Paper Craft Planet Lesson 6


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Paper Craft Planet and Stampendous team up to bring you this weekly series on the Basics of Rubber Stamping.

This is lesson #6 -- flock and glitter techniques

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Paper Craft Planet Lesson 6

  1. 1. Back to Basics <ul><li>Rubber Stamping Techniques and Tips </li></ul>Lesson 6 and present
  2. 2. Glitzy Glitter™ and Fuzzy Fun Flock™ A folded piece of paper works well for putting excess glitter or flock back in the jar. Flock and Glitter come in large jars or kits of carefully selected colors appropriate for any theme or season. A 2-way Glue Pen is the best way to apply flock or glitter directly to small areas of your art. These pens provide permanent glue when wet, or repositionable hold when allowed to dry first. At you can find Fuzzy Fun Flock in 26 colors and Glitzy Glitter in 44 colors.
  3. 3. Rooco Fur U Card Fuzzy Fun Flock on Rooco’s coat and Glitzy Glitter on his flag add lots of texture and dimension to this simple card.
  4. 4. Rooco Fur U Card Supplies used to make this card: From Stampendous CRV182 Cling Rooco Fur Coat CRE255 Cling Rootin Fur U SSH12 Mini Acrylic Handle SSH38 Small Rectangle Acrylic Handle FL404 Caramel Latte Tan Fuzzy Fun Flock GK05 Holiday Tinsel Glitter Kit VersaFine™ Onyx Black Ink Pad from Tsukineko Ribbon from Creative Impressions ¼” Brown with Orange Stitch Round Loop and brad – Pewter Card stock from Bazzill Basics™ Java, Saltillo, and Festive White card stock Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – EZ Runner Dimensional Foam Squares Plus: 1/16” hole punch Watercolors and brush 2-Way Glue pen by Zig
  5. 5. Rooco Fur U Card <ul><li>Cut all pieces of card stock needed for card: </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 8 ½” X 5 ½” panel of Java </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 5 ¼” X 4” panel of Festive </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 3 ¼” X 3” panel of Saltillo </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 3” X 2 ¾” panel of white </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 1 ¾” X 2 ¼” panel of Java </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 1 ½” X 2” panel of white </li></ul>
  6. 6. Rooco Fur U Card Carefully remove the Cling Vinyl on Rooco Fur Coat from its acetate packing layer. Save the acetate for storing the Cling Rubber Stamp. Stamp Rooco in Onyx Black VersaFine on white card stock panel. Stamp Rootin Fur U on the other white panel. Allow a few minutes drying time before watercoloring the stamped images.
  7. 7. Rooco Fur U Card Start painting with the brown. With a wet brush pick up some paint and start in an area where you want shadow. Apply the paint almost in a dabbing motion from dark area to light. Be sure to leave white space where the highlights should occur. Until you become expert, just make the dark areas in the lower left and the highlights moving up and to the right. Add gray shadows on Rooco’s fur like the brown on his hat and coat. Mix some gray paint by combining brown and blue in a blank area of your tray.
  8. 8. Rooco Fur U Card Paint Rooco’s flag in your school colors. Use some gray to paint a faint shadow under Rooco so he doesn’t look like he’s floating in midair. Don’t forget to paint his mouth red.
  9. 9. Rootin Fur U Card Use a 2-Way glue pen to apply glue to the shadowed areas of Rooco’s coat. Pour flock over the glue and rub with your finger for good coverage. Flick the card and brush it to remove excess flocking.
  10. 10. Rooco Fur U Card Use the glue pen to apply glue to the letter on his flag and the highlighted areas. Apply glitter from the Holiday Tinsel Glitter Kit over the glue. Remove excess and return to the jar.
  11. 11. Rooco Fur U Card Layer the Rooco image on the Saltillo card stock layer. Use the tip of a scissors to pry open the grommet that holds the Triangle Loop. Slide the grommet over the edge of the layered Rooco card. Use a 1/16” hole punch to punch a hole through the grommet hole and both layers of card stock. Affix a mini round through the hole to hold the Triangle Loop.
