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The Secret of Healthy Aging


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It's a breakthrough on cellular aging by the #1 Natural Health Company in the USA.

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The Secret of Healthy Aging

  1. 1. The Secret ofHealthy Aging
  2. 2. The greatest medical break thru on cellular aging that has taken a lifetime to discover.The greatest discover on aging and aging related disease.
  3. 3. Dr. David Sinclair is one of the top 4 anti-aging scientists in the world • Director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for Molecular Biology of Aging • Associate Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School • He has spent his lifetime working on discovering the secrets to anti-aging and his research has taken him all over the world “We now know that the rate of aging is not predetermined—it is naturally regulated by a few critical genes.” Dr. David SinclairDr. David Sinclair, Ph.D.
  4. 4. Who discovered resveratrol’s Professor John Pezzuto ability to extend life-spans?MIT researchers discovered a gene, Sirtuin 1, which controlsthe rate of aging. This gene is switched on by caloric restriction.In 2003, Harvard scientist David Sinclair and team discoveredtrans-resveratrol also switches on the Sirtuin 1 gene, thusmimicking calorie restriction. Sinclair was first to show a livingorganism, yeast cells, lives far longer when givenresveratrol. He later showed resveratrol’s ability to promotequality of life. Resveratrol may soon become the most prizedmolecule on our planet. Who found resveratrol? Leroy Creasy, professor of pomology at Cornell discovered resveratrol in 1992. Excitement for this molecule boomed in 1997 when a team led by Professor John Pezzuto, pictured above, (University of Illinois), reported resveratrol inhibited the onset and progression of cancer in mice like no other molecule. Comparing resveratrol to 19,000 other substances, he said – “Resveratrol is by far Dr. David Sinclair, Ph.D. the most promising against cancer.”
  5. 5. VIVIX Clinical Study NRF2 ACTIVATION Key Ingredients Anti- Antioxidants InflammatoryDetoxifyingEnzymes Anti-Immune stressBalance VIVIX ACTIVATES A KEY GENETIC REGULATOR AND HELPS TURN DOWN CELLULAR AGING
  6. 6. Vivix – A Science based product to start repairs of all four kinds of cellular damageVivix – Sends a message to the body to start repairs of cellular damage due to biological aging
  7. 7. 1. Cell Defense 2. Cell Energy POWERFUL RESULTS3. Cell Repair 4. Cell Performance
  8. 8. 12 types of MuscadineShaklee Patent Pending On Most Active Varieties
  9. 9. SUPER GRAPE POLYPHENOLS Ellagic acid Quercetin Ellagitannins Myricetin Gallic acids Caffeic acid Anthocyanins Kaempherol Proanthocyanidins Resveratrol Chlorogenic acid Catechins Super Grape Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia)
  10. 10. DNA Damaging Assaults Every cell in the body is bombarded daily by up to a million DNA damaging assaults that can harm your genetic data base – creating a typo that may compromise cell functions and longevity Cellular UV Light Ionizing Chemical ReplicationMetabolism Exposure Radiation Exposure Errors DNA DAMAGE Cell Cycle Transcriptional DNA Repair Apoptosis Checkpoint Program Direct reversal Activation Activation Base excision repair Mismatch repair Double strand break repair
  11. 11. Genetic RegulatorsGenetic regulators contribute to the age related cellular deterioration by controlling thedynamic balance between damage and repair Scientists have found that a gene linked to diabetes and cholesterol
  12. 12. Advanced GlycationExcess accumulation of advanced glycation end products can causecellular damage that can compromise cell longevity and integrity
  13. 13. Sources of Cell Damage
  14. 14. An INFLAMATORY Meal Inflammation can cause aging, heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other health threats NY SU- rk Yo ew fN yo it rs ve ni eU atSt CLINICAL STUDY: 910 Cal junk food breakfast Measured anti-aging outcomes for 5 h
  15. 15. INFLAMMATIONLEADS TO... •Heart Disease •Diabetes •Obesity •Cancer
  16. 16. Mitochondri a Mitochondria in our cells create energy which we cannot live without. As mitochondria decreases cell functions declines.
  17. 17. Vivix Increases Cellular Energy* Control Resveratrol Vivix
  18. 18. Biological aging –occurs – very earlyafter birth and on intolater in lifeAfter we stop growingthis leads toaccumulation ofloss of bodyfunction throughthe changes atcellular level
  19. 19. Emerging research revealsthat natural substances can influence these biologicalaging processes in a positive way
  20. 20. Biological Aging