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The design sector in Barcelona


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The design sector in Barcelona

  1. 1. The designsector inBarcelona
  2. 2. EditionBarcelona City CouncilEconomic, Business and Employment AreaLlacuna 16208018 the help ofFront page photo: Albert Font Table of contents(Flying Carpet designed by Ana Mir + Emili Padrósfor Nani Marquina)Design and layout: g.graficD.L. (Copyright): B-32847-2011Barcelona, September, 2011 01. Barcelona, the Mediterranean is innovation hub 05 02. 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona 06 03. Design, a strategic sector for Barcelona and Catalonia 08 04. 10 reasons to invest in the design sector in Barcelona and Catalonia 01. Large-scale design projects 10 02. Design associations and concentration of creative talent 12 03. Barcelona, model for an accessible city 14 04. Design in retail sales, hotels and restaurants 16 05. Design training and management 18 06. The Catalan design system 19 07. Barcelona, corporate headquarters for design studios 20 08. The Barcelona brand 22 09. Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster 24 10. Testimonials about Barcelona and design 25 05. Links 26
  3. 3. 01Barcelona,the Mediterranean’sinnovation hub Euro-MEDITErrANEAN rEgIoN CATALoNIA BArCELoNABarcelona, located in northeast Spain than 3,400 international companies and innovation in fostering the competitive-on the Mediterranean coast, is one of received 37% of all foreign investment ness, productivity and internationaliza-the main European metropolises and in Spain in 2010; with 90% this invested tion of companies, the design sector isthe center of an extensive metropolitan in the Barcelona area. key for Barcelona and Catalonia.area with more than 160 municipalities,home to nearly 5 million inhabitants. It is Taking into account the gross value Barcelona and its metropolitan area arethe economic, cultural and administrative added by sector of activity, Catalonia, home to the most important companiescapital of Catalonia and leads an emer- in terms of industry, carries the most and training centers in the Spanishging economic area in southern Europe, weight of all autonomous communi- design sector, as well as boasting thewith 17 million inhabitants and more ties in Spain (25.2%) and, regarding highest concentration of design com-than 800,000 companies. This Euro- services, is ranked second in the nation panies and professional associations inmediterranean region, which includes for gross value added generated. Cata- Spain. The city has become a benchmarkthe Balearic Islands, Valencia, Aragon lonia concentrates 23% of all innova- in Spain for a number of reasons inclu-and southeast France, focuses mainly on tive companies and 20% of the total ding the 22@Barcelona district, which isnew strategic sectors that are competi- expenditure on innovative activities in a proneerin innovation and technologytive and international and is consolidating Spain. district, a large network of leading serviceits position at international level as one of companies, a deeply rooted entrepre-the main European metropolises. Additionally, Barcelona’s entrepreneu- neurial spirit and a long educational and rial activity rate in 2010 was 5.5%, business tradition in the design sector.With a long industrial tradition and a above both the Spanish and Europeandense business fabric, Barcelona’s averages according to the Global En- Catalonia and Barcelona are currentlyeconomic structure is highly diversified. trepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2010. benchmark destinations for interna-More traditional sectors coexist with tional companies that want to establishnew sectors of emerging activities to Barcelona’s trade fair, Port, Airport, a design studio, students looking for Zona Franca Consortium, Barcelona the best educational opportunities in The design sector in Barcelonacreate new knowledge clusters thatprioritize specialization and competitive- Tourism Consortium, Barcelona City the country, and professionals from allness, focus on internationalization, and Council and new technological inno- design disciplines that are looking forhelp create a dynamic and innovative vation districts are the main driving inspiration,enjoy quality cultural diversity,economy in the city, driving Barcelona’s forces behind international economic inspiring architectural heritage and anstrategic leadership in these fields. activity in the Barcelona area. In this ideal climate and lifestyle to developCatalonia is currently home to more regard, and given the importance of design projects. 05
