Supermarket Dietitian Recommended Reading List


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Supermarket Dietitian Recommended Reading List

  1. 1. Updated: 3/5/2012 SUPERMARKET DIETITIAN RECOMMENDED READING & RESOURCE LIST Created by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN Corporate Dietitian, Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) BooksWansink, B. (2005). Marketing Nutrition. Champaign: Univ. of Illinois Press.Brennan, B. (2009). Why She Buys: The New Strategy for Reaching the World’s MostPowerful Consumers. New York: Crown Publishing.Gladwell, Malcolm. (2000). The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a BigDifference. New York: Little, Brown and Company.Lappe, Frances. (1971). Diet for a Small Planet. Toronto: Random House, Inc.Lindstrom, M. (2010). Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy. New York: Crown Publishing.Nestle, M. (2010). Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism. Berkeley: University of CaliforniaPress.Nestle, M. (2007). Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition, and Health. Berkeley:University of California Press.Nestle, M. (2006). What to Eat. New York: North Point Press.Simon, M. (2006). Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines our Health and How to Fight Back.New York: Nation Books.Underhill, P. (1999). Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc.(VIDEO) TEDx Rochester – Jane Andrews, MS, RD, Corporate Dietitian for Wegman’s Publications“Harnessing the Power of Supermarkets to Help Reverse Childhood Obsity.” The Food Trust, Robert WoodJohnson Foundation, April 2011. www.foodtrust.orgBlischok, T. “Understanding the Shopper in The New Decade.” Food Marketing Institute – SupermarketHealth & Wellness Conference, May 13, 2010.Liebtag, E. “Corn Prices Near Record High, But What About Food Costs?” Economic Research Service (USDA)- Amber Waves, February 2008.Martinez, S., Kaufman, P. “Twenty Years of Competition Reshape the U.S. Food Marketing System.”Economic Research Service (USDA) – Amber Waves, April 2008.Compiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email:
  2. 2. Updated: 3/5/2012Nazaruk, D. “Retailing’s critical role in revolutionizing health care and revitalizing the economy.” ProgressiveGrocer, May 2009.Turock, A. “Health Consciousness Tipping Point.” Progressive Grocer, May 2008.Zweibach, E. “Transition Time: The Integration of wellness has the food industry searching foropportunities.” Supermarket News: Whole Health Supplement Sourcebook, 2008.“Hy-Vee Initiatives Result in Healthy Supermarket Sales.” Nutrition Business Journal, July/August 2007.The Future of Health & Wellness in Food Retailing: Forecasts and Implications. Health Horizons, April 2008. Nutrition Rating/Profiling & Labeling SystemsTuttle, M. Seeing Spots in the Supermarket? Learn How Nutrition Symbols Influence Which Foods We Buy.ADA Times 2008: 15-18. at Shelf Edge. Supermarket News: June 6,2011. Research ArticlesGerrior, S. Nutrient Profiling Systems: Are Science and the Consumer Connected? Am J Clin Nutr 2010: 911(suppl): 1116S-7S.Brownell, K., Koplan, J. Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling – An Abuse of Trust by the Food Industry? NEngl J Med 2011 (Perspectives): 2373-2375.Katz, D., Njike, V., Faridi, Z., et al. The Stratification of Foods on the Basis of Overall Nutritional Quality: TheOverall Nutritional Quality Index. Am J Health Prom 2009: 26 (2): 133-143.Sutherland, L., Kaley, L., Fischer, L. Guiding Stars: the effect of a nutrition navigation program on consumerpurchases at the supermarket. Am J Clin Nutr 2010: 91 (suppl): 1090S-4S. Resources to Host Nutrition Store ToursJoslins Supermarket Smarts™: A Heart-Healthy Approach to Grocery Shopping (Unilver Spreads Nutrition) Half Your Grains Whole: Whole Grains Tour (Oldways Whole Grains Council) For Better Health Foundation (PBH) – School Tourswww.PBHfoundation.orgThe Supermarket Tour: Helping Consumers Make Smart Snack Selections (Frito Lay)www.licensetosnack.comCompiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email:
