Tech in the Differentiated Classroom


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Slides from a BATDC Workshop on integrating Tech into the K-8 Differentiated Classroom

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Tech in the Differentiated Classroom

  1. 1. Using Technology in theK-8 Differentiated ClassroomThe Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative February 4, 2013
  2. 2. Barbara L. Cohen Co-Director of Technology Marin Country Day School
  3. 3. 1st Grade Goals:• To create opportunities for independent, personalized exploration that promotes non- routine learning and enhances the teaching of core academic skills• To position students as teachers: learning is fluid going back and forth• To teach students flexibility and risk taking as they encounter the unexpected when using a new tool
  4. 4. One Transformed Classroom North Pole, AK
  5. 5. Park Tudor School Indianapolis, IN
  6. 6. Wikis: 3rd SF Landmarks MCDS 3rd Grade SF Wiki:
  7. 7. Wikis: 3rd SF Landmarks MCDS 3rd Grade SF Wiki:
  8. 8. Wikis: 3rd SF Landmarks MCDS 3rd Grade SF Wiki:
  9. 9. Idea Sketch:Green circles indicate the Blue circles indicate second brainstorm the first brainstorm after somelearning as a class
  10. 10. Idea Sketch:
  11. 11. Corkulous
  12. 12. Corkulous
  13. 13. Comic Life
  14. 14. Comic Life: Changemakers
  15. 15. Comic Life: Changemakers
  16. 16. Comic Life: Changemakers
  17. 17. Comic Life: Changemakers
  18. 18. ShowMe:h"p://
  19. 19. 4th Grade Native Plants:Fourth graders researched facts about native Bay Area plants and created ShowMe presentations about their plants.
  20. 20. Notability: Plant Journal
  21. 21. Story Buddy:Recording “I wonders” for Bird Study
  22. 22. Story Buddy: Library Lil
  23. 23. Story Kith"p://­‐bin/
  24. 24. Pages - 7th Similies Sentences By Tess Solot- Kehl September 26, 2012 Being 11 is confusing, an in Middle school is crazy like a between age, like a penguin in giant circus between a bird and a fish My older brother is sweet and sour like a sour candy or sweet Home is warm like a oven and sour sauce, sour at first but later sweet My parents are Protective like Being the youngest sibling is an mother bear protecting its comfortable like a blanket cubs
  25. 25. Yo quiero...pero no puedo
  26. 26. Yo quiero...pero no puedo
  27. 27. ToonTastic:Created a movie related to an “unthinkable” in our social thinking curriculum
  28. 28. iMovie Book Trailers
  29. 29. Or Trailers Just for Fun!
  30. 30. 5th Grade Eco-Songs:Fifth graders worked in small groups to compose, write lyrics and perform a short musical piece about a native Bay Area animal. They recorded the music in Garageband and posted their projects on Soundcloud.
  31. 31. Individual Blog Portfolios
  32. 32. Individual Blog Portfolios
  33. 33. Class Blogs
  34. 34. “Live Blogging”
  35. 35. Blogs for Class Discussion
  36. 36. Animation Creator HD
  37. 37. iStop Motion/iMovie
  38. 38. iStop Motion/iMovie
  39. 39. iStop Motion/iMovie
  40. 40. iStop Motion/iMovie
  41. 41. Scratch: 7th “Mathimation”
  42. 42. QR Code Hunt:To get the students familiar with the campus and the iPads on the first day of school, we created a scavenger hunt using QR codes linked to ShowME videos.     Bird Showme QR Code Generators
  43. 43. QR Codes: Amazing Race
  44. 44. QR Codes: Amazing Race
  45. 45. QR Codes: Amazing Race
  46. 46. QR Codes: Amazing Race
  47. 47. QR Codes: Amazing Race
  48. 48. Diigo: Social Bookmarking
  49. 49. Pinterest
  50. 50. Pinterest
  51. 51. Today’s Meet
  52. 52. More Resources• Barb’s Slides• Barb’s Diigo Links instruction-batdc• List of MCDS Student Apps (so far!!):• Today’s Meet Brainstorming Page:
  53. 53. Barbara L. Cohen Co-Director of Technology Marin Country Day School