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Bunni jump - Global Service Jam 2012 Oslo

Our final concept at the Global Service Jam 2012 held in Oslo.

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Bunni jump - Global Service Jam 2012 Oslo

  1. 1. “I work in a very large and complicated organization, spread throughout the country, and I’ve though a lot about ways to improve communication and knowledge sharing” Guy from Forsvaret “I always take interest when someone seems misplaced in the organisation. I often go ‘Wow, I didn’t know you knew that’” Woman working at Diakonerhjemmet, also running a course called “From Monologue to Dialogue”“Everybody knows I’m good at writing, butI never had the possibility to work with it” Overqualified and experienced woman from...
  2. 2. ”How can organizations inspire, keep andmake efficient use of their employees?”
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Training ShadowingLearning design bunni jumping Mentoring Trainee Coaching
  5. 5. The caseThe company Areti is a major concultancy group thatdesigns, builds and manages innovative digital solutionsand services.Key facts■■ Turnover NOK 300m■■ EBIT NOK 4m Areti■■ 250 employees■■ Offices in 6 countries■■ Average length of employment 2 years
  6. 6. Structure
  7. 7. ChallengesFragmented organizations High turnover of people■■ Lack of communication ■■ Valuable and skilled employees need■■ Ineffective use of human resources an arena to grow and develop■■ Weak corporate culture ■■ Large recruitment expenses■■ Barriers blocking the transfer of ■■ People are not recognized experience ■■ People are not motivated■■ Potential synergies not exploited
  8. 8. Mission statement”At Bunny Jump we firmly believe a strong corporate culture isthe result of new ideas, innovation, personal growth and workexecution. When the hidden treasures of human capital comesforth, sustainability and competitive advantage are easier toattain.”
  9. 9. This is how it works
  10. 10. Hans, Director of Products in Areti, readsabout bunni jump in the newspaper.
  11. 11. He realizes that bunni jump could addresssome of the most serious challenges i hisdepartment, and calls them.
  12. 12. A facilitator from bunni jump visits Areti
  13. 13. The bunni jump facilitator explainsthe service for Areti’s board, who seethe potential for a great long-termbenefit from using the service.
  14. 14. The system is in place, and Hans logs in.All employees get an account - but have tovolunteer to actually join.
  15. 15. When logged in, you can see other jumpsand join yourself. Hans of course joins!
  16. 16. All that’s required to join is that you putup a little information about your position.Hans does this, and is now eligible both tobe a host and a volunteer.
  17. 17. Hans logs out again, and since he wants tobe host - he waits until someone proposesa jump.
  18. 18. Linda, director of sales, signs up to be avisitor and meets Hans to start the bunnijumping.
  19. 19. Hans introduces Linda to his projects, andshe is able to give Hans valuable input.
  20. 20. He also shows his departmentsroutines, which she can use in herown department.
  21. 21. At the end of the day, he introducesLinda to a coworker who could reallyhelp out in Lindas department.
  22. 22. Linda and Hans have gained insight and exchangedvaluable experiences! Now all they need to do isrecord it, so others can make use of it as well.
  23. 23. The facilitator from bunni jumpvisits Areti to debrief Linda abouther experience being the visitor.
  24. 24. The facilitator from bunni jumpalso meets Hans, talking about hisexperience being the host.
  25. 25. The debrief lets the facilitator summarizethe jump, and put up a list of ideas andinsights that came from it.
  26. 26. The debriefs are tagged and searchable,and remain a resource for theorganization.
  27. 27. Costs■■ Need facilitator■■ Lose a day of work per visitor■■ Potential decrease in productivity per host■■ Implementing the system■■ Running costs
  28. 28. Key benefits■■ Database of topics, ideas and people■■ More inspired emloyees, increasing personal growth■■ Enhancing corporate culture■■ Lower employee turnover■■ Uncovering problems, ideas and people■■ Low risk start■■ Discover hidden treasures in your organisation■■ The service can spread organically in your organization
  29. 29. turnover bunni jump implementation time
  30. 30. turnoverThe team:■■ Cathrine Einarsson■■ Daniel Jackson■■ Frida Almqvist■■ Johan Eilertsen bunni jump■■ Paulinaimplementation Quiñones■■ Preben Skaug time