Trexin Consulting, LLCPersonnel Manager Position Summary<br />Company Background:<br />Founded in 2005, Trexin is a Manage...
Trexin Personnel ManagerKey responsibilities<br />Responsibilities	<br />Proactively and continually source, develop and m...
Qualifications , Compensationand Benefits<br />Qualifications:   	<br />Recruiting/Staffing Experience in IT and/or Consul...
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Trexin Personnel Manager 2011


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Trexin is hiring! We advise clients regarding new technologies, and we're practicing what we preach. We believe the best new hires are already connected to us in some way and social media allows us to find those connections very effectively. Please peruse our concise position summary and let us know if you are the right candidate for our rapidly growing team!

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Trexin Personnel Manager 2011

  1. 1. Trexin Consulting, LLCPersonnel Manager Position Summary<br />Company Background:<br />Founded in 2005, Trexin is a Management and IT consulting firm that specializes in adding value to our clients by managing effective transitions, driving profitable growth and program execution. Trexin’s unique approach leverages small, multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced executive-level consultants who are committed to “Getting to Done”. Trexin has National coverage with offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, and New York and for the second year in a row was included in the Inc. 5000 list.<br />Job Description:<br />Looking for an individual interested in growing Trexin. This position works directly with Managing Directors and Sales Managers finding resources for our engagements and managing resources across our clients. The individual must have experience in recruiting a variety of talented, well-qualified and diverse professionals. The individual is expected to be able to work independently. In addition the job will provide guidance, management and subject matter expertise towards future staff planning and forecasting. As our Personnel Manager, you’ll be able to make an immediate impact.<br />Location:<br />Chicago or Minneapolis<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Trexin Personnel ManagerKey responsibilities<br />Responsibilities <br />Proactively and continually source, develop and maintain an effective pipeline and network of diverse talent for Trexin and its clients. Seeks creative solutions for sourcing candidates that positions Trexin strongly in the marketplace and further establishes a culture that promotes excellence and funds growth.<br />Leverages recruiting resources such as the internet, internal management system and professional organizations, to identify, recruit and network for candidates.<br />Maintain accurate and well-ordered documentation on candidates, searches, hiring manager interactions, and other recruiting activities. This will ensure company and legal compliance with employment practices, policies and processes.<br />Act as primary communication point with applicants and candidates from initial contact point to the offer. Working with Managing Directors to negotiate and make offers of employment or subcontractor rates.<br />Lead communication and relationships with Managing Directors and interview teams. Provide feedback on applicants and candidates and ensure timely coordination of a candidate’s movement through various systems and processes.<br />Promote Trexin across numerous markets and professional communities. <br />Participate in Human Resources/Recruiting project initiatives.<br />Liaison to employees and contractors for policy related questions and issues.<br />Proactively works with Business Development Managers and Managing Directors to define annual, quarterly and project based hiring plans, staffing strategies and skill profiles to match sales, market, client and growth plans <br />2<br />
  3. 3. Qualifications , Compensationand Benefits<br />Qualifications: <br />Recruiting/Staffing Experience in IT and/or Consulting Organizations, Planning and Organizational Skills, Reporting and Tracking, Communication skills, Good Interpersonal Skills <br />Educational Requirements:<br />The successful candidate will possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.<br />Compensation:<br />A competitive compensation package that is commensurate with the candidates experience, qualifications and potential.<br />Benefits:<br />Medical, dental and vision benefits plans; 401(k); Life insurance; Disability Income Protection (LTD); Health Savings Accounts<br />For Further Information:<br />Stephan Wood<br /><br />847-441-7277<br />3<br />