Barbara Schmelz Decisive Innovative Motivated It Leader


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Barbara Schmelz Decisive Innovative Motivated It Leader

  1. 1. A Dynamic Team Leader Demonstrating a Passion to Win, Establishing Superior Relationships, Creating High-Performing Teams & Driving the Future of the Business Barbara Schmelz Decisive Strategic Results Driven Personal Integrity
  2. 2. Essential Requirements of the Successful Information Technology Development Leader Systems design & analysis in client server, mainframe or web development plus experience directing full project lifecycle implementation for a variety of applications and divisions Technical project management, planning and implementation, plus strong communication skills both verbal and written Ability to utilize project methodology tools, manage across multiple systems and departments and communicate project status to business management Client relationship management Knowledge of current technologies Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  3. 3. My Match with Position Requirements Systems design & analysis in client server, mainframe or web development plus experience directing full project lifecycle implementation for a variety of applications and divisions Delivered web-based service empowering customers with online tools to update their own company information improving customer satisfaction Barbara Schmelz Technical project management, planning and implementation, strong communication skills both verbal and written Directed effective application and process changes to ensure SOX compliance, protecting 4.6 million monthly transactions and 261 global customers Delivered expert cradle-to-grave management of global portfolio monitoring and alerting service enabling customizable risk tracking Achieved recognition for creating specialized data packets in support of the first hosted, client server risk management product Implemented first web-enabled products replacing text-based formatting with hyperlink versions of the flagship products Launched supplier registration and monitoring website providing financial and government control list monitoring for supplier clients Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  4. 4. My Match with Position Requirements Client relationship management Barbara Schmelz Brainstormed with product marketing and focus groups to create a comprehensive credit risk product, which continues to be a premier product in the credit risk portfolio Ability to utilize project methodology tools, manage across multiple systems and departments and communicate project status to business management Chosen by executive management as one of assembly of leaders to architect 3 year plan for achieving the technology point of arrival, tracking 40% to goal in the first year Knowledge of current technologies Collaborated with banks, leasing companies, government agencies and more to launch a Public Record Search Engine of over 148 million public filings Responsible for the Risk & Supply Management Solutions segments having a total budget of between $3.0 - $5.0 million, using between 20 - 75 developers onsite and offshore to support and develop mission-critical web portals, products and services Partnered with the business and client in the implementation of a enterprise risk and compliance solution empowering the client with look-up and data review capabilities via a web interface for screening potential customers and suppliers Achieved notable scalability and performance improvement with comprehensive overhaul of US monitoring service to support exponential growth Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  5. 5. Additional Areas of Expertise Thinking Strategically and Creatively Collaborating with and Influencing Others to Drive Outcomes Effectively Leading through Change Listening to and Understanding the Customer Needs Delivering Quality through Continuous Improvement Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  6. 6. Personal Success Factors Self-starter Not afraid to ask Ability to build productive relationships Developing and implementing innovative solutions Ability to communicate/relate to all levels Good with day to day details and the big picture Maximizing resources Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  7. 7. Strategic Action Plan to be an A-player as fast as possible 30 Days 60 Days Meet key technology, business, client and Vendor team members, build rapport Identify projects needing funding and create priority list Study company culture, codes, policies and Procedures Gain deeper understanding of services offered and customer needs Gain understanding of current development projects and goals Familiarize myself with quality and customer service programs Study current technology and business strategy and POA plans Establish strategies to achieve budget and strategic goals Review financials, budget, productivity and currently funded projects Evaluate team Be visible Maintain visibility and accessibility Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  8. 8. Why Barbara Schmelz? I Have All The Pieces 26 years experience offering valuable internal networking skills and program management expertise for crucial IT initiatives Extensive experience working with cross-functional, Global teams on complex, multifaceted projects Decisive Proven success in driving emerging technology utilization to improve operational efficiency Ability to promote and fulfill technical vision and effectively educate and partner with key stakeholders on strategic plan Strategic Personal Integrity Solid record of establishing high-performing teams that take ownership and deliver results Demonstrated ability to control expenses Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity Results Driven