  4. 4. 02 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona Barcelona offers a 01. Strategic geographic location 06. Human resources prepared for the future number of different Two hours by road from France and one day from the main European Highly responsible; highly productive, one of the best in Europe according to the elements that make cities. The gateway to Southern Europe and capital of the union for the oECD; 8 public and private universities; a number of prestigious business schools it an attractive place Mediterranean, Barcelona’s port, airport, logistics parks, international including ESADE, IESE and EADA; 33 international schools; wide-spread use of to live, work and do trade fairs and city center are found within a five-kilometer radius. new technology and a natural tendency for innovation and creativity. business. Today the city is a highly 02. Comprehensive transport infrastructure 07. Excellent quality of life interesting location A network of motorways connected to Europe; the fastest growing air- ranked first among European cities for quality of life*. Temperate climate, sun, for new economic port in Europe; the top Spanish port and largest container port in the beach, skiing; great cultural activities; an ample network of quality educational ins- activities. Some Mediterranean; wide reaching underground, train and bus networks; titutions; modern and accessible healthcare system; easily accessible using public transport; and a network of natural parks surrounding the city. good reasons to high-speed train connections to the European rail network as of 2013. invest here are as follows. 03. Center of a large, dynamic and diverse 08. Large-scale urban-planning projects for the future economic area Transformation of 1,000 ha and 7 million m2 of floor space. The Barcelona area has nearly 5 million inhabitants. It is the capital of Ca- Llobregat Area: commitment to logistics, aerospace and mobility, with expansion talonia, with 7.5 million inhabitants, and the center of the Mediterranean of the port and airport. Basin, an economic area with 18 million inhabitants. It accounts for 70% Besòs Area: urban renewal, universities and research and innovation centers; of Catalonia’s gDP, and is the sixth largest urban area in Europe and has Porta Europa-La Sagrera: arrival of the high-speed train; 22@Barcelona: the new the fifth highest concentration in Europe in terms of industry. technology and innovation district, and the Diagonal-Besòs Campus for activities related to energy, water and sustainable mobility. 04. Successful foreign investment Vallès Area: strategic concentration of technology, nanotechnology and research Barcelona is ranked the sixfth best city in Europe for business*, and Ca- facilities; the Alba Synchrotron, the Vallès Technology Park and the uAB re- search Park. talonia accounts for approximately 34% of all foreign investment in Spain and is home to more than 3,400 foreign companies. 09. Competitive real estate market 05. Internationally renowned positioning Wide range of offices, retail spaces and industrial warehouses with excellent price/quality balance and a high occupation rate. Barcelona tops a number of international rankings, which rate its urban environment, ability to attract foreign capital, entrepreneurial spirit and quality of life very highly. 10. Unique public/private cooperation The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona Barcelona City Council and the Catalan government are highly committed to companies; success of traditional public/private collaborations has been key to Barcelona’s transformation. *According to Cushman & Wakefield, European Cities Monitor 2011.06 07
  5. 5. 03 Design, a strategic sector for Barcelona and Catalonia Barcelona has long been Over the past 25 years, Barcelona All the stakeholders involved in the committed to design as one has positioned itself as one of the design sector are currently wor- of the ten strategic sec- design capitals of the world. Its rise king to create a solid and cohesive began in the 1980s, with the Bar- system. The outlook is optimistic. tors that make up the city’s celona design boom. Two different Barcelona is now the center of portfolio, understanding phenomena coincided with this operations for designers from more that design is a sector that effect: the city’s professional and than 55 countries, and home to adds value to Barcelona’s teaching foundations and its design great, internationally renowned proposal and one of the key culture, which had always been professionals who favor the creation driving forces behind the This document aims to describe the basic very active and saw an opportunity of a powerful and differentiated city economy, knowledge and characteristics of the design sector in Ca- to grow and expand. Internally, the brand, with a knowledge and trai- talonia and the city of Barcelona today and innovation. Design has desire of society, institutions and ning industry driven by roughly 50 in the future, via ten strategic focal points: become one of the most businesses to modernize was very educational centers and institutions An important hub of foreign 01 Large-scale design projects important elements in busi- important. Furniture, graphics, leisure such as BCD, FAD and the industry’s investment 02 Design associations and concentration ness strategies. Being areas, and urban spaces were at the professional associations. This The Barcelona area is an important of creative talent different, innovative and core of this new type of consump- situation is further strengthened by hub for attracting foreign 03 Barcelona, model for an accessible city tion. Meanwhile, abroad, Europe new projects raising awareness of investment, particularly in industry competitive in a globalized 04 Design in retail sales, hotels and and the world discovered a country the sector and integrating it into the and advanced services. The city’s world entails applying restaurants (Catalonia) and a capital city (Barce- Catalan culture and business fabric, strong points are: successful design mana- 1. Catalonia has the largest and 05 Design training and management lona) with new ideas and concepts like the Barcelona Design Festival, gement. Furthermore, few in the field of design. The decade of Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster most consolidated base of foreign 06 The Catalan design system places in the world can 07 Barcelona, corporate headquarters for the eighties was also a time when (BDIC) and Design Hub Barcelona, companies in Spain, nearly 34% of boast their own distinctive design studios Barcelona and the main Catalan the gateway to 22@Barcelona, the which have their headquarters or The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona design culture. Catalonia, 08 The Barcelona brand cities became more service oriented city’s innovation district. carry out their main activity in Cata- 09 Barcelona Design Innovation Cluster and Barcelona in particular, and cultural tourism blossomed. lonia. The Barcelona area concentra- 10 Testimonials about Barcelona and are two of these places. All of this has led to an increasing tes 90% of all foreign companies in design awareness in Barcelona over recent Catalonia. years of the city’s status as a global 2. 5% of foreign companies in design capital. Barcelona carry out design activities.08 09
  6. 6. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 01. LargE-SCaLE DESIgn projECTS Catalonia has used design The city is currently tackling to join forces during the Barcelona for the Promotion of the Arts and relations between design and Barcelona Design Innovation to create an image of a new challenges that will allow design boom. Design), became an expanded ver- enterprise, and promote Barcelona Cluster (BDIC) follows the 22@ progressive and trend- it to take a central position in sion of the Primaveres del Disseny as a city of creativity, design and Barcelona cluster model applied in setting city and Barcelona design over the coming years. Primaveres del Disseny (Design with widespread media coverage knowledge. the city and facilitates the stra- Events like the Barcelona Springs) were biyearly events held and promotional resources. It tegic concentration of the main has been the epicenter Design Festival and projects between 1991 and 2001, which raised awareness of the value of Design Hub Barcelona is the economic, institutional, teaching of this Mediterranean and such as Design Hub Barcelona helped nurture and grow local design among the general public umbrella encompassing collections and innovation stakeholders in universal design image. and the Barcelona Design design culture, raising awareness and vindicated the term “design” from pre-existing museums (the the sector in order to strengthen Furthermore, the city has Innovation Cluster guarantee among the general public through as an element of cultural, social Museum of Decorative Arts, the Barcelona’s international leader- been the cradle of the continued dominance of activities involving the cultural and economic progress. Textile and Clothing Museum and ship in the design and innovation large-scale Catalan design design in culture and as a subsystem, part of the sector and the Graphic Arts Board) and aims arena. projects and has fostered strategic element in the city institutions. These events were BCN Design Week, organized to observe the past and present its own personality and country’s business fabric. truly a central element around annually by BCD Barcelona of the design world objectively in Barcelona Design Festival style that have spread which design was structured and Design Center since 2006, has order to drive research and pro- is a festival created by BCD and throughout Catalonia and 1992 Olympic Games. The this brought about a renovation become an enriching location for mote activity in this field. The new FAD with two main focal points: been popularized around phenomenon of Olympic Barcelona of ideas, as well as facilitating the the professional design world to museum will be one of the main BCN Design Week and the The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona went beyond just the year 1992. incorporation of a new generation meet with the business world, with driving forces behind a design FADfest, an event focusing on the the world. The Olympic Games acted as a of professionals. important international repercus- culture in Barcelona, as well as economic and cultural aspects of milestone that caused stakeholders sions. It aims to foster more wide- an important showcase for recent design. An agenda of more than in the fields of design and architec- The Year of Design, held in 2003 spread knowledge of design and Catalan design. 50 activities is structured around ture, which were very active in pre- to celebrate the one hundredth its strategic value among a variety awards, the city, business, debate paring the city’s bid in the eighties, anniversary of FAD (Association of target audiences, strengthen and exhibits.10 11
