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7 Strategies for Success in Social Marketing


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In this slideshare are some basic success fundamentals. Some of these strategies you might know about, but some are from my own experience of over 15 + years in the industry. Learn more on this subject contact me at 888-272-6701 and plug into our live interactive webinars.

Published in: Marketing, Social Media, Education
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7 Strategies for Success in Social Marketing

  1. 1. 7 Strategies for Success<br>in<br> Social Marketing<br>
  2. 2. Don't wish for things to be easier...<br>Wish for You to be Better<br>Jim Rohn #quote<br>
  3. 3. 2 Categories of Building<br>Passive Marketing<br>Active Marketing<br>
  4. 4. Passive Marketing <br>There is a Science &amp; Art to this<br>
  5. 5. Active Marketing <br>You reach out and connect. Have respect learn the skills for success<br>
  6. 6. Closing<br>Don't be pushy!<br> Ask questions and educate. Let them come to you.<br>
  7. 7. Time Management<br>If you can't build your business part-time, it won't work full-time either.<br>
  8. 8. Your Time Management <br>will Dictate the Velocity of your Success<br>
  9. 9. Income Producing Activities <br>1. Prospecting <br>2. Follow-up <br>3. Connecting, Educating &amp; Inspiring <br>4. Promoting Events<br>
  10. 10. Brick Walls<br>Big hurdle is the need for acceptance and approval. A Strong belief needs no acceptance!<br>
  11. 11. Team Building <br>Put a Simple System in place that anyone can follow and teach.<br>
  12. 12. Your Inner Culture <br>• You must enter into a student culture <br>• You must keep growing to get over the brick walls <br>• Be a student of your own mind <br>• You will accelerate if you are in an accountability culture <br>• It's the journey and experiences you will appreciate the most<br>
  13. 13. Be Barefoot <br><br>