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Writing 160 Lesson Pan


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This is an example of a Lesson Plan that I use to teach Writing 160 Library Instruction.

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Writing 160 Lesson Pan

  1. 1. Instructor: Lori Ostergaard 225A Sept. 16, 2010 Mode Equipment/Materials TimeIntroduction [Green Handout] Green Handout--”Why are we 3:00pm here?” Finding Sources that will support your research topic or purpose statementLecture “What am I going to do?” -Library’s Website/Services -Scholarly vs. Popular [identify & evaluate] -Keywords -Search Strategies -Library Catalog -Article DatabasesLecture, cont., Goals: “At the end of the class -identify scholarly articles you’ll be able too....” -develop keyword search strategies -search databasesLecture, cont., Library Services -Research/Research [Exam] Consultation [We don’t DO test proctoring!] -Writing Center EXAM -Information CommonsDemonstration [Demo On] Library’s Web Site Find Books Find Articles Cover: Loan Periods [Exam] Research Guides (Subject) Course Pages (Specific) Tutorials [Evaluating Websites] Library Information [hours] Ask a Librarian [Exam] Questions?????????????Lecture Scholarly vs. Popular It’s important to distinguish You are required to use between the two sources. scholarly sources, why?Activity 2 Scholarly Journals Hand a copy of both Scholarly & 2 Popular Journals Popular Journals to the students in the front & back row.
  2. 2. Activity, cont. White Board: Write the main CHARACTERISTICS characteristics on the board. How do we know if a journal is scholarly?: -Appearance [look] -Audience -Author(s): Questions????????????? -Publisher -Purpose [to report on research or experimentation] -Citation & Biblio.. [well documented]Lecture Keywords--Before we begin searching for scholarly sources in the library catalog and article databases we need to develop keyword terms.Activity What are keywords? Words or Break it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phrases (nouns) that identify major concepts within your research topic or statement.Activity, cont. White Board--Write my Renewable Energy research topic: “Renewable OilEvent: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Energy” research statement:Date: Apr. 20 “Developing renewable energy will decrease our dependence on oil.” Any Questions??????????Activity, cont. [Flip over Green Brainstorming Activity PT.1-- 5 minutesHandout] Have students generate 3-4 keyword terms within their topicLecture Keyword Search Strategy-- Why is it important to develop Now that we have broken down a search strategy before we our research topic [statement] being our search? To eliminate into keyword terms, I’m going to thousands and even millions of go over a few search strategies articles that are irrelevant to your that will narrow your search topic. Importantly: save you from even further. time and frustration!!!Demonstration White Board 1. Renewable Energy AND Oil -Boolean/Connector [AND, OR, 2. Renewable Energy AND NOT] Oil AND Resource* -Truncation/Multiple Endings [*] 3. “Renewable Energy” and Oil [? for library catalog] -Phrase Searching [Exact Phrase, and nothing else]Activity [Flip over Green Brainstorming Activity 5 minutesHandout] Handout PT. 2--[Green Handout] Have students complete handout by creating
  3. 3. three search strategies.Lecture Let’s begin our search!!! ARTICLES CANNOT BE Library Catalog--let’s use our SEARCHED IN THE LIBRARY search strategies to locate CATALOG!!!!!!!!!!! materials in the library.Demonstration [Demo On] Basic Search--”renewable #38 3rd floor Book--”Biofeuls, energy” and oil solar and wind as renewable Ignore the # of energy systems: benefits and results/technical issue. risk” TJ 808 .B56 2008 *limit to Circulating BooksLecture Explain the main features of a -Title bibliographic record -Author -Subject Headings Why is it important to know -Publication Info. this information????????? -Format? -Location -Call # -Is it checked out?Activity [Stop Demo] [Blue Keyword Searching in the 5 minutesHandout] Library Catalog [Blue Handout]-Have students perform a search using one of their search strategies.Lecture Article Databases - What is it? Multidisciplinary [Not subject Which ones are we going to specific] use? [Academic OneFile & First Search] 39 million & counting!!!!!!!!!!!Demonstration [Demo On] Academic OneFile - Conduct a Don’t Limit to Full-Text!!!!!!!!! search using my keyword search strategy, “renewable energy”. You can limit to “Peer-Reviewed Show the # of results retrieved. Publications”. Emphasize the importance of narrowing your search by “Renewable Energy” [4000] generating a search strategy.Demonstration, cont. Add my keyword oil. Show how “Renewable Energy” AND the number of results decreased “Foreign Oil” [8] [241] “Renewable Energy” AND “Foreign Oil” AND Resource* [5]Demonstration, cont. Select a record with Full-Text Remove Resource* from & PDF. search. #3 “National Energy Security Always choose PDF over Full- and Reliance on Foreign Oil”. text!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Air Force Journal of Logistics. v.33:nos.3-4 (2009 Fall-Winter) p. 38(13)
  4. 4. Demonstration, cont. Go over the main features of an -Article Title e-journal’s bibliographic -Author record. -Journal Title -Vol., Issue No., Date, & Page #. -Subject Headings -HTML vs. PDF -Email, Print, DownloadDemonstration, cont. Select a record with no full-text #7 “Mr. Bush Charts his energy in Academic OneFile, but future”. Environmental Science available in full-text in another & Technology v.35:no.13 (2001 database. July 1). ***Article Link takes me to a different article. Mention this to class. Use Journal Link instead.Demonstration, cont. Select a record that needs to be Change search, “renewable ordered thru ILL. energy” and “wind energy” [202 Enter your e-mail username & hits]. #2 “Towards a model of password. wind energy industry development in industrial and **You must create an account emerging economies”. Global first before you can request Business & Economics Review materials.** v.12:no.3, p. 203.Activity [Stop Demo] Orange Scholarly Articles in REMIND STUDENTS THATHandout Academic OneFile [Orange THEY CAN PRINT FOR Handout] - Have students FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perform a search using one of their keyword search strategies.Lecture [Demon On] First Search Database [Wilson Multidisciplinary and All Articles Select Plus] - Go over the main in Wilson Select are Full- features of First Search [You Text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can access up to 3 databases at a time!!]Demonstration Conduct a search using my Limit to “Peer Reviewed” keyword search strategy, “renewable energy” and oil [17]Demonstration, cont. Select a record with Full-text #15 “Making the Best of and PDF. Biomass Hydrogen for Fuel Cells” Environmental Health Perspectives v.111:no.1 (2003 Jan.).Demonstration, cont. Go over the main features of an -Article Title -Author e-journal bibliographic record. -Journal Title -Download Also, do an overview of other -Publisher -Email First Search functions. -Vol., Issue no., date, pg. #.Demonstration, cont. Show students how they can Change database to select other databases Humanities Abstracts.
  5. 5. available in FirstSearch w/out starting over. “Renewable Select any article. Energy” and oil. No peer-reviewed found.Activity [Turn Demo Off] Finding Articles in First[Yellow Handout] Search Activity [Yellow Handout] - Have students perform a search using their keyword search strategies in Wilson Select Plus and a database of their choice.Wrap it Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Summarize what the students -Distinguish the difference learned and how their new skills between scholarly and popular. will help them search, evaluate, -Identify Keyword terms and access resources that will -Create Keyword search support their research topic or strategies statement. -Search for materials available in the library -Search for articles in Article Databases [Academic Onefile and FirstSearch]Moodle Exam Password: Pumpkin Use Firefox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!