  7. 7. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 02. DESIgn aSSoCIaTIonS anD ConCEnTraTIon of CrEaTIvE TaLEnT Catalonia has a long In recent years, Barcelona has be- - ARQ-IN FAD (architecture and tradition of associations, come one of the favorite locations interior design) which shows itself in more for architects, designers, photogra- has 281 members, and than one thousand asso- phers, illustrators and creative pro- - Moda FAD (image and fessionals from all over the world. fashion) ciations from a variety of These professionals, together with has 56 members. sectors. In particular, the those that who have always lived design sector includes a in the city, are currently one of the Additionally, the sector is also dozen entities that watch biggest international talent resour- represented in the city by ADP out for the profession’s ces. One of the reasons for this (Association of Professional best interests and have ongoing concentration of talent is Designers) with 118 members, been decisive in the the support and representation in the Catalan Official Association of growth of design in society provided by the sector’s Interior Designers and Decorators Catalan society and different professional associations. (CODIC), with nearly 300 mem- culture. bers, and the Catalan Professional The association that brings Association of Graphic Designers, together the most subsectors of with 535 members. Additional design is FAD, which currently has projects of note include Terminal nearly 1,200 members: B, a virtual database of talent in - A FAD (arts and crafts) The design sector in Barcelona Barcelona, the BCN online designThe design sector in Barcelona has 139 members; directory and the directories of the - ADG FAD (graphic design and aforementioned associations. visual communication) has 524 members; - ADI FAD (industrial design) has 240 members;12 13
  8. 8. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 03. BarCELona, MoDEL for an aCCESSIBLE CITy Barcelona is a city based on Although the term “Design for All” “Well-structured design” Figures on accessible Barcelona Barcelona has reached high levels the principle of “Design for was most certainly not used at that The Design for All Foundation - Barcelona City Council is working to install “new traffic lights” of excellence in city design and its All”. This has allowed it to time, the concept began in Barce- defines Barcelona’s design as a throughout the city, with permanent acoustic signals for the model has been exported to many become one of the most lona in Medieval times. Even then, “well-structured” design. This is blind. According to forecast, in a few months all trafic lights in other cities. Now, the challenge lies the city was designed with the aim due to factors like having well-alig- the city will be accessible. in continuing to innovate along the accessible cities in the of improving cleanliness, safety ned street furniture, green spaces - Public transport in the city aims to cover the travel needs of same line, while also contributing world for people in all their and communication. This tendency and facilities distributed throug- all residents. Therefore, all TMB mobile units are accessible design solutions to new areas, as diversity regarding res- to design for people has conti- is happening with regards to waste hout the territory so that they can (approximately 1,000 units). 89.6% of the bus lines are totally pect for different genders, nued throughout the city’s history be reached on foot, and streets set collection, the adaptation of metro accessible, taking into account that companies other than TMB cultures, skills, ages and and has been extended in recent aside exclusively for vehicles such also run busses in the city. stations and bus stops, and sports languages. The city bench- years to the point where Barcelona as bicycles or strictly for pedes- - Barcelona has made a commitment to eliminating barriers in activities for people with disabilities mark that has been used has become a model in terms of trian use. Furthermore, one of the municipal buildings. 