  3. 3. Updated: 3/5/2012P.A.C.K. Materials for Teachers (Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Program) – Welch’s & PBH Grocery Related Information & ResourcesAisle 7 (formerly HealthNotes® kiosks, health information content provider)Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition (General Mills) www.bellinstitute.comCatalina (In-Store Marketing Tools) www.catalinamarketing.comFood Marketing Institute – FMI dailyLead® & Culinary Professionals (ADA) www.foodculinaryprofs.orgDietetic Practice Group *Supermarket Sub-Group*Grocery Headquarters www.groceryheadquarters.comHartman Group – HartBeat www.hartman-group.comIn-Store Insights (ROI Optimization) www.instoreinsights.comMintel – Food & Drink http://foodanddrink.mintel.comMyWebGrocer (online grocery technology) www.mywebgrocer.comNielsen (Research & Data Tools) www.nielsen.comOldways Preservation Trust (non-profit) www.oldwayspt.orgPeaPod (online grocery tool with nutrition filters) www.peapod.comPhil Lempert – Supermarket Guru www.supermarketguru.comProgressive Grocer www.progressivegrocer.comPulse Health & Wellness Initiatives www.pulsehw.comSupermarket News www.supermarketnews.comSupermarket Savvy (Product Reviews) www.supermarketsavvy.comTOPCO www.topco.comShare-Group (Buying) for Independent GroceryCompiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email:
  4. 4. Updated: 3/5/2012ViveMejor (Hispanic Marketing) www.vivemejor.comUnilever BrandsZeer Ingredients (searchable product database) In-Store Nutrition Labeling (Shelf) ProgramsGuiding Stars® http://guidingstars.comGladson – Nutrition Database www.gladson.comNuVal® www.nuval.comVESTCOM Healthy Aisles® Food & Public Health Campaign NewslettersAmerican Heart Association http://checkmark.heart.orgHeart Check Mark Certification ProgramApache Healthy Stores Project (funded by USDA) Hopkins UniversityCenter’s for Disease Control – Social Marketing Research Services (USDA) www.ers.usda.govInt’l Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) www.foodinsight.orgMeatless Mondays Campaign www.meatlessmonday.comEater’s Digest WeeklyPolicy Link www.policylink.orgImproving Access to Healthy FoodPrevention Institute www.preventioninstitute.orgProduce for Better Health Foundation www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.orgFruits & Veggies More Matters CampaignThe Center for Food Integrity www.foodintegrity.orgThe Food Trust (Research, Outreach & Advocacy) www.thefoodtrust.orgHealthy Food Financing InitiativeYale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity www.yaleruddcenter.orgRudd ReportCompiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email:
  5. 5. Updated: 3/5/2012 Social Media Tools & ResourcesThe Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit – Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) Reflections (Alice Henneman, MS, RD) University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Promoting & Learning aboutNutrition and Food Safety through Social Media Twitter Handles – Retailers (and Supermarket Dietitians)RetailersBashas’ Family of Stores - Barbara Ruhs, RD @EatSmartAZ (@BashasNews @AJsFineFoods)Bi-Lo – Monica Amburn, RD @MonicaAmburnRDBig Y Foods – Living Well, Eating Smart @BigYLWESBrookshires @BrookshireBrosCostco @Costco_onlineFood Lion @FoodLionGiant Eagle @Giant_EagleGuiding Stars @GuidingStarsRDHannaford @HannafordIngles Markets - Leah McGrath, RD @InglesDietitianKroger Family of Stores @KrogerCo Fry’s Food Stores @FrysFoodStoresLowes Food @LowesFoodsMarsh Supermarkets @MarshGroceryMeijer @MeijerMother’s Markets @MothersMarketsNatural Grocers @NaturalGrocersPCC Markets @PCCPrice Chopper @PriceChopperPros Ranch Markets @ProsRanchPublix – Employment Opportunities @PublixJobsRaley’s Markets – Mommy Blogger Panel @RaleysMomsPanel (@RaleysStores)Safeway @SafewaySave-A-Lot @SaveALotShopRite @ShopRiteStoresSprouts Farmer’s Markets @Sprouts_AZSunflower Farmers Market @ShopSunflowerTrader Joe’s List @TraderJoesListUnited supermarkets @UnitedWestTexasWalmart @WalmartWegmans Food Markets @WegmansWeis Markets @WeisMarketsWhole Foods @WholeFoodsRetail-Related@FoodInstitute@MamboSprouts@MyWebGRocerCompiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email:
  6. 6. Updated: 3/5/2012@NationalGrocers@NewHope360@SocialGrocery@SB_Food (FMI SmartBrief) PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE A RESOURCE THAT YOU BELIEVE SHOULD BE INCLUDED ON THIS LIST. THANK YOU!Compiled by: Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, LDN – Supermarket Dietitian for Bashas’ Family of Stores (AZ) email: