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M doll presentation for wolf final


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M doll presentation for wolf final

  1. 1. Facilitating Entry Into the Creative ProcessGuiding, Modeling, and Supporting the Process for Others©Barb Kobe, 2005-2013
  2. 2. • Art Doll Classes•The Dollmaking Circle• Medicine Dolls• The Creative Journey Game• Designing Your ARTfield of Dreams• Creative Journey GameSeeking Your Heroine
  3. 3. We tend to see ourselves in the doll. The dollrepresents an aspect of the human condition.When one engages with the process of makinga doll all kinds of possibilities come to thesurface. Dollmaking is a way to free oneselfof worries, struggles and emotions. Creatinga doll, or any art, directly effects the automaticnervous system which controls body functionsand the immune system.
  4. 4. Creating an art doll with the intention ofhealing invites and encourages the dollcreator to explore a range of perceptionsand emotions and in doing so reach adeeper level of self awareness,understanding and love.Making a healing doll can serve as acatalyst that induces the healing process,awaken long lost stories and creates atransformation.Dollmaking and dolls can serve as healingtools.
  5. 5. Setting Intentions Lead the way…- “I intend to heal the fear within.”- “I intend to focus my healing energies toward accepting who I am.”- “I intend to focus on healing my broken heart.”- “I intend to heal my self-worth, to focus on healing energy towardaccepting my body.”- “ I intend to let go of the shame and guilt for being the spiritualperson I am and not what others want me to be.”- “I intend to focus healing energy toward claiming my power.”
  6. 6. Certain Key Issues continue to show up• Self esteem, love and acceptance• Depression• Fear• Letting go of shame• Relationships with men and mother• Self image, taking care of self• Illness, disease
  7. 7. One of the most important aspect of healing dolls.Feelings are messengers that deliver essentialinformation about what’s going on inside of you.Dollmaking helps express and release feelings.Feelings are meant to be felt, understood and exploredand then released.The more you try to hide from or ignore a feeling the morepersistent it can become.Stuffing them doesn’t make them go away just pushes theminto your physical energetic system which could end up inillness or disease.
  8. 8. IntentionTo keep focus andguide the processGuardianAn image of love &protectionScapegoatImage of pain/stress/ wound/problem that is blockingIs in the wayLovingKindnessImage of compassion,positive ways of respondingto the creative process.TalismanRepresents the healing goalInner HealerImage of harmony,celebration, gratitude,lessons learned.
  9. 9. I happened upon your website over 3 yearsago. I had been perusing the art form ofdolls for at least a year prior and wasfascinated with expressing in this way. Atthe same time, I had just had my rape casego to court after 14 years of not knowingwho perpetrated me. It was a culminatingevent in my life and much was brought to thesurface for me to take a look at and heal. Iheld a desire for this healing to somehowhold inspiration and joy and, well, the twopieces came together when I saw what youhad to offer. I could no longer express myemotions in words on paper, I needed an artform that would take me to a new place.
  10. 10. UnwindingLoving KindnessTalisman
  11. 11. Dancing with my ancestorsInner Healer
  12. 12. I’ve learned that the most important step inhealing is the committed action step inresponse to that still small voice. I’velearned that I have to be willing to stretch,to endure the pain of moving in new ways.I’ve learned that if emotion wants to flow,it’s best to allow it. I’ve learned thatemotion doesn’t require story and that, inthe allowing, it often informs. Ive learnedhow to trust deeply and fully.I believe it’s time for all of us to make acommitment to ourselves, to listen to ourpain or discomfort in new and intentionalways, to open ourselves to that voice thatis guiding us, to show up in our fullnessand to bring our unique gifts to the world. Itmay be the most challenging commitmentyou make ~ and likely the most rewardingone. 2012 Anne spoke about herattack and her healing storyA Road To The Heart: AnneReeder Heck at TEDxAsheville