224 buildings have already been adapted in a number of facilities around as the model for the rest accessibility and the adaptation of key points in the design of Barce- and 151 are semi-accessible (the disabled can access them with the city through the “Barrier Free of the Catalan capitals and design for people’s needs. lona is that the city has managed help). Sports” program. a watershed for European to combine respect for diversity, - The city currently has ten integrated, accessible play areas for cities, which are moving What defines a well-designed city? hygiene, safety and functionality children, one in each of the municipal districts. towards pedestrian-centric The city’s own ability to adapt to with aesthetics. All these aspects - Barcelona has three accessible beaches (Barceloneta, Nova the needs of each resident, while make living in Barcelona a plea- Icària and the Forum bathing area) with elements such as ramps historical areas, building respecting the rights of others, sant experience. to get into the water, amphibious chairs, adapted changing safer and healthier cities, such as moving comfortably and The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona rooms, parking spaces for people with disabilities, and special and providing people- safely through the city, on foot or handicapped support services. friendly services. public transport, having compre- hensive, functional services for everyone, and, above all, ensuring that living in or visiting the city is an enriching experience.14 15
  9. 9. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 04. DESIgn In rETaIL SaLES, HoTELS anD rESTaUranTS Urban retail is the Innovative restaurateurs image. Oriol Balaguer’s Barcelona and Gràcia neighborhoods. The The new hoteliers BCN Design Tour commercial model The culinary arts is one of the eco- store is, in addition to a chocolate Raval, in the heart of the city, is The rise of tourism has led to All of this design-centric retail used in both Catalonia and nomic activities that has seen most and pastry studio, a center for de- an important hub of design-driven the creation of unique hotels activity in Barcelona is reflected in growth in recent years. Eateries veloping new products and recipes establishments and innovative that, thanks to design and new, the BCN Design Tour, a print and Barcelona. Design is a dis- not only concern themselves with with an avant-garde presentation. hotels. The Born has one of the innovative concepts, attract new online map geared mainly towards tinctive trait of many the quality and originality in their highest concentrations of art, clients who see their stay as yet people visiting Barcelona, for work Catalan establishments and cooking, but also look for spaces Design and retail fashion and style establishments, another experience to enjoy. In or pleasure, but also information is an element that, in addi- Each year, 1,500 retail shops re- with streets lined with fashion a sector that generates 14% of that anyone interested in design where design and architecture tion to the avant-garde make eating a pleasure for all the novate their premises in Catalonia and accessory boutiques, design local wealth, creating new busi- will enjoy. image it creates, makes senses. Some of the best-known and 68% of Catalan companies studios, art galleries, hotels and ness concepts is a must. Creativity, shops and businesses a examples include El Bulli and consider design to be an impor- restaurants. Two of the city’s design, wellness, and gastronomy place where all kinds of Ferran Adrià, who uses design and tant source of new ideas, showing most important shopping streets, are some of the most commonly people coexist and forge experimentation to seek out pure that design is gaining weight in Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de used terms by the new hoteliers relationships, as well as flavors and seemingly impossible the retail sector and is becoming Catalunya, offer an interesting mix when creating exclusive hotels making them as a preparation methods. His collec- a winning strategy for reaching of art, culture, history and commer- with value added derived from benchmark for retail sales. tion of products, “Faces”, has been new types of consumers and ce. Some of the most prestigious design and architecture. Some of developed in conjunction with a offering the best products and international fashion names are to the most noteworthy examples number of prestigious designers. services. Experts in interior design be found there, as well as some of include the Hotel Mandarin Orien- Grupo Tragaluz, with a dozen for retail agree that any place in the most important retail ideas and tal, Hotel Omm, Hotel Axel, Hotel Barcelona is suitable for a retail projects that have had significant The design sector in Barcelona Casa Camper in Barcelona, HotelThe design sector in Barcelona establishments in Barcelona and one in Calella de Palafrugell, has a establishment with a strong design repercussions in the city, like the Me and the Hotel Les Cols in Olot marked Mediterranean and cosmo- component. Nevertheless, there Vinçon shop. (Girona). politan personality and is charac- are certain areas of Barcelona terized by the interior design of that have a high concentration of its restaurants and its corporate unique shops, like the Born, Raval16 17
