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Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV.

In these markets Barco offers user-friendly imaging products that optimize productivity and business efficiency. Its innovative hard- and software solutions integrate all aspects of the imaging chain, from image acquisition and processing to image display and management. Barco has its own facilities for Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, R&D and Manufacturing in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. Barco (NYSE Euronext Brussels: BAR) is active in more than 90 countries with about 3,500 employees worldwide. Barco posted sales of 897 million euro in 2010.

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  • To demonstrate the huge breadth of our portfolio, here are five of our current flagship products.
  • Barco’s strengths don’t just lie with its technological leadership and global presence, we also pride ourselves in our dedicated people, industrial partnerships, customer and market focus and financial position. It is through this multitude of strengths that we can work effectively to not just be the supplier of choice with our customers, but also maintain a level of trust with our investors, employees and suppliers.
  • In major healthcare facilities all over the world, medical professionals use Barco’s razor-sharp display technology — day in and day out. Prime examples include the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, China’s Shengjing Hospital, the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in the United Kingdom and Italy’s National Institute for Cancer Research. It’s estimated that these professionals read about 20,000 studies on a yearly basis, with an installed base of over 60,000 medical workstations. This means that a billion times per year, Barco displays help prevent cancer, improve critical surgery tasks and render diagnoses more accurate.
  • Hospital do Coração – Hospital for the Heart – in Brazil employs over 700 highly trained specialized physicians. Along with the technical expertise of their professionals, HCor has the most advanced technology within the healthcare sector in Latin America. Their high-tech Diagnostic Center performs more than 1.2 million exams annually. Aiming to become the first digital hospital in Brazil, HCor recently purchased a total of 66 Barco medical displays in combination with MediCal QAWeb premium service for complete diagnostic confidence. This evolution will help the hospital provide an even higher level of patient care.
  • In 2006, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands (RIVM) set off on an ambitious journey to fully digitize its national breast cancer screening service. A consortium including Barco proved to be the best partner to meet the complex, large-scale requirements of the project. As part of the project, 63 mobile screening units are equipped with Barco's Coronis 2MP display systems, while radiologists at 20 dedicated screening centers use Coronis 5MP Mammo displays. Everyone involved in the program praises the displays' incomparable level of sharpness and contrast and the speed and ease of loading and manipulating the images.
  • Diagnosis of medical images requires high image quality, high brightness and a high contrast ratio. Today, it is possible to diagnose certain disorders in an early stage. Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (Shin Kong Hospital for short), one of Taiwan's biggest private medical facilities, recently experienced what a good PACS display system can do. When a trial involving the Barco Coronis Fusion 6MP DL revealed details the other displays did not, the team at Shin Kong unanimously chose Barco. Today, Shin Kong's radiology department uses Coronis Fusion 6MP DLs, Coronis 5MP, Nio Fusion 4MPs and MDRC-2120s – much to everyone's satisfaction.
  • The hospital purchased 100 Barco monitors for use throughout multiple facilities, with 16 5MPs and 16 3MPs dedicated to its mammography centers, and the remainder located in diagnostic and clinical review stations. Tying it all together, is Barco's MediCal QAWeb software, the industry's first online service for automated QA of PACS displays, providing remote, secure management to ensure consistent performance and image quality. But to Gwinnett, like many users, the benefits of this robust QA assurance software go well beyond the reading room.
  • The German Bergmannstrost Hospital was a pioneer in adopting digital acquisition modalities and PACS. Barco's bold claim that they “deliver the best display performance” made Dr. Rainer Braunschweig, head of the radiology department and an expert in digital radiology, switch to the Barco Coronis range in 2002. Impressed by the displays' outstanding image quality, reliability, excellent return on investment and the MediCal QAWeb quality assurance service, the Bergmannstrost radiology team has been a Barco advocate ever since. Recently, they upgraded the Coronis portfolio to include several color displays. In the medium term, Dr. Braunschweig dreams of operating rooms fitted with Barco surgical displays.
  • The hospital was looking for a uniform display system that could be used in all departments and in both locations. Dr Willy Hummel continues, “We did a careful evaluation of various manufacturers and Barco came out as the best solution for us. The combination of their clinical review displays with MediCal QAWeb software guarantees us DICOM compliant images at all times. The software program also offers a functionality to adjust the light output of the display in order to match the ambient light, a feature that assures us even more dependable readings. Upon special request, Barco also increased the remote capabilities of MediCal QAWeb to meet our high standard requirements for clinical review displays.”
  • With rollout programs covering over 10,000 cinemas worldwide, Barco is at the forefront of the digital revolution in theaters. Every day, Barco’s projection technology makes more than one million viewers’ cinema experience unforgettable. Barco enjoys strategic customer relationships with leading companies such as Arts Alliance Media, Cinemeccanica, DCL, Kinoton, XDC and Ymagis, as well as thriving partnerships with first-class cinema groups such as China Film Group, Cinedigm, Cinemark and GDC. In addition, Barco occupies a special place in 3D cinema thanks to its extensive experience in that field since the mid-‘80s.
  • Curzon Cinemas owns nine screens on five London sites. With origins dating back to 1934, the group has always been pushing unknown artists, daring concepts and new technologies. After earlier experiences with digital cinema thanks to public funding, the group wanted to expand their number of digital screens. After careful consideration, Curzon chose Barco's DP-1500 digital cinema projectors for their first private investment. Their proven quality and existing service and support offering proved were key influencers in choosing Barco.
  • Cinemark Latin America has the largest presence of any theatre company throughout Central and South America. Cinemark has aggressively expanded into this market as a result of increased multiplex theatre construction, attractive demographics with a significant teenage population, and a growing acceptance of movie-going as a form of entertainment. Its recent expansion into 11 other countries follows successful deployments in both Mexico and Brazil, the two largest economies in Latin America. In addition, Cinemark also has a strong base in North America, and is one of the region’s three biggest cinema chains.
  • Ever savored 'Opera in the cinema', shouted along with Iron Maiden or supported for your favorite soccer team in a cinema chair? Over the past few years, Kinepolis Group, Belgium's largest cinema operator, has pulled out all the stops to extend its programming to alternative content, thereby fully deploying the power of digital cinema. Ever since it set its first digital steps, the group has partnered with Barco. Considered an industry leader, Barco develops user-friendly projectors that ensure razor-sharp images at a favorable cost of ownership. The projectors and their peripherals, like the alternative content switcher, help Kinepolis expand its role from mere cinema to full-blown entertainment theater.
  • Early 2009, Universal Production Partners, one of Europe's largest post production houses, finalized their brand new DCI compliant review room. After previous successful installations including a DP-90 and a DP-100 digital cinema projector, UPP decided again to go for Barco. The review room offers film makers a place for final quality control and is equipped with a DP-1500 Barco digital cinema projector. The projector, based on Texas Instruments' DLP technology, ensures UPP's customers that they see their films with perfect colors on screen, the way the audience will experience it in movie theaters.
  • For the first time in history, the Berlinale included 3D movies in its official program, thanks to the 3D digital cinema projectors supplied by Barco. With the 3D movies, the Berlinale wanted to explore the medium's artistic potential following its recent triumph in Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Kinepolis, one of the largest movie theater groups in Europe, has been using Barco dZine’s flexible digital signage system for more than a year. The installation grew gradually from a couple of infotainment displays per multiplex to a full range of displays for a variety of purposes. Kinepolis was looking for an out-of-the-box solution that was easy to handle and modify. The solution they are using runs on the current Kinepolis network. Each theater multiplex is managed by a local server, which connects seat information, advertising and database content with the theater’s ticketing system.
  • Throughout the world’s major economic regions, Barco’s visualization technology is indispensable to traffic and security centers. In and around cities such as New York, Oslo, Vienna, Washington D.C. and Hamburg, Barco display technology helps operators to better control traffic flows, respond quickly to crisis situations, and keep public transportation passengers well-informed. In this way, Barco helps over 2.5 billion commuters start and end their working days as efficiently as possible.
  • Ever since its establishment in 1990, the Oslo Traffic Management Center has been ensuring road safety in Oslo and the larger area of eastern Norway. To help operators at the Center gain a more detailed overview of the increasingly complex traffic situation, Barco’s Norwegian distributor VideoSystem AS installed a large Barco video wall in August 2008. Kai Gundersen, head of the Oslo Traffic Management Center and his team chose Barco because: "Barco is the reference beacon in control rooms and their solution simply provided the best answer to our many rigid requirements." And he is satisfied: "The new system helps us to better perform our important mission of optimizing mobility in our region."
  • In 2008, Reliance Petroleum, a subsidiary of India's largest private sector enterprise, Reliance Industries Limited, commissioned Reliance's second crude oil refinery, thereby catapulting the company into the premier league of the world's largest refineries. Located in Jamnagar, on the northwest coast of India, both Reliance refineries are conveniently close to sources of oil in the Middle East and to export to all markets. To monitor, control and optimize activities at the huge Jamnagar site, Reliance set up a brand-new Refinery Control Building, featuring the largest video wall to date in the sector. Barco helped create a vision on visualization and implement it.
  • 72 million, that is the astounding number of items that Deutsche Post, Germany's provider of postal services, delivers each day, six days a week. Since 2003, the strategy and activities of Deutsche Post DHL have been managed at the Post Tower in Bonn, an impressive 40-storey building of steel and glass. To upgrade the security for the Tower and the adjacent campus, Deutsche Post recently set up a brand-new control room. As for the video wall, it was a world-first: Barco installed its very first LED-lit, rear-projection video wall. It soon proved to be the eco-friendly, easily maintainable wall Deutsche Post DHL was looking for.
  • The brand new control center of the São Paulo Metro opened its doors in May 2010 and is responsible for all security and monitoring of Line 4, also know as the yellow line. To visualize all security and monitoring footage in the best possible way, this new center is equipped with a 24 sqm curved Barco video wall.
  • Mergers and acquisitions are inextricably linked with both great opportunities and major challenges. After the merger of three utilities and the subsequent acquisition of Aurora Hydro Connections in 2005, the Canadian electricity distributor PowerStream decided to build a new head office. The decision presented a unique opportunity for John McClean, currently Director of Operations, and his team to put their years of experience into designing a new control room, entirely from scratch. It became a fine example of modern control room technology and design. Barco's visualization solution was designed to meet PowerStream's tough technical and ergonomic requirements. Today, it provides the control room operators with a real-time, total overview of the power grid system. They, as well as the Management and every visitor to the brand-new building, are impressed with its ease-of–use and high functional specification.
  • Madrid-Barajas is Spain's largest and busiest airport, handling more than 40 million passengers a year. Established in 1928, it has since grown to become one of Europe's main aviation centers, currently number four in the ranking. In this very dynamic environment, Iberia Airport Services plans and monitors all Iberia's ground handling activities. To maximize the effectiveness of these operations and, consequently, enhance customer safety and services, Iberia recently centralized all monitoring activities in a brand new Hub Control Centre (HCC). A large Barco video wall forms the centerpiece of the HCC, offering a full view (literally and figuratively) on all handling tasks and handling-related events.
  • At the start of 2009, Barco received a most welcome acknowledgment from the Chinese Guangdong Television (GDTV): GDTV awarded Barco for the outstanding support it had given during the 2008 Olympic Games. Just before the Olympics, Barco’s innovative Networked Broadcasting Monitoring System (NBMS), including the largest monitoring wall in Chinese broadcasting, had gone live at GDTV. It helps operators in their crucial task to monitor the broadcasting processes and real-time video feeds from multiple sources. “ The NBMS helps us raise efficiency and cut costs. It has surpassed our expectations of a reliable, flexible and scalable solution to monitor our growing amount of sources,’ said Mr. Lian Jintian, Chief Engineer at GDTV.
  • To create unforgettable experiences, the best performers and the greatest events in the world continually try to exceed their audiences’ expectations. In the course of 2009 alone, stage designers and artists employed Barco’s large-screen and professional lighting technology in more than 2,500 gigs — thrilling audiences with stunning and remarkable visuals. Some of the world’s greatest bands that toured with Barco equipment in live performances include U2, Depeche Mode, George Michael, The Prodigy, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber, Bloc Party, John Mayer and Fleetwood Mac.
  • The stage and show were created by long-time U2 designers Willie Williams and Mark Fisher. With the help of Chuck Hoberman and Barco, their vision of a 360° moving video screen was turned into reality. Barco provided more than 500,000 transformable LED pixels, which are integrated into a transformable structure designed by Barco’s Innovative Designs, based on a Hoberman invention. The resulting giant LED screen has a 24 by 16 meter diameter and changes shape in all directions, making U2 the first band ever to go on a tour with a transformable LED screen. In addition to the giant LED screen, Barco integrated a total of 1,200 pixel modules surrounding the edges of both the A and B stages and the bridges. The stage LEDs provide an extra dimension to the graphic show projected on the screen. Almost one thousand customized lights, specifically designed for this tour and manufactured in the Barco premises, light up the stage canvas for an even more memorable show.
  • The International Geneva Motor Show is an annual automobile and car show taking place in the GENEVA PALEXPO convention center. This year's edition took place from 3 to 13 March and presented 170 world and European premieres in the field of private automobile construction and automotive design. Furthermore, the show included a series of alternative and ecological technologies. Italian AV partner AVS used Barco's indoor LED displays to give their car booths that extra visual power. AVS used the ILite LED screens for FIAT, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep and Dodge.
  • Roskilde Festival is the largest open-air culture and music festival in northern Europe. Its grounds have room for six different stages, 150 bands, 75,000 visitors and 25,000 volunteers. With capacity for 60,000 people, the Orange Stage is the largest of the six and welcomed bands such as Gorillaz, Alice In Chains, Muse, the Prodigy, Motörhead, Prince and many more. The Orange Stage's lighting rig for 2010 included Barco's High End Systems Cyberlight 2.0, SHOWGUN 2.5, and SHOWBEAM 2.5 automated lights. In addition, the Arena Stage uses Axon Media Servers as the main source for the video. The equipment and support is provided by Bico Professionel in cooperation with Barco. “The SHOWGUN and SHOWBEAM lights are great to use in such a big festival,” says Kenneth Jakobsen from Bico Professionel. “Their extreme brightness brings the most impressive effects to a show.”
  • For the opening of their new flagship store in New York City’s Times Square, American Eagle Outfitters contracted Barco and the Barnycz Group to create a remarkable, multi-tiered LED display. Concepts for the exterior display took the form of a stunning 12-faceted assemblage of LED panels, almost 15,000 square feet in size, including a soaring 25-story LED tower. When AEO and the Barnycz Group were ready to turn a dream into reality—they selected Barco. To create the display, Barco engineers wrapped the building’s exterior façade with 1441 weather-resistant Barco TF-20 LED panels, for a total pixel count nearing 3.3 million. In the building’s outdoor foyer, the ceiling comprises 1665 Barco OLite 612 modules, specially designed for optimum viewing at very close distances. Immediately inside the store is a bank of 21 Barco NSL-46 LCD monitors. Purpose-built for a near-seamless presentation, these monitors allow content to be displayed in its native resolution, without any loss of image quality. To process a complex array of multi-format video, dual Barco DX-700 LED digitizers are used as the system’s front end, for optimum visual quality.
  • The Yas Marina Circuit is host to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. For this brand new Formula 1 circuit, Barco installed a total of 14 LED displays around the track to optimize fans' viewing experience.
  • Barco has a long standing relationship with World Expo and, as such, the company’s outstanding visual effects solutions have contributed to the success of the events. This year, a total of about 250 Barco projectors, distributed over 16 pavilions, will visualize the current and future ideas of corporations and countries from around the globe. Highlights include the Shanghai Automotive Pavilion, where 20 Barco high definition projectors let the visitors travel through time to experience intelligent transportation in 2030. Also the Taiwan Pavilion, where Barco’s imaging techniques helped building up the 4-D and IMAX dome theater, is well worth a visit. In the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, 15 Barco DML1200 projectors create a dreamy stage that awe spectators. And 15 FLM HD20 projectors make sure the Belgium Pavilion looks visually stunning.
  • The headquarters of the European Commission (EC), the legislative arm of the European Union (EU), are housed at the 18-storey Berlaymont building in Brussels, Belgium. The EU press room, where Commission officials communicate with the press, is, together with the President's office and the Commission's meeting room, amongst the Berlaymont's most important quarters. At the end of 2009, Barco and its distributor Civatel equipped the press room with a state-of-the-art Barco MegaCADwall system, featuring a high-resolution display wall that fosters collaboration. In this way, they have raised the room up to 21st century standards.
  • For vital research in the development of science and consumer electronics, Barco has always been a pioneer in large-scale 3D applications. All over the world, Barco’s 3D display systems can be found as collaborative hubs for automotive design, product prototyping, architectural simulation, climate research, medical projects and pharmaceutical projects. Barco visualization systems can even be found at the heart of planetariums and museums. Well-known Barco customers include General Motors, Miele, Shell, the European Space Agency, PSA, Ford, Lukoil, Electrolux, the University of Milan and many others. But there’s more. To hone the skills of pilots in a safe way, they often make use of Barco technology, too. Barco’s visualization forms the core part of many flight simulators across the world, and trains over 30% of all professional military pilots.
  • Barco and CymSTAR, a leading military engineering solutions company, partnered to provide visualization and simulation systems for one of the United States military's most important tanker programs. The systems utilize five SIM 7QP projectors featuring QXGA (1536x2048) resolution to display computer-generated imagery representing the various flight conditions, surrounding environment, and the critical operation of the boom nozzle into the target receptacle. Powered by the brightest LCoS technology available, the SIM 7QP features Barco-engineered technologies to deliver precise images, with the highest pixel-fill factor available in today's market/ These include: smear reduction technology that ensures a smooth, consistent picture without flicker or break-up; multi-channel edge blending, which creates one continuous image without distracting overlap zones; DynaColor and linked constant light output (CLO), which ensures the same light and color levels across the entire display; and unique warping (geometry correction), which enables accurate projection from different angles and across spherical or curved surfaces. In addition to the five SIM 7QP projectors, the trainers comprise a spherical screen, image generators, computer-generated aircraft and terrain models, a highly-detailed boom operator station, an instructor's station, and custom software. The system reproduces visual, aural and tactile effects to accurately model both the tanker and receiver airplanes in a total synthetic refueling environment, producing a realistic training experience.
  • Simulation can, of course, never replace the true-life experience. But it is getting pretty close at Lairdside Maritime Center in Liverpool, UK. Set up in 1999 as part of Liverpool's John Moores University, the Center trains mariners, shipmasters and navigating officers to practice ship handling and complex tug maneuvers before encountering them for real. Its simulator facility is amongst the most advanced in Europe and currently the only one in the UK with a full 360∘ field-of-view. On the Center's main ship bridge are 12 Barco projectors. They guarantee the bright colors and visual graphic detail that foster the trainees' true-life experience.
  • Electrolux, a world-leading manufacturer in household appliances, realized that with the aid of 3D stereo and ultra-high resolution display technology, it could trim down design costs, speed time to market and improve collaboration in their Southern European headquarters. As such, Electrolux and integrator Cadland settled on two Barco systems. The first display wall offers a 5m wide collaboration canvas with a native 1080p HD resolution. On the wall, several 2D and 3D product design sources can be displayed and analyzed at the same time. The second display wall, which boasts a 3.4m screen width, is piloted by Barco's native 10 megapixel projector and allows engineers to display product designs in razor-sharp, photorealistic detail.
  • The Daimler driving simulator is a hexapod robot mounted onto six moveable supporting legs. Inside, there is a complete Mercedes model in which the test driver is seated, as well as a 360° projection screen showing a constantly changing, realistic image of the traffic scene, with moving pedestrians, oncoming traffic and houses. To create the 360° projection, Daimler depends on Barco's SIM 7 simulation projectors to provide the most realistic scenery possible. One of the main reasons for choosing the SIM 7 was its smear-free operation. Thanks to Barco's display optimizations and the system's fast refresh rates, this projector produces razor sharp, high-quality images, making the SIM 7 the next-generation projector of choice for high-speed motion and other visually intensive simulation applications.
  • To strengthen its position as a cultural center in Ukraine, the city of Donetsk commissioned a new planetarium that would educate tourists and local visitors alike. For the visualization part, it was integrator Group of Ukrainian company Leater and AV-Pro that won the contract bid with a Barco system, based on the demanding specifications for seamless, geometrically correct imagery set forth by the planetarium. Employing Barco-pioneered techniques such as edge blending and warping, visitors are immersed in virtual landscapes of space, planetary systems and star constellations. The entire system is easily controlled and realigned with a special Barco remote controller; so that the planetarium remains open to visitors 7/7.
  • The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is one of China's biggest oil companies. To simultaneously meet the need for flawless presentation and versatile analysis of geophysical data, CNOOC was looking for the right display system to standardize on. As a trusted partner of China's oil and gas industry, CNOOC chose Schlumberger as the main system integrator, and Barco as the projection system developer for three separate installations in its Beijing headquarters and its Zhanjiang facility. “Barco has a firm grasp of the needs of today's geophysical industries,” says Mr. Xiong Zhiqiang, Security Supervisor of CNOOC, “The workflow advantages Barco's display systems offer are unparalleled – not to mention that their image quality is second to none.” Barco's display walls at CNOOC all share the same familiar Windows environment. “From engineers to managers, at whatever site they are, they can control the display system with mouse and keyboard, displaying several sources simultaneously in any mix of 2D and 3D. This is a huge advantage when we want to compare various data sets, or keep both video and data available at the same time. Barco delivered more than visualization,” concludes Mr. Xiong Zhiqiang, “Through their display technology, they have offered us the right environment for analysis, collaboration and presentation.”
  • Every day, Barco’s cockpit and operator displays help pilots fly safely to their destinations. As a testament to the reliability and quality of Barco’s ruggedized displays, over 100 aircraft carry Barco technology on board. These include some of the world’s most famous helicopters and planes, such as the Airbus A380, Boeing 737, Dassault Falcon 900, Embraer ERJ-145, Lockheed Martin C-130, Douglas DC-8 and many types of Eurocopter. In addition, Barco visualization platforms are of critical importance to more than 250 defense programs throughout the world, whether land-, sea- or air-based.
  • With its PC-21, Switzerland-based aircraft manufacturer Pilatus wanted to build a trainer that would meet the challenges of training top pilots for the 21st century. A full-featured visualization solution for the glass cockpit was one of the key elements. Barco’s proposal responded fluidly to Pilatus’ needs. The PC-21 tandem cockpit is fitted with six Barco displays, used as primary flight and navigation displays. Bruno Cervia, Head of Engineering New Projects: “Barco is synonymous with high quality, both in its products and in its services.” Test Pilot Bill Tyndall is especially impressed by the high readability and reliability of the Barco displays. Both men praise Barco’s responsiveness and their flexibility throughout the development process and call their cooperation a true partnership.
  • Barco's deliveries include 20-inch RFD 251S rugged displays that meet the most demanding shock, temperature and vibration safety standards. Their front bonded optical stack ensures superior optical performance at all times and offers a truly rugged, condensation-free visualization solution under all conditions. The units that were selected by Lockheed Martin also feature Automatic Phase Adjust technology, offering clear and sharp images over time, and the patented LCD Flicker Compensation solution, which enables naval operators to view acoustic sonar images without the constant flicker that is characteristic of Liquid Crystal Displays in naval applications. More than five thousand RFD-251 displays are serving the US Navy today aboard a variety of ships, including Virginia, Seawolf, Los Angeles and Ohio class submarines, Aegis-equipped cruisers and destroyers, aircraft carriers and various amphibious ships.
  • The 10" KDU-1080 is a level A certified 10.4” Primary Flight Display with high luminance and a wide viewing angle to allow optimum cross-cockpit scanning by either pilot. The display’s XGA resolution (1024x768) guarantees highly detailed rendering of all navigation and terrain symbology. The 15” KDU-1500 will offer even larger views as part of the Honeywell Primus Apex Electronic Flight Instrument System.
  • Barco supplied 500 networked graphics display systems for NAV CANADA's CAATS (Canadian Automated Air Traffic System) and GAATS+ (Gander Automated Air Traffic System) ATC systems, comprising ISIS 2Kx2K LCD displays and Display Processor Module (DPM) 7700 servers. In its Supplier Performance Review of Barco, NAV CANADA referenced Barco's “market-niche leading technology,” “innovativeness,” and “extremely competent technical staff,” characterizing the company's overall performance as “…a positive experience from the evaluation of the vendor's product to the final award of the contract….A vendor with a superior product and a focus on exceeding the customer's needs.” Kim Troutman, Vice President of Engineering for NAV CANADA commented further: “We are pleased to recognize Barco with this well-deserved award. They have focused on reliability, not only with regard to product performance, but as demonstrated by their responsive customer support. We look forward to a continuing partnership with Barco as a trusted vendor.”
  • Since Collaborative Flow Management (CFM) was installed, Airways New Zealand, one of the world's leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), estimates that the tool has contributed to NZ$22 million in fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions by 46 million kilos across the total New Zealand fleet. CFM enables airlines to jointly agree on priority flights and reschedule their services by matching demand to capacity at New Zealand's three main trunk airports. CFM exchanges data with the air traffic management system and uses it to calculate options to reduce inflight delay. The result is reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Barco Company presentation 2012

    1. 1. Company presentation
    2. 2. About BarcoYou will find us where images are critical to professionals NYSE Euronext 90+ 3,507 1.041 International company Presence in more Employees Billion euro Headquartered in Belgium than 90 countries sales in 2011 Stocklisted (BAR) on NYSE Euronext Brussels
    3. 3. Company structureFour core divisions, five wholly-owned ventures Control rooms & Defense & Entertainment Healthcare Simulation Aerospace Digital signage Lighting LED ATM software Design services
    4. 4. Recent Acquisitions IP Video Systems  JAOtech A leader in hardware and  Designs and manufactures software technologies for real- medical-grade Smart Terminals time, high-definition media for bedside applications. streaming, recording and  Products include an ergonomic management over IP networks. range of mounting solutions and Its product portfolio comprises a accessories. range of encoders and decoders,  The advanced terminals are fully multi-stream clients, digital customizable and feature a host media servers and management of modular options such as systems. barcode scanners, smart card and Main target markets include RFID readers. networked control rooms, healthcare, simulation & training and tele-collaboration.
    5. 5. Worldwide presence AMERICAS EMEA APAC NORTH AMERICA Belgium ASIA Denmark China United States France India California Germany Japan Georgia Israel Malaysia Ohio Italy Singapore Oregon South-Korea Poland Texas Taiwan Russia Canada Spain Sweden SOUTH AMERICA Switzerland PACIFIC Argentina Turkey Brazil Australia UAE Colombia Mexico United Kingdom Gray = R&D and/or Manufacturing Red = Sales office
    6. 6. Geographical breakdown of sales 2011 NORTH-AMERICA EMEALA APAC 33% 44% 23%
    7. 7. Flagship products 500,000+ 25,000+ 500,000+ 40,000+ 10,000+ Medical displays Digital projectors LED pixels for Display cubes Displays in in the field in movie theaters U2’s 360° tour in control rooms air traffic control
    8. 8. Technology 43,000 10 million unlimited 10x 10 million:1 71°C Lumens for Pixels of Number of More silent than Contrast ratio in Our ruggedworld’s brightest grayscale sources with competition in its Barco’s displays cancinema projector perfection Barco’s class simulation withstand networked control projectors temperatures rooms concept this high
    9. 9. Strengths Technological leadership – Continuous investment in new technologies to anticipate future customer needs – Considerable investment in R&D and innovation – Broad patent portfolio Global presence – Worldwide R&D and manufacturing centers – Strong presence in emerging economies – Global accounts in key markets – Regionally focused sales and service teams Dedicated people – 3,500 skilled employees – One out of five employees is an engineer – Multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams Industrial partnerships – Partnerships with other industry leaders, such as Texas Instruments, Samsung, Hitachi and Dolby – Partnerships that encompass the majority of the world’s leading OEMs and distributors Customer and market focus – Market-oriented business groups with a regional focus – Customer loyalty exceeds the industry benchmark score – ISO9001 & ISO14001 certified company Operational Excellency – Golden Peacock Award : granted to companies that have made the most significant improvement in quality in various business and industry sectors. – Lean Practice Award : awarded the manufacturing excellence in China
    10. 10. Company history 75+ years ’50s and’60s ’70s and ’80s ’90s 21st centuryof experience million sales Founded in 1934 Barco one of the Diversification Barco moves into Global leader in as the “Belgian first manufacturers and international professional markets professional American Radio to use printed expansion with (projection, medical visualization Corporation” circuits for its video projection imaging, 3D television sets systems and LED)
    11. 11. Healthcare“Supporting healthcare professionals a billion times a year”
    12. 12. Product portfolioMammography Diagnostic Clinical review Digital OR Point-of-care displays displays displays systems solutionsHigh-resolution (>5MP) Nio and Coronis Reviewing diagnostic Nexxis digital OR and Smart bedside grayscale displays display families images and clinical high-accuracy surgical terminals and mobile for image creation information displays to meet ever- tablets to enhance and interpretation changing imaging patient comfort and requirements clinical efficiency
    13. 13. Where you will find us in the healthcare enterprise Laboratory Intensive care EmergencyRadiology Surgery Dental practicePost-operative care Patient wards Private practice
    14. 14. Key facts I-Guard 65,000 Patented automated calibration sensor Display 500,000 controllers Medical displays installed 30,000+ QA software licenses
    15. 15. ”Using the latest technology enables us to make accurate diagnosesand confident clinical decisions for our patients”Carlos Yoshihara, Coordinator of the Hospital do Coração PACS program, São Paulo, Brazil
    16. 16. ”Microcalcifications, which radiologists are always afraid to miss,are clearly visible on the Coronis 5MP Mammo screens”Dr. Petra Bun, Radiologist, BOBWest Screening Centre, Leiden, the Netherlands
    17. 17. ”I am very impressed. The image quality, brightness and contrastratio are excellent for multi modality viewing”Dr. Liang-Kuang Chen, Shin Kong Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
    18. 18. ”We knew we wanted to procure the best products, vendor andsupport in a new PACS system. With Barco, we achieved all three”Cathy Taylor, Manager of the Clinical Applications Team, Gwinnett Medical Center, Atlanta, USA
    19. 19. ”I am so glad to work with Barco. It really is the most experiencedplayer in the field of medical display devices, worldwide”Dr. Rainer Braunschweig, Head Radiologist, BG Bergmannstrost, Leipzig, Germany
    20. 20. ”The combination of Barco’s clinical review displays with MediCalQAWeb software guarantees us DICOM compliant images at all times”Dr. Willy Hummel, Clinical Physicist, Medical Center Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
    21. 21. Digital Cinema“Enchanting 50 million moviegoers every day”
    22. 22. Product portfolio Projection 3D sound Digital signage CineCare 2K and 4K resolution Auro-3D 11.1 Theater infotainment Training and service
    23. 23. Where you will find us in the theater Lobbies & lounges Auditoriums Advertising & POS
    24. 24. Key facts 2,000+ Barco-certified 43,000 digital cinema engineers World-record 43,000 lumens25,000+ DLP Long-standing Installed base partnership with Texas Instruments
    25. 25. "Barcos projector quality and offer of back up and support was justwhat we wanted."Richard Napper, COO Curzon Cinemas, London, United Kingdom
    26. 26. Covering 4000+ screens across the Americas for world’s secondlargest motion picture exhibitorCinemark, Texas, USA
    27. 27. ”While good films remain key, our alternative offering attracts newaudiences. Barco greatly helped us move into this exciting digital age”Nicolas Hamon, Projection & Sound Manager Kinepolis, Belgium
    28. 28. ”In a post production environment, high quality images and perfectcolor rendering are an absolute necessity; that’s why we chose Barco”Peter Valehrach, Integrator for UPP, Prague, Czech Republic
    29. 29. Market leader in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong through partnershipswith reference customers such as China Film Group, Zhujiang JinyiFilm Group and Stellar International Cineplex
    30. 30. Official digital projection supplier of the Berlinale61st Berlinale, Berlin, Germany
    31. 31. Kinepolis was looking for an out-of-the-box solution that waseasy to handle and modify.Kinepolis, Belgium
    32. 32. Control Rooms“Helping over 2.5 billion commuters get home safely every day”
    33. 33. Product portfolioRear-projected LCD Networked Control room video walls video walls visualization design platform services LED-based Near-seamless LCD Lamp-based LCD displays
    34. 34. Where you will find us in control rooms Security Utilities Traffic Process control Telecom Command & control Broadcast
    35. 35. Key facts 50% Monitoring half of the world’s 100,000 electricity transport 100+ hours of LED supporting security ∞ lifetime in 100+ metropolitan areas number of sources you can display
    36. 36. ”With the Barco wall, the Oslo Traffic Management Center can providefor a better, safer & more environment-friendly traffic coordination”Kai Gundersen, Oslo Traffic Center, Norway
    37. 37. 195m wide display wall for world’s largest refinery siteReliance Petroleum, Jamnagar, India
    38. 38. ”The operators praise brightness and flexibility, while the wall meetsour expectations as to eco-friendliness and 24/7 reliability”Rainer Henss, Vice-President Corporate Security Service Branch, Deutsche Post DHL, Bonn, Germany
    39. 39. Guaranteeing the safety of 1 million travelers every daySão Paulo Metrô, Brazil
    40. 40. ”Once they’d grasped its ease-of-use, our operators really embracedthe Barco video wall”John McClean, Director of Operations, PowerStream, Ontario, Canada
    41. 41. ”Boasting outstanding picture quality, reliability and ease of use,Barco had the perfect offering for us”Dimitris Bountolos, Barajas Airport Deputy Director, Madrid, Spain
    42. 42. ”Barco’s distribution monitoring has surpassed our expectations of areliable, flexible and scalable solution”Mr. Lian Jintian, Chief Engineer, GDTV, Guangdong, China
    43. 43. Media & Entertainment“Setting the scene for over 2,500 gigs and shows every year”
    44. 44. Product portfolio Projection LED Lighting ImageRental and staging Full range of LED tiles and Digital lights processing Corporate AV creative LED Automated luminaires Presentation switchers for rental and fixed applications Lighting controllers Matrix switchers
    45. 45. Where you will find us in media & entertainment Shopping malls Concerts Car shows Conference & meeting rooms Sport stadiums Houses of worship Branding
    46. 46. Key facts 30% 50 Visualizing for Supporting brands 10 x 30% of the in 50 world capitals fortune 100 RLM projector family 10 times more silent than competitors 2 million Barco processes over 2 million LEDs each week
    47. 47. ”The transformable LED gave us the chance to create a transparent360° moving video element, unprecedented in this industry”Willie Williams, Show Designer, 360° tour, U2
    48. 48. Up to 80% of brands use Barco at car shows81st Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland
    49. 49. “The lights are great to use in a big festival. Their extremebrightness brings the most impressive effects to a show.”Kenneth Jakobsen, Bico Professionel, Roskilde Music Festival, Denmark
    50. 50. 15,000 square feet of LED on Times SquareAmerican Eagle Outfitters, New York, USA
    51. 51. ”Barcos outdoor LED has extremely good viewing angles and willdisplay the live action perfectly even in the bright Abu Dhabi sunlight”Mohammed Al Mubarak, Chief Commercial Officer of Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    52. 52. 16 country pavilions used Barco LED and projection at the2010 Shanghai World Expo2010 World Expo, Shanghai, China
    53. 53. Press backdrop for 500 million citizensEU Press Room, Brussels, Belgium
    54. 54. Simulation & Virtual Reality“Broadening the horizons of 250 research centers”
    55. 55. Product portfolio Projection Simulation Collaboration systems platform Simulation projectors 360° dome displays 3D projectors Mini-domes Customized simulators
    56. 56. Where you will find us in simulation and virtual reality Ship bridge Driving Simulation Flight Oil & gas 3D Planetarium Research Design & prototyping
    57. 57. Key facts 30% 10 mp 10 megapixels, Training over 30% one projector of the world’s military pilots 360° 10m:1 dome projection 10 million:1 contrast ratio
    58. 58. 10x more realistic simulation with Barco’s pixel fill factorBOWST Refueling Trainer, Xenia, USA
    59. 59. ”Barco’s projectors have greatly helped us to make this one of theUK’s most advanced ship bridge simulators”Peter Woods, Simulator Manager and Lecturer, Lairdside Maritime Center, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    60. 60. ”Barco offers the sense of realism needed to accurately predict thelook and feel of our products – in 3D as well as 2D”Electrolux, Porcia, Italy
    61. 61. 360°, smear-free, fast-moving imagesDaimler Driving Simulator, Stuttgart, Germany
    62. 62. Immersing audiences in a million starsDonetsk Planetarium, Ukraine
    63. 63. ”Barco has a firm grasp of the needs of todays geophysical industries”Xiong Zhiqiang, Security Supervisor of CNOOC, Beijing, China
    64. 64. Defense & Aerospace“Flying aboard 100 types of aircraft every day”
    65. 65. Product portfolio ATC Rugged Cockpit displays displays displays Main displays Consoles Control display units Auxiliary displays Computers Mission displays Display servers Workstations Flight critical displays Modular software platform
    66. 66. Where you will find us in defense & aerospace Armed forces Air traffic centers & towers Helicopters & airplanes
    67. 67. Key facts 10,000+ Boeing ATC displays in the field Silver Supplier 100+ Flying aboard 71°C 100+ airplane types Withstanding 71°C
    68. 68. ”Barco is synonymous with high quality, both in its productsand in its services”Bruno Cervia, Head of Engineering New Projects, Pilatus (PC-21 aircraft), Stans, Switzerland
    69. 69. 28,000 rugged displays, 14,000 graphic cards, 8,000 consolesUnited States Navy AN/UYQ-7 (Q-70) Program
    70. 70. Vital to 1,000 aircraft cockpitsHoneywell Primus Apex Flight Deck
    71. 71. “Barco has focused on reliability with regard to product performance,and by their responsive customer support.”Kim Troutman, NAV Canada
    72. 72. Reducing carbon footprint by 46,000 tonsAirways New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand
    73. 73. Questions & Answers