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  • Introduction of Paul and Sheila and overview of what we are going to say. Overview of CDP and CCFT, a bit about our challenges on Cape, Our programs, our partnerhsip, a client example , Insight into challenges of fishing today, and what’s ahead.
  • CDP has integrated solutions of Affordable housing and Economic development into their programs for 20 years. Unlike some communities you can not escape the high costs of living and seasonality of our businesses to work on the Cape. Year round businesses are few and far between and exodus of young professionals in search of jobs and homes has impacted us greatly. Maybe you or your children had summer job on Cape and spent all their wages on rent. Imagine a family trying to make a go of it.
  • Strengthen: TA and LoansIncrease: Cape & Islands Green, Real Return Increase: 58 Units of Affordable housing, Housing Rehab Program
  • Too many words on slide. Good message
  • Working together for 4 years. Partnership has evolved due to maturity of program, funding needs and evolution of our program. Remains a national model for collaboration and fisheries management.
  • Developing innovative loan program to help scallop fishermen buy the quota.CDP and CCFT worked for a year to develop an online tool specifically designedfor fishermen to manage their business- Fish HubPriority this year to bring in new fishermen into the program
  • CCFT_CDP_Presentation

    1. 1. Mass GrowthCapital Corporation February 4, 2013
    2. 2. Cape Cod Challenges • Remote • Coastal • Limited infrastructure • High Cost of Living • Seasonality
    3. 3. Our Objectives • Strengthen business sectors with competitive regional advantage • Increase energy efficiency and local renewable energy generation • Increase the affordability and availability of safe, stable year round housing for local residents.
    4. 4. Our Fishermen • Small Boats (35-50 ft) • Capt & 1-4 Crew • Independent & Owner Operated • Diversified & Opportunistic. (Cod, Haddock, Lobster, Sc allop, Tuna, Skate, Dogfish, Monkfish) • Diversity creates stability • Culturally important • Good Cape Cod jobs • Growth Industry with fish rebuilding
    5. 5. Fish Management: The Basics • Scientists set quotas annually • Fishermen receive a % share • Quotas are tradable and leasable • Rapid price appreciation • Smaller businesses face capital challenges • Catching fish is no longer the toughest challenge for fishermen
    6. 6. A Novel Solution • We buy fish quota • We lease fish quota to eligible Cape Cod fishermen at 50% of market price. • We use the application process to reinforce best business practices. • Helps local fishermen improve their business competitiveness • Offers business planning & other business technical assistance
    7. 7. Partnership Model Working Together • Complimentary Expertise • Communication • Respecting our Differences CCFT • Trusted by Fishermen • Industry Leader • Regulatory Expert CDP • Economic Development • T/A & Loans • Quota Management
    8. 8. Status todayFishermen Case Study • New Boat, Permit, Quota • 2 loans for $155,000Fisherman: Ryan • 1 line of CreditT/A for Business expansion • 2 FT and 2 PT employees • Applying for CCFT Program
    9. 9. What’s next • Innovative Loan Programs • Fish Hub – Software • New Entrants to program