  10. 10. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 05. DESIgn 06. THE CaTaLan TraInIng anD DESIgn ManagEMEnT SySTEM Catalonia has an exce- Foreign students see Catalonia 50 training centers that teach The Catalan design system ADP - Association of Professio- EDIT. Book and magazine publishers llent reputation in Europe as the ideal place to study design, design to more than 6,000 stu- is essentially made up of the nal Designers. Association that devoted to raising awareness of regarding design traning, thanks to a wide variety of training dents each year in Catalonia : group of stakeholders that defends the professional interests of knowledge and information generated mainly thanks to the options and the country’s inspiring Bau School of Design operate in the design sector, the sector. in the design world. culture. Catalonia and Barcelona opportunities available in Eina Art and Design School represented by the supply BCD - Barcelona Design Center. FAD – Association for the Promo- have a long, consolidated history in Barcelona. and demand of design servi- Foundation dedicated to promoting tion of the Arts and Design. the field of design education, which Elisava School of Design ces and professional rela- design in business. Association of associations to promo- is well rooted in the local environ- Vic Art and Design School ment. The fact that many centers tions establisbetween these CODIG – Catalan Professional te design in the world of culture. Massana School stakeholders. The system is Association of Graphic Designers. have been created through civic MD - Design Hub Barcelona supported by a group of en- Professional association. initiative gives this area a distinc- Llotja Art and Design School RED - Spanish Network of Design tive character when compared to tities devoted to promoting, DfA - Design for All Foundation. ESDi School of Design Companies. Association of compa- training programs offered in the publicizing and producing Devoted to researching and promo- IED Istituto Europeo di Design ting design for all. nies for promoting and consolidating rest of Spain. design training and research. the design market. IDEP Institute of Design and DfW - Design for the World. The distinction of studying School of Image NGO working on design projects. SIDI - International Selection of in Barcelona: ”I studied in Equipment Design for Habitat. University of Girona ED. Design schools with their own Barcelona” Association of companies for pro- University of Barcelona Together these entities make up degrees linked to the Autonomous Barcelona is well positioned inter- moting and consolidating the design a cultural subsystem within the University of Barcelona (UAB) Ramon nationally, above large European The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona market. Source: Government of Catalonia overall design system. The close Llull University (URL), Pompeu Fabra capitals with a similar tradition like University (UPF) and the University of U. Universities with their own design Milan and Paris, and on par with links between this subsystem and Girona (UdG). degrees: Polytechnic University of London. This reputation means the design supply stakeholders Catalonia (UPC) and University of that having studied in Barcelona form the design community in EDFP. Vocational-training design Barcelona (UB). sets future professionals apart Catalonia. schools. from the rest.18 19
  11. 11. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 07. BarCELona, CorporaTE HEaDqUarTErS for DESIgn STUDIoS Barcelona has a consolida- Four examples of Corporate Volvo has had its design center in HP has based its World Division of Roca, a company founded in 1917, ted business fabric based Design Centers Barcelona since 2000, with a team Design of Products for the Graphic has pioneered the creation of a on small and medium of 10 people. The company also has Arts Business in Sant Cugat del specialized design department for enterprises (there are more Alstom Transport set up its “De- design studios in Sweden and Cali- Vallès since 2003. developing all kinds of bathroom sign and Styling” center in Santa fornia and decided to establish one products. than half a million SMEs in “Barcelona is characterized by an Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona) in in southern Europe in order to get a Catalonia, making up 99.7% open and cosmopolitan environment “Roca design is based on experien- 2007. Its role is to carry out interior- foothold in the small-car culture that of all businesses; Barce- is so strongly rooted here. that provides ongoing exposure ce and innovation: the experience of design projects for the entire group, lona is home to 77% of all to the latest trends in art, design, a world leader in bathroom fittings developing products in conjunction SMEs in Catalonia) that is “We chose Barcelona because thought, society, etc. The city has a and innovation seen as something with its technical experts. the city combines more traditional strongly humanistic character linked more than just colors and forms. moving forward in step with “Barcelona has a large infrastructure and artistic design with another, to its Mediterranean cultural tradition The incorporation of new young the Catalan design system. ready to drive design in all its forms: more dynamic and experimental, and provides a quality of life that is designers from different countries This business fabric, in model making, engineering, design viewpoint. Here, we can work with difficult to find in other European and with different specialties into the terms of traditional indus- a small company and be more cities.” Barcelona Innovation Lab, and their consultancy, R&D centers, univer- trial sectors like the service sities, and wide experience in the productive than the central studio Jordi Morillo work in coordination with teams sector as well as emerging fields of colors and textures.” in Gothenbourg, and closer to the Experience Design Lead. HP ICD Customer from all the countries where Roca is Experience Team sectors, has the potential to David Cuttcliffe ideas and needs of the end user.” located, facilitates the development grow and innovate through Director of the Alstom Transport David Ancona of new products and technologies design studio in Catalonia design. Head of Design for Volvo Strategic to meet new social challenges and The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona Design Barcelona consumer needs.” Josep Congost Roca Design Manager20 21
  12. 12. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 08. THE BarCELona BranD Barcelona can compete “Designed in Barcelona” includes urban design, architecture, Knowledge and experience: with other European capi- brand values retail shops, and bilingualism, but Barcelona’s professional and edu- tals such as Berlin, London, also its plethora of activities, lifestyle, cational tradition makes the city a Milan, and Amsterdam. Tradition: Gaudí, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies, popular culture and leisure facilities. hotbed of ideas and a place for life- Picasso… Graphic and visual crea- Furthermore, the city now has many long learning. The city is committed Design “made in Barcelona” tivity has been inherent to Catalonia foreign students, making it particu- to the knowledge economy, with has a characteristic style since Modernisme. The work of larly welcoming to newcomers. initiatives such as 22@Barcelona. created through the con- these immortal, legendary artists vergence of a number of is still relevant and exemplifies the Architecture: The perfect organi- Innovation: Design applied to factors, which has allowed great tradition of this community as zation and design of the Eixample people’s needs; responsible, envi- for the creation of a strong a creative place. area, the Collserola tower, the Agbar ronmentally friendly design; design city brand, the “Designed in tower, Palau Sant Jordi, the Forum applied to the competitive needs of Barcelona” seal, recognized Culture: There are two design cul- Building, and the constant presence business. These are the principal and coveted by both local tures in Catalonia. On one hand, the of Gaudí at the Sagrada Família, avenues of design innovation in and international products. highly traditional aspect of design Parc Güell, etc. On the city streets, Barcelona, the pinnacle of which is as a cultural and artistic discipline, Modernisme façades coexist with 22@Barcelona. the foundation for which was laid in new architecture, creating an urban the 1980s. On the other hand, the landscape that unites tradition and Momentum: The present period is a modern and functional culture that modernity. good time for Barcelona. The eclec- The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona understands design as a strategic tic nature of the ideas that move tool for companies and as a busi- Designers: The large network of de- the city is ideal for opening up new ness opportunity. sign professionals from all disciplines paths in the creation and conceptua- based in Barcelona makes the city a lization of design projects. Creativity and inspiration: Bar- global benchmark for this field. Bar- celona is the source of stimuli for celona is currently home to designers all types of creative people. This from more than 55 countries.22 23
  13. 13. 04 10 reasons to invest in Barcelona and Catalonia 09. BarCELona 10. TESTIMonIaLS DESIgn aBoUT BarCELona InnovaTIon anD DESIgn CLUSTEr For some time now, Barce- Barcelona City Council is currently Design Center and 22@Barcelo- “Barcelona has an open and dyna- “Barcelona inspires design and of having a convincing and con- lona has been committed promoting a number of strategic na brings together innovative com- mic mentality. It stands out in the creativity thanks to its wide-rea- clusive decision-making process to the cluster model as a sectors that follow the cluster panies that provide or need design minds of people all over the world ching artistic atmosphere, above all regarding urban development and way to strengthen strategic model driven by 22@Barcelona: services, support organizations as a place of great cultural wealth, the underground scene. My dream planning, but not in excess like in Design, Media, ICT (Information and public institutions in order to excitement and modernity.” is for Vodafone to move its User Ex- Shanghai or Dubai. It has a sort of sectors like design with the and Communication Technology), increase competitiveness in sectors Michael Thomson perience department to Barcelona.” somber ancient beauty, like that aim of making the city one President of BEDA, The Bureau of European Medical Technology, Energy and where design is a strategic element Design Associations (2007-2009) Germán León of Stockholm, but is, at the same of the main innovation and Mobility, Logistics and Aerospace, and can facilitate innovation. Vodafone Principal User Experience Design time, decidedly contemporary. And, Expert knowledge-economy plat- among others. This model facilitates above all, the people of Barcelona “Barcelona is a city where social forms in the world. growth and synergies among the This cluster’s mission is to posi- innovation, which is much more are pleasant, hospitable and affec- Barcelona Design Innovation “Every time I visit Barcelona, I’m city’s economic stakeholders while tion Barcelona, and by extension valuable than purely technological tionate.” impressed by it. It has a marve- Cluster (BDIC), a project of increasing productivity and the city’s Catalonia, as a hub of excellence in innovation, is very powerful.” Peter Kersten lous mix of creativity, seriousness, Ambassador, BNO Association of Dutch excellence and innovation ability to innovate and internatio- innovation through design on an in- Bill Sermon Designers Vice-president of Design for Nokia Multimedia enchantment, intelligence, beauty, with international projection, nalize. Likewise, it also creates the ternational level. In order to achieve modernity and classicism. But it is a clear example of this necessary conditions to welcome this, four initial strategic areas have “Barcelona is a living city. There “Fresh, iconoclastic, rebellious, iro- is also a real and highly inclusive dedication. companies and innovative talent been established (d-Health, City, is constant debate and everyone nic, human, sophisticatedly simple, city, where the elderly are respec- from around the world, while foste- Integral Concepts and Transport there has something to say. In this surprising... These are some of the ted and have their place. Barcelo- ring the creation of a professional Experiences), around which detai- way, I think Barcelona is a very attributes that define the “Desig- na seems to combine most of the community with links to the global led strategic analysis and action rich city because it has no barriers ned in Barcelona” seal. I think it positive elements of a city while network. The design sector in Barcelona plans will be carried out in orderThe design sector in Barcelona and enjoys great diversity and plu- has a lot to do with what the city being able to eliminate the nega- to improve the competitiveness of rality. I prefer to be here, enjoying itself has tried to be for more than tive ones. It has the liberal and Barcelona Design Innovation companies and economic, institu- Barcelona, than working in my a century.” village-like air of Amsterdam, the Cluster (BDIC) has been working tional, educational and innovation London office for 30 years”. Jordi Morillo grandeur and elegance of Paris, to this end since 2009. This initia- stakeholders in the sector. Experience Design Lead. HP ICD Customer Norman Foster and the creativity and eccentricity Architect tive promoted by BCD Barcelona Experience Team of London. It gives the impression24 25
  14. 14. 05 Links Design-related organizations rED Spanish Association of Local and regional bodies Design Companies A FAD Association of Artists and 22@Barcelona Artisans SIDI Salón Internacional de Diseño, SL ACC1Ó – CIDEM CoPCA Interdisciplinary Association of Space Design ArQ-IN FAD Barcelona Activa Educational centers Association of Art Directors and Barcelona Institute of Culture– Bau School of Design graphic Designers ADg FAD Barcelona City Council Eina School of Art and Design Association of Industrial Designers Economic Promotion – ADI FAD Barcelona City Council Elisava School of Design Association of Professional Designers ADP ESADE Design Management Business bodies Department Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Image and Fashion Association designmanagement MoDA FAD MoDA-FAD Vic School of Art and Design BCD Barcelona Design Center Massana School Catalan official Association of Llotja School of Art and Design Interior Designers and Decorators ESDi School of Design Catalan official Association of graphic Designers IDEP Institute of Design and School of Image Design for All Foundation IED Istituto Europeo di Design Design Hub Barcelona The design sector in BarcelonaThe design sector in Barcelona university of Barcelona (uB) – Association for the Promotion Fine Arts Faculty of Art and Design FAD university of girona (ug) – Polytechnic School 27
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