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Gtug gencat

  1. 1. Gencat Notifier
  2. 2. Supposition Gencat Notifier Usually, to get around the city, did you use alternatives to the car private transport? Isn’t? (we hope so, …mainly for your medical welfare)
  3. 3. Gencat Notifier
  4. 4. Gencat Notifier We know… It’s a pain in the ass But not just the problems about the issues,… delays, agglomerations, etc where is the responsible explaining about what’s happening??? what good are all these wonderful screens and speakers? zzzzz … .
  5. 5. Time passes… Gencat Notifier what‘s happening??? (nobody knows) … where is my mom!?!?? I want to go homeee!! for heaven’s sake!! … where is the information!????? fuc*****!!! … and finally,… Why the hell I had to get out now from home/work/university?
  6. 6. Solution, here we are Gencat Notifier A system able to report any problems related to incidents on public transport effectively (and cheap) Ok, let’s review related information portals…
  7. 7. Gencat Notifier
  8. 8. Who has the data? Gencat Notifier Generalitat de Catalunya Open Data Project to open the public data who has the government of Catalonia Not so good, but is a starting point (a little late)
  9. 9. The idea… Gencat Notifier Analyze the Open Data project Consume the information provided Using Android devices Easy to develop, simple and within the reach of many people
  10. 10. Android devices Gencat Notifier Easy to use Ready to publish and consume information Capable to parse and transform data Everything is pink… everything is good, … sure?
  11. 11. Android devices  That’s not a good idea Let’s rethink again about what can we do Gencat Notifier But wait, if we make queries with mobile devices to know if something happens regularly, we can consume its batteries too quickly
  12. 12. Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework (C2DM) Gencat Notifier A (reallly nice) service that helps developers send data from servers to their applications on Android devices. Allows third-party application servers to send lightweight messages to their Android applications  Rulez! Only requires Android 2.2+ And you need to request *free* access
  13. 13. AppEngine Gencat Notifier Ready to use cloud platform to build web applications Apps are automatically scalable Performance, security and reliability of the Google platform! (and so cheap) Easy to implement services to the cloud Develop with Java or Python
  14. 14. 4) Send message (registrationID + data) Gencat Notifier 1) Try to register (senderID+ appID) 2) Registration (registrationID) 3) Save (registrationID) 5) Send message (data)
  15. 15. Let’s see the demo! Gencat Notifier
  16. 16. @android10comm @icougil @fegabe http:// Fernando Cejas Mola Ignacio Cougil Jares Fernando García Bernal Gencat Notifier
  17. 17. Thx for your attention!