays), Philippine Daily Inquirer,(260,000 and 280,000 respectively) and Philippine Star (271,687).
  7. 7. News Agencies• Philippine Association of National Advertisers work with major publications and the ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED ADVERTISING AGENCIES-PHILIPPINES on the establishment of an audit to improve the credibility and professionalism of the print industry• They also cooperate with the International Federation of Audit Bureau of Circulation
  8. 8. Philippine Magazines (Spanish Period)• El Bello Sexo ( The Fair Sex ) was produced by Pascual Poblete in 1891. It is a weekly magazine about literature, fine arts and sciences.• La Ilustracion Filipina first came out on 7th of November 1891.Its writers were peninsulares newspapermen. Contains pages in folio and printed on poor quality paper.
  9. 9. Magazines (American Regime)• The Women`s Journal magazine was published by the Phil. Journal of Education Commission in 1902.• Philippine Magazine was founded by a Thomasine, VH Hartendorp in 1904.• Liwayway magazine had its beginning back 1922 when Don Ramon Roces introduced it in the publishing business.• Bannawag is an Ilocano magazine that came out year 1934• Hiligaynon was released by the Roces Publishing in the year 1934
  10. 10. Magazines (Post War)• The Woman`s World magazine was acquired by the World Publishing Company in 1958.• Woman and the Home magazine was published by the Manila Chronicle.• Weekly Women`s magazine was the magazine of Sunday Times that first came out May 2 1951
  11. 11. Magazines (Martial Law)• Woman`s Home Champion magazine was the first women magazine allowed to be published. It first came out in 1973.• Mr. and Ms. Magazine maiden issue came out on 6 April 1976.