  12. 12. Rooco Fur U Card Flock and glitter embellishments give this card texture and sparkle! They’ll know you’re rootin’ fur them when you send this one! Fold the Java card in half and glue the Festive layer on the front. Tie 4” of ribbon around the Triangle Loop and glue the layered Rooco panel to the front of the card. Paint the U on the greeting and add glitter. Layer greeting on small Java panel and affix to card front with dimensional foam adhesive.
  13. 13. Festive Fluffles Card Fluffles is a favorite character here at Stampendous. Our mischievous kitty is always up to something. When I finished this card we were divided on whether he is surprising Max the Mouse with a present, or fishing for his own holiday meal. Either way, we certainly wish you a Meowy Christmas.
  14. 14. Festive Fluffles Card Supplies used to make this card: Perfectly Clear™ Stamps from Stampendous SSC1027 Festive Fluffles SSH12 Mini Acrylic Handle Also from Stampendous GK05 Holiday Tinsel Glitter Kit FL404 Caramel Latte Tan Fun Flock VersaFine™ Onyx Black ink pad from Tsukineko From Creative Impressions Lime Glimmer Ribbon Red Spiral Clip Card stock from Bazzill Basics™ Candy Apple, Ivy Black and white card stock Adhesive from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L EZ Runner Plus : Watercolors, paint brush, glue pen, 1 ¼” circle punch, 1 ½” circle punch
  15. 15. Festive Fluffles Card <ul><li>Cut all pieces of card stock needed for card: </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 8 ½” X 5 ½” panel of Candy Apple </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 5 ½” X 1 ½” panel of Ivy </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 3” X 3 ¾” panel of white </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 3 ¼” X 4” panel of black </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 1 ¼” circle of white </li></ul><ul><li>1 – 1 ½” circle of black </li></ul>
  16. 16. Festive Fluffles Card When you want to build a scene, start by stamping the items that will need a certain space first. I started with the mouse because I wanted his tail to be on the card. Next I positioned the tree because the mouse needs to touch the ornament. Next came the gift in the remaining space. Perfectly Clear™ Stamps make it so easy to build images in this way.
  17. 17. Festive Fluffles Card I stamped various lengths of ribbon end to end from the gift upward. When I decided I’d reached the top, I stamped Fluffles holding the end of the ribbon
  18. 18. Festive Fluffles Card I used a ruler and an extra fine point black marker to extend the line under Fluffles so he looks like he’s sitting on top of the wall. For this type of scene I start my watercolor painting and complete one color at a time. This keeps any one area from getting too wet or smearing in a way that I don’t like. I started with the gray on Max and on Fluffles.
  19. 19. Festive Fluffles Card Next I painted the red ornament and ribbon then the green tree. I used the same rule as on the Rooco card, my darkest colors are on the bottom left with my highlights on the top right. I started the background with plain water then added a faint yellow wash to cover the wall behind Fluffles. Each watercolor will come out differently. You have to let it happen and realize more color isn’t always better.
  20. 20. Festive Fluffles Card Stamp ivy in black on the green strip of card stock. You can get a random effect by rotating the stamp and stamping off the edge of the strip. Apply glitter to the holly berries with a glue pen. Then glitter the leaves. Be sure to brush off excess glitter between colors so you don’t cross-contaminate your glitters. Apply flocking to Fluffles’ brown spots like you did for Rooco.
  21. 21. Festive Fluffles Card Glue the green ivy strip on the front of the folded red card. Layer the fluffles panel on the black panel. Stamp greeting on the white circle and layer on the black circle. Glue the Fluffles panel on the card front. Tie 6” of ribbon on the red spiral clip and attach to the layered circles to look like holly. Then attach the greeting to the card front with dimensional foam adhesive.
  22. 22. Card Challenge Prize Package One lucky stamper will win all the products used on these two cards in our Challenge Prize Package! Thanks to: Stampendous, Tsukineko, Creative Impressions, and Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L for these generous prizes.