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How to Get a Grip on Stress

Studies Show That 98% of all Degenerative Disease is Stress Related – It is the Number 1 Killer

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How to Get a Grip on Stress

  1. 1. Getting a Grip on Stress Supplements offer a key component in the effort to gain control for the growing number of Americans who say they are stressed out.According to the American Psychological Association, WorldHealth Organization and the American Institute for Stress, themajor sources of stress for most people revolve around finances– today‟s uncertain economy, personal debt, unemployment etc.This stress is so prevalent today that between 65 and 90 percentof North Americans have “enough” stress to result in a stress-related disease.
  2. 2. Studies Show That 98% of all Degenerative Disease is Stress Related – It is the Number 1 Killer Heart Disease  Back/Neck  Migraines Cancer Problems  Hardening of Stroke  Immune the Arteries Diabetes Deficiency  Irritability Asthma  Blood  Rheumatism Colds and Flu Disorders  Colitis Depression  Insomnia  Hypertension Mental Illness  Sex Problems – High Blood Skin Disorders  Overeating Pressure Fatigue  Kidney Stomach Disorders Disorder  Breathing Female Issues Problems
  3. 3. THE STRESS RESPONSE • Increased neural excitability • Increased cardiovascular activity • Heart rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, blood pressure • Increased metabolic activity Stimulation of • Gluconeogenesis Sensory NervesSTRESSOR • Protein mobilization • Decreased antibody production Hypothalam us Pituitary • Muscle wasting • Fat mobilization ACTH • Increased sodium retention • Increase in neurological sweating Adrenal Cortex • Change in salivation • Change in GI system tonus and Adrenal Medulla motility STRESS HORMONES Cortisol Aldosterone Epinephrine The Stress Response Pathway
  4. 4. Stress causes the destruction of these two body functionsDigestive System & Eliminations System Cardiovascular System
  5. 5. The Food Choices of America Look Familiar? What Are We Teaching Our Kids? Food Choices Are Defining Our Level of Wellness
  6. 6. AMERICAN BREAKFAST Fabricated Food•The machine used for making shapedcereals, called an „extruder‟ The mixture is thenheated.•This extrusion process, besides creating asweet, crunchy cereal, destroys much of thenutrient content of the ingredients.•Even the chemical vitamins, added before theextrusion process, are damaged by it. The aminoacid lysine, a crucial nutrient, is especiallyravaged by extrusion.
  7. 7. The Discovery That Has Changed the Face of Nutrition Forever Human longevity depends upon the ability of the body to recover and rebuild Shaklee created a protein product that triggers the recovery and rebuilding process It’s not the protein that’s important – it’s the amino acid content of the protein For Thirty years Shaklee worked on extracting these powerful 9 essential amino acids and delivering them with their unique bioavailable delivery systemHistidine Threonine Lysine Valine Leucine Tryptophan Methionine Isoleucine Phenylalanine
  8. 8. The Power of the Protein is the Power of the Amino Acids $It’s not the protein that’s important – it’s the amino acid content of the protein
  9. 9. Why Change Proteins? Soy Protein Animal Protein•Can get all nine of the essential amino acids •Not complete – missing many amino acidsdaily to start every body process: •Contains large amounts of fat•Live Natural enzymes •Can be contaminated with bacteria & Viruses•Nutra-ceutical – many unknown compounds •When heated most enzymes are lostbeing discovered every day •No fiber•Phyto-chemicals produced by the plant, phyto- •No nutra-ceuticalshormones, phyto-estrogens •As we age, Animal Protein is very hard to assimilate•Natural vegetable fiber and digest as our digestive system changes•More bio-available protein per gram of protein •Uric Acid •Saturated fats•Not contaminated with viruses and bacteria •Undigested protein in the kidneys•Key: Contains many unknown factors thatmother nature still holds. Absorption, utilization •Acid formation in the blood – which raises blood PH toand digestion are greatly increased with acidvegetable protein. Very important as we ageand very important for our digestive system. •Key to good health – keep blood PH alkaline, which is important to the immune system
  10. 10. Bio-Hormone Release THE WHOLE STORY The muscle cell is broken down and is tired. It needs glucose and amino acids to recover and build. Insulin is the main muscle building hormone in the body. It opens the ”cells door” to let in all of the nutrients the cell needs Every door needs a door knob (insulin receptor). The knob is chromium. There Are Three Phases Once the door is opened, a quality mix of to Building Muscle glucose, branched chain amino acids, and the rest of the essential amino acids must be available for maximum muscle building, bulk, and recovery. Catabolic: Muscle tissue is broken down every day Recovery: Glucose and amino acids The clinical research now proves pump into the muscle. chromium nicotinate combined Anabolic: Using glucose and amino with a long chain branched acids, the muscle rebuild stronger and larger delivery system, rebuilds muscle tissue faster and better andThis product is 45% of the converts body fat back to muscle 3 muscle building power tone. of WHY LET MUSCLE Valine – Leucine - ACHES SIDELINE YOU? Isoleucine
  11. 11. Nature does speak, in no uncertain terms to us all. And, as man is a product ofNature, he may, if he so desires, receive helpful guidance from Nature, for Nature is the expression of the creator. So when you share Shaklee products, remember, you are sharing the best. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.
  12. 12. Vita Lea® Multi-Vitamin/Multi-Mineral Vita-Lea is a creation of nature and science combined together to create this incredible product  Comes from 34 Unique Food Sources  Raw Materials  Unique Film Coating  ExoTab technology – breaks down in 9 minutes
  13. 13. Shaklee Optiflora® Herb Lax Prebiotic & Probiotic  Protects the microbes from One of Dr. Shaklee‟s Signature stomach acids Products  Protects the microbes from This gentle yet fast-acting oxygen and moisture natural laxative encourages contamination and allows the the bodys natural cleansing microbes to be delivered live to processes the intestines Herb-Lax includes senna  ½ billion live probiotics per leaf, which has been used for capsule thousands of years as a natural laxative, plus other  Optiflora® probiotics uses a complementary herbs. patented triple layer encapsulation technology to keep Contains Licorice Root - the acidophilus alive