  9. 9. Closing Questions What is the company vision for the next three to five years? What are the top 2 or 3 priorities over the next 12 months? What are the greatest challenges facing the technology organization? What are the expectations for the person in this position after 6 months? After 1 year? Based on my background and experience what do you think would be the greatest challenges for me in this position? What are the next steps in the selection process? What is the best way for me to follow-up with you? Thank You For Your Time And Consideration Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  10. 10. Contact Information Barbara Schmelz [email_address] 908-967-0347 Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  11. 11. Recommendations Linked In Public Profile: Barbara Schmelz Marie Panas, Sr. Project Manager, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara has extensive business and technical experience which helps her drive solutions that are a win for everyone. She is exceptionally organized and process oriented so that her projects run on time and on budget.” Peter Kinkel, Leader - Predictive Indicator Development, D&B (colleague) worked directly with you “ Barbara is an exceptional Manager. She has a great ability to build a strong team that consistently delivers results on time and within budget. We worked closely on quite a few projects that had significant budget and technical challenges, yet through strong relationships with business partners, management and staff; she was able to ensure successful project delivery as seen through all interested parties. Barbara can be counted on to volunteer for efforts that contribute to improving the work environment, whether that is to improve staff moral, working relationships and/or the overall work environment. It is a great honor to have worked with Barbara, and I look forward to working together again, if the opportunity arises.” Mark Samuels , Leader Global Technology, Dun & Bradstreet (colleague) managed you “ Barbara is a tremendous leader with great passion and professionalism. She is dedicated and hardworking, not afraid to make tough decisions and drive high levels of performance. During the time she reported to me she was able to transform a set of software from low levels of reliability to high levels of reliability and performance. Barbara was also instrumental in increasing the overall performance of the team and to drive results outside of her area of responsibility.” Brenda Karahalios , Project Manager - PMP, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara is a true professional; she commands the best from herself and her team. She leads by example and is willing to go that extra mile to bring along a team member that may be struggling. She understands the big picture and strives to get there. She also understands the intermediate goals needed to accomplish the big picture and leads her team towards it. I believe Barbara can do anything she puts her mind to; she is a people person, a hard worker, dedicated to the cause and able to be a great leader!” Lorraine Watson , Service Manager, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara is a professional, committed manager whose has led her teams in a challenging environment to consistently deliver first class solutions to the marketplace, on time and on budget. She builds enthusiastic, goals-oriented teams and empowers them to make the necessary decisions to achieve their objectives.” Ken Tanzillo , Project Manager, Dun & Bradstreet (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara is the consummate professional who understands the big picture within an organization, yet balances the challenges of on time project delivery, teamwork, financial project obligations and relationship management to achieve consistent positive results. Her leadership across the organization and her ability to mentor her team to take on new opportunities is a trait of a good leader that many organizations would benefit from.” Rachel Frederick , Product Leader, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara and I have worked together on several product development initiatives and on day-to-day product maintenance over the past several years. Barbara has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to these efforts and has been an extreme pleasure to work with. She is very detail oriented and organized and has consistently met development deadlines. She has also demonstrated a good amount of flexibility as requirements would change and yet she would strive to find appropriate work-around and win-win solutions between technology and business. She has been a great partner and consistently exceeded my expectations.” Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity
  12. 12. Barbara Schmelz Megha Raina-Luis, PMP , Project Manager, Dun & Bradstreet (colleague) reported to you “ I worked with Barbara for over 4 years at D&B and not only is she a great leader but also an excellent mentor. Barbara is seasoned professional who is an expert at building and leading high performing teams globally. She is always there for her team, coaching team members and ensuring the success of her team. She is always ready to take on new challenges and is an asset to any team/organization. Barbara has a sharp customer focus and understands how to cultivate long term relationships with her customers.” Larry Skahill , Development Leader, Dun & Bradstreet (colleague) worked directly with you “ Barbara is a great team leader, her talent management skills and team building ability has allowed her to surround herself with a highly skilled, highly motivated team. Barbara is a no-nonsense, get-things-done, type leader. No detail is too small for her attention and no challenge is too big for her to dissect and break into manageable size pieces. She manages up well and is good at keeping upper management aware of the things they need to be aware of while solving problems at her level avoiding the need to escalate. Any organization of any size within or bordering on IT would find Barbara a very valuable asset.” Pat McParland , Product/Mktg Leader, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara was my technology partner during an intense, year-long product development process. Although her title and role were primarily technical, she was as much a business leader as on anyone on the team. She focused on customers and their needs first; making sure whatever technical solutions developed would meet them. She is a skilled program manager, delivering complex projects on time and participating actively in the business definition required. She's very flexible and works well with her colleagues -- a pleasure to work with and a trusted teammate.” Manny Rechani , Director - Customer Implementation and Support, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ I've worked with Barbara at D&B on various cross-functional teams for 20 years. The teams' consensus is that Barbara always brings value and is highly effective in delivering positive results. Pointed and very knowledgeable, Barb is a "go-to" person with a strong, customer-centric mindset. Barbara consistently thinks beyond the scope of IT and acts with a practical 'customer focus' approach. It is always a pleasure working with Barbara; I appreciate her positive attitude and good humor. A highly capable, dedicated and passionate person any company would be lucky to have...” Karin Oughton , Leader - Worldwide Network Development, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara worked in a geographically remote part of the same organization. She demonstrated excellent relationship building skills, something that is always challenging in a remote and multicultural environment. She was consistently focused on delivery and quality to the benefit of the organization.” Raj Batra , Leader Supply Management Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet (colleague) reported to you “ I have known Barbara for less than a year and have to confess to having learned a great deal from her. She is a unique combination of strategist, architect, leader and change agent. I found her to be a very savvy technologist with a deep understanding of the business requirements. Barbara is a very bright, pragmatic and outcome oriented technologist. She combines a deep understanding of technology with a keen sense of business value. I have found her to be particularly good at solving large complex problems that require out of the box thinking. Her 360 degree views allow the business to develop and succeed.” Barbara Gawryluk, PMP , Project Manager, D&B (colleague) reported to you “ I have worked for Barbara for the past 3 years and she is an excellent leader and mentor. She empowers her team to make decisions and provides the necessary guidance to enable her team members to develop their own professional skills. Barbara is dedicated to driving her team to success and improving their performance. She is an exceptional leader with a passion for winning.” Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity Recommendations Linked In Public Profile:
  13. 13. Barbara Schmelz Decisive, Strategic, Results Driven, Personal Integrity Clive Rimmer , Senior Project Manager, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Working in a geographically remote location, I've benefitted from Barbara's results oriented approach - when asked to complete something she completes the work on-time and the agreed budget. She has also helped in representing projects on my behalf when I'm unable to attend in person or the time difference causes difficulty. Professional, committed to the customer and unafraid to challenge the status quo.” Rich Flynn, PMP , Program Manager, D&B (colleague) managed you “ Barbara is one of those rare individuals who takes an assignment and completes it on time without follow up and or concern. She is well organized, a great team player and takes on additional work without complaints. In addition to her hard work ethic she makes the job fun by organizing team events that promote camaraderie and a feeling of being part of a team.” Saravana Durairaj , Assistant Project Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions (colleague) reported to you “ Barbara was my client manager in D&B and it was a great opportunity to work for her. Her leadership in managing different teams and different projects at the same time was exceptionally great. She is a unique, result oriented leader, capable of leading any large projects. Her guidance and motivation was really helped in all the projects we executed for D&B.” Mike La Gatta , Project Manager, Dun & Bradstreet Inc. (colleague) reported to you “ I've worked for and with Barbara for several years at D&B. During the 2 1/2 years that I reported directly to her she was an awesome manager. I found her to be supportive and always watching the "backs" of our team. She is a hands-on manager and has no fear of stating what she believes is the "right thing to do" for our company and our team. I would work for her again in a heartbeat!! Over the past 2 years I reported indirectly to Barbara as she assumed a more senior leadership role in our organization. She always demonstrates the skills of a thoughtful leader and keeps the best interests of her team, her organization and shareholders of D&B at the forefront of business decisions. Her leadership and experience at D&B has been a great asset to both the company and her team!” Veronica Buzby , Data Integration Toolkit Product Leader, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara has been my Technology partner for the last 3 years. During this time, she understood the business objectives and readily partnered with the Business in striving to improve our customers’ experience. Barbara recognizes the value of her team and leads by example. She often went above & beyond to get the job done. She is a go-to person and her integrity is beyond reproach. I recommend her & know she will be successful in future endeavors.” Eddy Rosenblatt , Senior Development Manager, Technology, Global HR Solutions, D&B (colleague) worked directly with you “ Barbara is well thought of by her customers, peers and most of all, her team. Barbara provided me with excellent advice on team member engagement as I led a team to increase our survey scores in this area. She is a thought leader and is passionate and committed to whatever she undertakes. Barbara will be an asset to any company!” Liz Templin , Product/Project Director, D&B (colleague) worked with you “ Barbara was my technology partner for close to two years. Our first encounter was a customer issue affecting many customers, and I valued her leadership and keen business sense in managing through the crisis. Her strategic thought leadership was also impressive. She made a point of recommending point of arrival solutions and guided her business partners to think long term and to make the best decisions for customers and the company.” Recommendations Linked In Public Profile: