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University of New Haven


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Town/Gown relationship between the City of West Haven and the University of New Haven.

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University of New Haven

  1. 1. University of New Haven Update
  2. 2. 2005 - 2011 Student Enrollment: +28% (undergraduate and graduate) New Academic Programs: +15 (including a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice) Campus Construction: $100 Million +
  3. 3. UNH Economic Impact Total Number of Students: 5,950 Total Number of Employees: 1,225 Total Number of Campus Visitors: 14,000 Total Annual Economic Impact: $252 Million (equivalent to a Fortune 500 company)
  4. 4. UNH Named a Top-Tier Regional College by U.S. News & World Report
  5. 5. Campus Construction Update
  6. 6. Completed and Occupied New Hall Residence Building
  7. 7. Completed and Occupied David A. Beckerman Recreation Center
  8. 8. Completed and Occupied Soundview Residence Hall
  9. 9. Soundview Residence Hall Before After
  10. 10. Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium
  11. 11. Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium
  12. 12. Bartels Hall Expansion After Addition
  13. 13. Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. Learning Center for Finance and Technology
  14. 14. Laurel Vlock Center for Convergent Media
  15. 15. Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science
  16. 16. Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science
  17. 17. Building Site Work Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science
  18. 18. Building Site Work Maxcy Quad Renovation
  19. 19. Building Site Work Bartels Student Activity Center
  20. 20. Why is a successful UNH vital to West Haven? And why is a vibrant West Haven vital to UNH?
  21. 21. Why should a University spend resources outside its campus boundaries? The impact of a University on Community Development • Spurred to action through “enlightened self-interest”. • Increasingly colleges are becoming involved in community development initiatives that have not been traditionally considered within their realm. Urban universities, especially, are recognizing that they must directly intervene to improve the neighborhoods that surround them. • improving the city’s physical characteristics; • help promote effective land use policies for economic revitalization; • develop neighborhood amenities; • attract residents with discretionary income.