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Processing and Marketing of Herbs and Spices


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Presentation during the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) Seminar Series on July 23, 2016 at RDMIC Bldg., cor. Visayas Ave., Elliptical Rd., Diliman, Quezon City

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Processing and Marketing of Herbs and Spices

  1. 1. Processing and Marketing of Herbs and Spices
  2. 2. PROCESSING AND MARKETING OF HERBS AND SPICES PROPONENT : CESAR L. NAZARENO College Administrator SLSU-Judge Guillermo Eleazar Tagkawayan, Quezon TARGET PROJECT COST : Ᵽ 2,104,960.00 TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT : Ᵽ 2,074,641.14 TOTAL AMOUNT RELEASED: Ᵽ 2,104,960.00 BALANCE : Ᵽ 30,318.86 (Refunded to DA-BAR on March 25, 2015: OR 19421144G) :
  3. 3. DURATION NUMBER OF YEARS: Two Years (with Approved Extension until December 31, 2014) DATE STARTED : July, 2011 DATE ENDED : December 31, 2014
  4. 4. Rationale Herbs and spices are significantly valuable in terms of their possessed medicinal and culinary properties. They are the least expensive and safest treatment for various ailments and natural nutritious food ingredient. Herbs applies to any plant or plant part used for its medicines, flavoring or fragrant properties. Spices apply to pungent plant products. It is referred to the aromatic flavoring made from parts of plant.
  5. 5. Uses of Herbs and Spices  Effective food preservative  Good taste enhancer  Safe substrate for pharmaceuticals  Inexpensive natural air freshener or deodorizer  Valuable ingredient in development of products ( cream, ointment, soap, oil, tea, tincture, food ingredients)
  6. 6. Guidelines in Collecting Plant Materials for Processing  Underground plant parts are best collected when their leaves begin to shed off.  Bark are stripped when plants are in vigorous growth  Leaves and stem are best gathered when plants are in their most luxuriant growth. - Collect mature leaves from dense stands -Allow or safe number of leaves in branch to remain for continuous sustenance and growth of plants. - Harvest from plant to the other on rotation basis. 
  7. 7. Basic Kit in Herbal Processing  Weighing scale  Volume measuring device ( cups, spoons)  Chopping device  Grinders (pulverizing mill)  Sieves  Pots/ kettle  Dryers  Containers
  9. 9. PEPPERMINT Decongestant, relieves spasms increases perspiration improves digestion, has antiseptic mildly anesthetic effects.
  10. 10. ITALIAN OREGANO Pungent aromatic, antiseptic warming herb that relaxes spasms, increases perspiration benefits the digestion arts as mild expectorant.
  11. 11. ASHITABA Supplement for those who have weak digestion, gastric ulcers, active wound healing, used in acute and chronic skin problem
  12. 12. CITRONELLA Aromatic lemon scented herb, effective insect repellant, used in perfumes scents , skin lotions, deodorants
  13. 13. TARRAGON Bitter, warming, aromatic herb that stimulates digestive system
  14. 14. LEMON GRASS Bitter, aromatic, cooling herb that increases perspiration and relieves spasm, has sedative action, effective against fungal and bacterial infection
  15. 15. DECOCTION-prepared by boiling a drug material in water. INFUSION- a type of herbal preparation which , like decoction, uses water as the extracting medium.
  16. 16. TINCTURE- utilizes ethyl alcohol of varying strengths as solvent to extract the active principles from the crude drug materials.
  17. 17. HERBAL CREAM
  18. 18. Synergy of selected herbs as healing cream Methodology 150 ml Extract Luyang Dilaw 50 ml Extract Citronella 50 ml ScentedVCO 50 ml UnscentedVCO 3 grams BeesWax Beaker
  19. 19. PREPARATION OF EXTRACT PLANT MATERIALS WashingHarvesting Boiling Separating Synergy of selected herbs as healing cream Methodology
  20. 20. PREPARATION OF HERBAL CREAM Synergy of selected herbs as healing cream Methodology Boiling of water Mixing Place the beaker in a casserole with boiling water Boiled for 45 mins. After 45 minutes add bees wax Place the cream in the container
  21. 21. Return on Investment of Herbal Cream Making Materials/Labor Cost Total Cost 200ml VCO Unscented 650.00/li 200ml VCO Scented 875.00/li 25g Beeswax 1,750.00/kg 20pcs Small Caps 10.00 4pcs Big Caps 37.50 24 pcs Plastic Seals 2.50 100ml Herbal Extract 300.00l/i Total Materials 788.75 Labor ( 2 person) 250.00 500.00 Total Materials & Labor 1,288.75 Sale 1,800.00 Small (60.00x20) 1,200.00 Big (150.00X 4) 600.00 Net Income 511.25 ROI 39.67%
  22. 22. Return on Investment of Growing Herbs Materials Cost TotalCost PlasticBag 1.00 Cutting(8-5cm) 5.00 OrganicMedium 8.00 Misc.(Labor,Water,etc.) 12.00 26.00 Sale(RegardlessofVariety) 35.00 Income 9.00 ROI 35%
  23. 23. REFERENCES  http;// www  EDSA Garden House and Green 2000 Garden Center   product.html