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ETH E-Citations: how to tweak your publication lists


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In this Coffee Lecture we show you how to effectively use ETH E-Citations, the institutional bibliography of ETH Zurich. Tips and tricks around the website publication lists (CQ5/AEM) and for the academic reports (AAA) make your publication management easier.

Published in: Science
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ETH E-Citations: how to tweak your publication lists

  1. 1. || Coffee Lecture, Infozentrum Chemie | Biologie | Pharmazie, ETH Zürich, 8.7.2015 Barbara Hirschmann, ETH-Bibliothek 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 1 ETH E-Citations: how to tweak your publication lists
  2. 2. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 2 ETH E-Citations & ETH E-Collection  Institutional bibliography  References imported by professors, administrative staff, library (via Web of Science and Scopus)  Does not host fulltext, links to fulltext  Exports publications lists to AAA  Exports publication lists to ETH Websites (CQ5/AEM)  Open access publishing platform  Documents must be deposited by author  Exports publications to OpenAIRE portal and links them to EC funded projects  Provides abstracts and/or fulltext of all ETH dissertations
  3. 3. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 3 How are references added to E-Citations?
  4. 4. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 4 How to use the EndNote- and BibTex-Workarounds Instructions
  5. 5. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 5 How to enter individual references Only Leitzahlen for which the user is authorized in ETHIS will show up here. These are relevant for AAA. Other Leitzahlen can be entered here. These are relevant for CQ5/AEM.
  6. 6. ||  Login  Search for the publication  Add the Leitzahl / Organisational Unit 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 6 Leitzahlen can also be added later
  7. 7. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 7 How to enter author names LastName, Firstname; LastName, Firstname; Lastname, Firstname  This syntax is important for correct display in CQ5/AEM!
  8. 8. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 8 How to enter Non-ETH-Publications Mark checkbox
  9. 9. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 9 How to report change requests E-Citations support will receive suggested changes You do not have to report typos while editing is still in progress.
  10. 10. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 10 Which publications will show up in AAA and CQ5/AEM? Will show up in CQ5 and AAA Will show up in CQ5 only
  11. 11. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 11 How to confirm Leitzahlen so that they show up in AAA Screen will show up automatically in the «Add reference» tab if you are an ETHIS AAA authorized user
  12. 12. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 12 Display of publication lists in AAA reports Special courses for AAA: Annual Academic Achievements Infoveranstaltungen, every year in september, E-Citations support team attends the courses Please contact the Controlling departement for this year’s dates!
  13. 13. || 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 13 Display of publication lists in CQ5/AEM Organizational unit (Leitzahl) Author names Publication types Citation style Dates Editing status Detailed instructions: CQ5 Manual – Chapter Publications
  14. 14. ||  Better functionality for importing references in various formats (BibTex, RIS, DOI import etc.)  Author names and author IDs  Standardization of journal titles  Mathematical symbols  Integration with ETH E-Collection  Project «E-Publications» 08.07.2015Barbara Hirschmann 14 Issues that we are working on…