OMLTA Handout- Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom


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List of a variety of websites/programmes that we can implement in our classes.

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OMLTA Handout- Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom

  1. 1. OMLTA Spring 2010 Conference- INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM BARB HIRSCH, NORTH PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL, PDSB AUDACITY (free audio recorder) Recording and saving 1) Ensure that microphone volume is up before recording (top right hand corner of Audacity screen). 2) Click on record (red circle button) to begin recording. 3) Click on yellow square to stop. 4) When saving, files are automatically saved as Audacity files (.aup). 5) Most programs will not accept that as a valid sound file to upload, therefore you must click on File  Export as WAV or Export as MP3 and save to your desired location. Listening: Spanish- Weekly newscasts in (yes, you guessed it!) a slow-paced Spanish. Free content, but can subscribe for more content and access to more resources. Spanish- Variety of short podcasts in Spanish, usually with accompanying gap fill exercises, listening comprehension questions, sentence ordering. Spanish- Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level podcasts on topics and grammar. Sometimes with mini exercises integrated within. Spanish- Accompanied by transcripts, include short comprehension exercises. Spanish- Type text, reads it back in decent accent. Spanish- Podcasts on various topics. French- Variety of topics accompanied by listening comprehension questions. French- Vocabulary sound bites on multitude of topics. Multilingual- Type text, reads it back in a number of languages with a decent accent. Creating podcasts Free downloadable programme to record yourself. Create a podcast and store on their site, must register first.
  2. 2. OMLTA Spring 2010 Conference- INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM Create and store podcast, must register first. Free storage of up to 1GB for your podcasts per registered user. More with paid subscription. 15 day trial. $12.95 to purchase. Allows to record your voice with 8 different effects (Darth Vader, chipmunk, etc.), could offer students great amusement ! Speaking: Can include voice recordings. Students can record opinions, stories, etc. related to an uploaded image or video. Add a voice over to a picture. Reading: Free site allows you to make word searches, crosswords, and other useful vocabulary related games. Spanish- Inicial, intermedio y avanzado, but in my opinion quite advanced. Multilingual- Somtimes reading accompanied by audio track. Multipurpose sites : Excellent site for online vocabulary and grammar practise and short readings. Great for the ICT suite. French, Spanish: excellent site with something for each of the 4 skills French, Spanish, Italian, German: 35 video quizzes on various topics, podcasts, exercises French, Spanish, German, Italian: various All kinds of resources made by other teachers. Resource bank for all subjects.
  3. 3. OMLTA Spring 2010 Conference- INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM Writing: Create multi scene comic strip on any subject. Add voice recording as well. Create posters with any kind of information you want. Create word clouds. 5 card flickr, random picking of 5 photos, have students try to write a story using them as inspiration, or you could even make it a speaking activity. Limited to 30 seconds. Turns pictures into video productions, can add text to tell a story. Paid subscriptions available for longer productions. Similar to wordle, can make “cute” shapes with text. Photo background, you write on top. Can be saved on site. (poetry, story based on picture) French videos: French advertisements French adverts French videos from around the world Animation: Animations, with sound. Animations, no sound. Animations, no sound. Saving youtube files: Cropping youtube videos to use only the parts that you really need.
  4. 4. OMLTA Spring 2010 Conference- INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY INTO THE LANGUAGE CLASSROOM Slideshow/Videomaking: Make 1 minute videos and store. Turns your photos and videos into 1 minute videos. Create photo slideshows. Create photo slideshows with music. iMovie Photostory Windows Movie Maker Digital camera- Nowadays, most of these come with a video option. Easily uploaded to a computer and manipulated. Bits and bobs: Licensed photos for public use. Caricatures (face only) of celebrities Takes your picture and allows you turn into fun looking images. Twitter? Article on use of Twitter in the French classroom Collection of clipart. Rubric maker Converts numerous file types when your computer doesn’t have the necessary programs. Sketch something and record voiceover. Useful in language class…. who knows?!