Barcelona, The Mobile World Capital 2013


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Barcelona, The first Mobile World Capital 2012 - 2018
A major Business hub of Southern Europe & the Mediterranean

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Barcelona, The Mobile World Capital 2013

  1. 1. BarcelonaThe Mobile World CapitalA major Business hub of SouthernEurope & the MediterraneanArea of Economy, Enterprise & EmploymentBarcelona City CouncilFebruary 2013 1
  2. 2. Barcelona – Some Facts A city with 1,6 Million inhabitants and a Metro Area of nearly 5 Million Capital of Catalonia, with 7.5 million inhabitants and 19.5% of the Spanish GDP 48% of the employees work in knowledge intensive sectors 77,000 employees working in the IT sector 88,000 employees working in the creative industries sector 175,000 enterprises (95% of them microbusinesses) 214,000 students at the 8 Universities of the Barcelona area** 15.5 Million tourist overnight stays*** The 12th best world city in terms of Scientific Production ** Data of the academic year 2010 – 2011 *** Last available data (2011)
  3. 3. Best Infrastructures in Southern Europe Fast accessibility and connectivityLinked to the European High Speed & Cargo train Linked to the European Highway Networknetwork 3
  4. 4. The centre of the most dynamic Euromediterranean Megaregion5 Million inhabitantsEurope’s 5th most populated Metropolitan AreaThe best springboard to access the Euromed, Asian & Latin American markets 4
  5. 5. Highly qualified workforce 214,000 students in the 8 Universities 214,000 the Barcelona Area of students at the 8 Universities of the Barcelona area 33 University Research Institutes 5,900 new Engineering graduates yearly2 of Barcelona’s Business Schools are ranked among Europe’s 10 best Europe’s 5th Europe’s 6th
  6. 6. Excellent mobile & fiber optics telecom networksBarcelona has the biggest, free public WiFi network in Spain and one of the biggest in EuropeComprehensive 3G outdoorcoverage in the most densely 4 private operators provide fiber opticspopulated areas of the city. Pilot networks throughout Barcelona and its metroPlan to deploy 4G /LTE coverage inselected spots area 6
  7. 7. New Airport Terminal Excellent ICT Ecosystem: Main Players in BarcelonaNew Airport Terminal National Supercomputing Center
  8. 8. New Airport Terminal Barcelona’s ICT Ecosystem Catalonia has 3,349 ICT companies, +70% of them are located in the area of Barcelona ICT Catalan companies are mainly concentrated in technology parks and specificEnterprise Zones such as Barcelona’s innovation district (22@), Barcelona TechnologyPark, the UAB’s research park or Technocampus . ICT corporate structure in Catalonia is dominated by small businesses with fewer than 50employees, which need to provide ICT services and to deliver quality software solutions formarkets worldwide . ICT sub-Sectors require highly-innovative nature & talent which allows Barcelona toattract and host very specialized businesses, with an offer of complementary products andservices that satisfy current and future demands for evolving ICT services. Approximately 45% of ICT companies in Catalonia need to secure their networkconnections with other offices abroad.
  9. 9. New Airport Terminal Barcelona’s ICT Ecosystem: Research facilities Since 2006, Telefónica , The Spanish telecom giant has located its excellence centre for Internet & Multimedia R&D in this impressive Landmark located at Barcelona’s 22@ Innovation District
  10. 10. Excellent IT Research facilitiesNationalMicroelectronicsCentreNationalSupercomputingCentre 10
  11. 11. Barcelona, a global benchmark Barcelona is at the top of the most prestigious rankings: 1st Southern European Region of the Future (European cities and regions of the future, 2010-2011, FDI, Financial Times) 1st European City in quality of life for the workers (European Cities Monitor 2011, Cushman & Wakefield) 8th European & 1st Spanish Smart City (Boyd Coen, Co exist) 3rd City of the Global Prosperity Ranking (Scorecard on Prosperity, 2010) 4th European City in international tourism (European Cities Marketing Benchmarking Report 2012) 6th Best European city to do business (European Cities Monitor 2011, Cushman & Wakefield) Most admired city for its urban development model (Cities for Citizens, Ernst & Young 2011)
  12. 12. The firstMobile WorldCapital2012 - 2018
  13. 13. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona What is the Mobile World Capital Barcelona?The Mission The VisionDevelop a new industrial sector around 1. Barcelona as a global MOBILE HUB:mobility and transform Barcelona into theworld’s leading mobile city. • Production and design of mobile solutions • Deployment of mobile citizen solutions to improve quality of life • Creation of business, training and service initiatives that differentiate Barcelona from other cities 2. Position Barcelona worldwide as a TECH CITY with HIGH VALUE-ADDED services 3. Development of high technology CLUSTERSThe Mobile World Capital combines the highest institutional representation with the globalmobile agenda, committed to the development of our society. 13
  14. 14. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona What is the Mobile World Capital Barcelona?The GSMA Mobile The Mobile World The Mobile World The Mobile World HubWorld Congress Festival CentreThe mobile industry’s Events dedicated to An open platform to An innovative ecosystemlargest worldwide B2B promoting and spreading understand and in which to develop crossevent mobile usage to everyone experience how mobile industry mobile services is enhancing our life  New venue from  First edition 2013  Centre launch in Feb  In production from 2013 2013 until 2018. 2013 14
  15. 15. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona Mobile World CongressBest mobile showcase in the world 87% 111% 157% Attendees Exhibitors Exhibition floor space ~ 70.000 (**) + 1.500 (**) + 58.600m2 (**) (*) Growth from Cannes’05 (**) 2012 Edition 15
  16. 16. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona Mobile World FestivalThe “Barcelona Mobile Summer Week” Barcelona “mobile” all-year-aroundA leisure and entertainment event related to The cultural agenda of the city adds a “mobile”mobile technology targeted to all public. component on its sport competitions, art exhibitions, concerts,… • FC Barcelona • Formula 1 Grand Prix • ATP Tour in Barcelona: Godó Trophy • Sonar Music Festival • Picasso Museum,… 16
  17. 17. Mobile World Capital – BarcelonaMobile World Festival 17
  18. 18. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona Mobile World Centre A unique space located at the very centre of Barcelona, the permanent showroom of the capital Portal del Àngel Visibility for projects developed in the Competence Centers: Public exhibitions of leading mobile technology Second Floor Spaces to experience new Conference and temporary mobile services exhibition First Floor mWorld exhibition Ground Floor Retail program 18
  19. 19. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona Mobile World Hub – What are the triggers towards the vision? The Barcelona Mobile Plan: six strategic actions are to be activated to accomplish the Mobile World Capital’s vision • Multi-industry mobile innovative CAPABILITIES initiatives with socio-economic impact• Creation of a mobility cluster M-Program promoting co-creation: • Become a normative referral:  Industries M-Cluster M-Law  Standardization  Research & academia  Regulation and arbitration court  Prof. associations The Mobile World Hub• Promote mobile start-up creation • Spread Barcelona as the best and attraction: M-Entrepre mobile ecosystem: M-News -neurship  Venture Capital  New mobile case studies  Incubation  Best practices M-Talent  Research papers on mobility • Education mobility program:  Mobile Management School  Mobile University Research 19
  20. 20. Mobile World Capital – Barcelona Mobile World Hub – What are the enablers of the M-Program? The Mobile World Capital M-PROGRAM acts as stimulator of the ecosystem to develop mobile projects with the engagement of all relevant agents MWC M-Program Main Features  Industry and society transformational m-Wallet  Multi-industry  Attract and generate knowledge in the territory  Public and private agent involvementm-Transportation m-Smart City  Real business, social and economic impact  Technological and timing feasibility  State-of-the-art and aligned technologies with the industry: LTE, NFC, M2M, m-Contents m-Health Cloud and Embedded 20
  21. 21. Mobile World Capital – BarcelonaMobile World Hub – MLaw
  22. 22. Mobile World Capital – BarcelonaMobile World Hub – MNews
  23. 23. Mobile World Capital – BarcelonaMobile World Hub – MTalent
  24. 24. Mobile World Capital – BarcelonaMobile World Hub – MEntrepreneurship
  25. 25. Advantages for Mobile tech companies landing in BarcelonaThe HQs of CMT (Spanish National Commission for the Telecom Market) arelocated at 22@, Barcelona’s Innovation District. The presence in the city of thisnational market regulation authority acts as a clear factor for the attraction toBarcelona of regional HQs and R+D Centres of global telecom & ITcompanies (Telefonica, T-Systems, Indra, Vodafone, Yahoo!). 25
  26. 26. Projects for Mobile tech, Clean Tech and IT start ups landing in Barcelona Smart City Campus 22@The City of Barcelona is working with multinationals such as Cisco Systems,Schneider-Telvent, Abertis, and Telefónica to build a Smart City Campus in22@, Barcelona’s Innovation district. The Smart City Campus will provide inthe near future nearly 230,500 sqm of floor space for productive activities relatedto IT, mobile techs and clean techs. 26
  27. 27. Tax incentives for Mobile tech Start ups landing in BarcelonaBarcelona tax-free zone for: Innovative projects that develop or apply mobile technologies for their business models Growing mobile tech companies starting a spin-off in Barcelona at MediaTIC Building MediaTIC Building 3 year 100% exemption of municipal taxes (waste management tax, vehicles tax, constructions & works tax, activity licenses) 3 year subsidy of 7€/sq,m. for office rental 100% reduction in social security costs for newly hired staff* * Complementing the national policies that have been announced (2013-2014). 27
  28. 28. Business Landing ServiceThe Barcelona City Council provides through Barcelona Activa aservice addressed to foreign startups and companies who want toexpand their activity in Barcelona Coaching on procedures to incorporate a company in Barcelona Online Business Incorporation Service for limited liability companies Financial advisory service Support for staff recruitment Business Location Service & Temporary office spaces for soft-landing in the city Information about commercial suppliers Aftercare Service 28
  29. 29. Barcelona’s competitive labour costs:Cost of qualified staff in the ICT sector (2012)
  30. 30. Eager to know more?