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Wake Up


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Presentation made on the event Barcelona iOS developers by Nigel Grange

Published in: Technology, Business
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Wake Up

  1. 1. Nigel  Grange  
  2. 2. ¡  Streaming  radio  alarm  clock  app  ¡  Simple  app  but  with  technical  challenges  for  iOS  ¡  High  level  of  design  
  3. 3. ¡  Layout  and  animations  designed  in  Adobe  Edge  Animate  ¡  HTML5  +  CSS3  animation  tool  (Free!)    
  4. 4. ¡  Triggering  alarm  in  background  ¡  Recreating  CSS3  animations  using  Core  Animation  §  Movements,  shadows,  opacity  
  5. 5. ¡  Easy  to  play  radio  stream  in  background  –  as  long  as  it  has  been  started  while  the  application  is  in  foreground  §  Background  processing  thread  §  GPS  location  §  Voice  over  IP  ¡  Use  info.plist  to  set  ‘Required  background  modes’  
  6. 6. ¡  Can  be  used  to  run  for  up  to  10  minutes  when  app  goes  into  background  ¡  Expiration  handler  gets  called  if  task  does  not  end  itself  within  allowed  time    ¡  If  expiration  handler  doesn’t  end  task,  process  is  killed!    bgTask  =  [application  beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler:^{                  [application  endBackgroundTask:bgTask];                  bgTask  =  UIBackgroundTaskInvalid;          }];  
  7. 7. ¡  Can  register  app  for  ‘significant  changes  in  distance’.  ¡  In  practice  updates  usually  come  every  5  minutes  ¡  App  will  be  notified  when  location  changes  by  significant  amount  ¡  App  will  also  be  started  if  it  has  been  killed    self.locationManager  =  [[CLLocationManager  alloc]  init];  [self.locationManager  startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges];    
  8. 8. ¡  Apps  registered  as  providing  VOIP  services  have  the  following  abilities  §  Get  automatically  restarted  if  killed  §  Get  woken  up  if  data  arrives  on  VOIP  control  socket  §  Can  register  for  ‘keep  alive’  updates  ▪  Intended  to  refresh  socket  connections  if  needed  ▪  Minimum  10  minutes  between  updates  
  9. 9. [application  setKeepAliveTimeout:600  handler:^(void)  {                  NSLog(@"Keep  alive  timeout  triggered");    }];        CFReadStreamRef  readStream;    CFWriteStreamRef  writeStream;            CFStreamCreatePairWithSocketToHost(NULL,  (CFStringRef)@"",1343,  &readStream,  &writeStream);                  CFReadStreamSetProperty(readStream,kCFStreamNetworkServiceType,kCFStreamNetworkServiceTypeVoIP);          CFWriteStreamSetProperty(writeStream,  kCFStreamNetworkServiceType,  kCFStreamNetworkServiceTypeVoIP);    
  10. 10. ¡  All  animations  defined  in  Edge  Animate  as  CSS3  property  animations  ¡  Timeline  with  each  property  having  start  /  end  values  on  timeline  §  Position  §  Scale  §  Opacity  §  Shadow  ¡  Different  easing  functions  available    
  11. 11. ¡  CABasicAnimation  for  animating  layer  properties  ¡  CAAnimationGroup  for  animating  properties  at  the  same  time  ¡  CAKeyframeAnimation  for  custom  easing  functions  
  12. 12. ¡  Tools  to  take  the  CSS3  animations  and  convert  them  into  Core  Animation  keyframe  animations  ¡  Currently  a  manual  operation,  but  could  be  automated  considerably  
  13. 13. ¡  Simple  app  but  quite  a  lot  of  engineering  required  to  get  the  required  result  ¡  App  delivered  within  3  weeks  ¡  Working  with  client  on  v2.0  which  will  get  a  public  release