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HeLF Electronic Management of Assessment Survey Data 2013


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The third HeLF Electronic Management of Assessment survey was undertaken in March/April 2013. This is a summary of the quantitative data.

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HeLF Electronic Management of Assessment Survey Data 2013

  1. 1. Dr Barbara Newland, BrightonLindsay Martin, Edge HillAlice Bird, Liverpool John Moores
  2. 2.  This presentation is a summary of thequantitative data from the Heads of eLearningForum Electronic Management of Assessmentsurvey undertaken in March/April 2013. Further information on the qualitative resultswill be made available later.
  3. 3.  The term eSubmission is used very widely tocover a range of activities so the followingdefinitions were used:eSubmission electronic submission of an assignmenteMarking electronic marking (including offlinemarking eg in Word)eFeedback eFeedback - electronic feedback (ietext, audio, video but not hard copy)eReturn eReturn - electronic return of marks
  4. 4.  To identify current practice with regard toElectronic Management of Assessment inUK HE To gain a snapshot of the strategicoverview identifying key issues relating toassessment regulations and academicattitudes To enable a comparison with the past 2years
  5. 5.  A network of senior staff in institutions engagedin promoting, supporting and developingtechnology enhanced learning Over 138 nominated Heads from UK HigherEducation institutions A regular programme of well attended events Represents the interests of its members tovarious national bodies and agencies includingthe Higher Education Academy and
  6. 6.  The survey was available to HeLF members who were asked to respondwith regard to their knowledge of their own institution. The survey was available in March/April 2013 and took about 10minutes to complete The questions were a mixture of closed multiple-choice and multipleselection as well as open response type Participants were assured that all data collected in the survey would beheld anonymously and securely No personal data was asked for or retained unless the participantindicated a willingness to participate in the follow-up activity The results are being analyzed using quantitative and qualitativemethods
  7. 7.  52 responses from HeLF members 38% response rate
  8. 8. 05101520253035404550eSubmission eMarking eFeedbackYesNo
  9. 9. 051015202530eSubmission eMarking eFeedbackYesNoDont know
  10. 10. University-wideDepartment-wideNeither
  11. 11. Turnitin (stand-alone)Turnitin (integrated intoVLE)VLEHome grownOther
  12. 12. 0510152025303540eSubmission isthe only formof submissioneSubmissionand hard copyprinted bystudenteSubmissionand hard copyprinted bydepartmenteSubmissionand hard copyprinted byindividualacademiceFeedback andstudent canchoose toprint hardcopy offeedbackHard copy isthe only formof submissionUniversity-wideSome department-wideIndividual academics
  13. 13. 0246810121416eSubmission eMarking eFeedbackAcademic staffStudents
  14. 14. YesNoDont know
  15. 15. YesNoUnder consideration
  16. 16. 051015202530AnonymousmarkingDouble marking External examinersYesNoDont know
  17. 17. 05101520253035404550Positive Negative Neutral Dont knowAcademic staffAdministrative staffStudents
  18. 18. 051015202530354045Positive Negative Neutral Dont knowAcademic staffAdministrative staffStudents
  19. 19. PositiveNegativeNeutralDont know
  20. 20.  Dr Barbara Lindsey Alice