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Presentation about My.COOP

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  1. 1. MODULE 1 My.COOPManaging your agricultural cooperative
  2. 2. My.COOP in a nutshell Training Package ToT Distance Learning Programme Modules, trainer’s manual and a mobile An online training of trainers programme to learning toolkit on the management of support participants in the design and the agricultural cooperatives for existing and delivery of the My.Coop training package. potential managers and their trainers. Community Partnership Initiative On the My.COOP platform My Coop is the result of a collaborative effort users can involving cooperative development agencies,discuss, share news and download My.COOP cooperative colleges and universities, material institutes and agencies of the United Nations.
  3. 3. My.COOP PartnershipInitiated by the ILO Cooperative facility for Africa and the ILO’s Cooperative branch, the partnership involves:
  4. 4. What’s in the Package? Module Basics of an agricultural 1 cooperative Module Cooperative Service provision 2 My. Coop package consists of: Module 4 Modules Supply of Farm Inputs 3 a Trainer’s Manual a Mobile learning toolkit Module Cooperative Marketing 4 Trainer’s Manual Mobile Learning Toolkit
  5. 5. Content of the Modules Module 1 Module 2Basics of an agricultural cooperative Cooperative service provision Topics Topics1. Basics of an agricultural cooperative 1. What are the needs of the members?2. Challenges for cooperative 2. What services to provide?3. Cooperative Governance 3. Selling the service4. Management, capital formation and finance
  6. 6. Content of the Modules Module 3 Module 4 Supply of farm Inputs Cooperative Marketing Topics Topics1. Procurement of Inputs 1. Marketing services2. Storage ad stock management 2. Strategic marketing3. Selling the service 3. Certification
  7. 7. For whom is My.COOP?My.COOP has been designed for• Existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives• Members involved in managerial tasks.• Organizations and individuals that train agricultural cooperatives. My.COOP material is not developed for people who are starting an agricultural cooperative for the first time.
  8. 8. Where is My.COOP available? My.COOP package is available online at where you will also find: Translated and adapted My.COOP training material Information on partners Distance learning programmes for Training of Trainers
  9. 9. Distance Learning Programme for Training of Trainers (ToT)
  10. 10. What is My.COOP distance learning programme? An on-line training of trainers programme to support participants in the design and delivery of the My.COOP training Learn about: •Contents on cooperatives •Participatory facilitation techniques
  11. 11. Who is this ToT distance learning programme for? The My.COOP ToT is for organizations and individuals that train managers of agricultural cooperatives. These can include: Trainers working in cooperative Cooperative officers and Leaders and managers of colleges, universities, non- extension staff of government cooperative structures, such as governmental organizations departments and agencies. unions, federations and (NGOs) and other public and confederations private training providers;
  12. 12. What ToT participants will be able to do? adapt and design contextualized My.COOP training activities plan and implement My.COOP training After completing address a wide from an initial the ToT package diversity of learning needs participants will assessment until the learning styles final evaluation of be able to the My.COOP training workshop explain My.COOP content to the target audience taking adult principles into account
  13. 13. Join the My.COOP communityGo to the main page of and click on the linkrequest a My.Coop account.
  14. 14. Contacts ILO’s Cooperative Branch: coop@ilo.orgILO My.COOP courses: