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Recruitment Leaders Podcast with Barclay Jones

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Recruiters, Recruitment Marketers and Recruitment leaders! You have so much to do and so little time, and yet more content to read / listen to / watch.

Your emails are beyond full… in-tray on your desk is under a pile of unopened “junk”. The government is drowning you in IR35 / GDPR / National Insurance (or NOT!) changes… and in the middle of all of this, you need to:

• Not only choose the best recruitment software and CRM for your business, but get your lovely recruiters to use it!
• Get your website and marketing delivering leads not just clicks and likes!
• Attract, engage and recruit recruiters (not just churn them)
• Attract great contractors (care for them) and constantly make a profit from them
• Turn candidates into clients
• And take advantage of the current buoyant recruitment sector… growth / fees / turnover / profit…
• And smile…

So, you take a little time out to drive, run, cook, think… and this podcast is just for you.
As a recruitment leader you’re: • Time starved
• Wanting the bus to stop
• Never planned to be this busy or involved in your recruitment business
• Want / need great ideas / advice
• Would love some time on the business rather than just in it.

We have been building a beautiful catalogue of podcasts for recruitment leader and recruitment techies and recruitment marketers: The Recruitment Leader’s Podcast.
No excuses – you may have an Android or iPhone – you can subscribe via either.

James Osborne, James Taylor, Alex Moyle, Wendy McDougall, James Payne, Rod Smyth, Matt Smith, Wayne Barclay, Lisa Jones, Simon Lewis, Clair Bush etc... – they have donated their time to talk to Wayne and I about topics which are key to your recruitment business’ growth.

Take a few mins, subscribe and listen – lightbulbs will turn on and there’s gold in them there podcasts!

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Recruitment Leaders Podcast with Barclay Jones

  1. 1. Barclay Jones’ Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast Crucial Advice from Successful Recruitment Industry Leaders
  2. 2. we make recruiters more successful We support recruitment leaders to grow their businesses
  3. 3. We speak to the leaders in the recruitment industry… … great insight for business growth, improved sales, recruiter success, technology innovation, marketing to attract, engage and convert… and more!
  4. 4. ABM for Recruitment Marketers Clair Bush We spoke to Clair, International Marketing Director at Bullhorn, to get her views on digital marketing and the recruitment industry.
  5. 5. The Future Of Recruitment CRM James Payne and Rod Smyth This is a key listen if you are a recruitment leader, IT leader or marketing leader in recruitment, and you want to make your CRM “FIRST”
  6. 6. Are Recruiters Drowning in Data? Matt Wright
  7. 7. Bloody Great Recruitment Businesses James Osborne
  8. 8. Recruitment Training, Culture and KPI’s Fiona Lander
  9. 9. Digital Marketing and ROI Nikki Alexander and Andy Wyschna
  10. 10. Recruitment Security Matt Comber
  11. 11. Recruitment Leaders, Improve the Value of Your Business Greg Savage
  12. 12. Improving the Value of your Recruitment Business Graeme Read and APSCo
  13. 13. Marketing Tactics and Recruiter Happiness Oli Wright
  14. 14. Recruitment Awards and ROI Teri Etherington
  15. 15. Do You Really Need More Recruiters To Grow? Mike Walmsley
  16. 16. Recruitment Marketing is Critical! Simon Lewis
  17. 17. Recruitment Technology: Getting ROI Wendy McDougall
  18. 18. Recruitment Businesses Improving their Value Alex Moyle
  19. 19. Turning Candidates Into Clients James Nathan
  20. 20. Talent Community and Recruitment CRM Brandon Metcalf
  21. 21. Recruitment CRM and Recruitment Marketing Alan Hiddleston
  22. 22. Recruitment Marketing and Jobs Steve Barnhurst the current trends in job board advertising and mobile job seekers!
  23. 23. Psychometrics and Recruitment Process Stephen O’Donnell
  24. 24. Recruitment Marketing and Jobs Tracey Barrett
  25. 25. Catching Back door placements Nick Ellis Fee Catcher