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Future of Learning (HAIS)


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Barbara Bray presented how the Fourth Industrial Revolution impacts us today and will change the future of work and learning. This presentation by Barbara Bray on August 22, 2018, was for the school leaders of the Hawai'i Association of Independent Schools at the Pacific Club in Honolulu. Mahalo to HAIS for the opportunity to share ideas about the future of learning with awesome educators.

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Future of Learning (HAIS)

  1. 1. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Connecting the Dots to The Future of Learning Presented by Barbara Bray for HAIS Handout for presentation:
  2. 2. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning The Fourth Revolution Future of Work Changing Roles Future of Learning Roadmap
  3. 3. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  4. 4. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning “Internet will be everywhere and nowhere. Computers will be obsolete.” “Middle man jobs will be phased out.” Dr. Michio Kaku
  5. 5. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Moore’s Law
  6. 6. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  7. 7. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning “Social media and networks are ubiquitous.” Ramo, Seventh Sense 2016 “The young are the most connected and least committed to the status quo.”
  8. 8. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Click and Post Immediately to Snapchat The New Reality
  9. 9. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Cell Phones with Paper Screens Make paper intelligent with every pixel is a transistor any size you want
  10. 10. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Ingestible micro robots are remote controlled to perform procedures from inside out
  11. 11. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Internet in your Contact Lens See subtitles in any language, remember names, get biographies
  12. 12. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning In 24 hours, get a 3D- printed house that will last 175 years 3D Printed Houses
  13. 13. Future World of Work 1964: AT&T $267 Billion 758,611 employees 2016: Google $370 Billion 55,000 employees Real wages of recent college graduates have fallen by 7.7 percent since 2000. >>> 9 out of 10 workers today are in occupations that existed 100 years ago with 5% of the jobs from 1993 - The present 1 out of 10 come from “high tech” sectors like computing, software, and telecommunications that don’t require many people. “Post-Wage” Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  14. 14. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Predictions of Loss Jobs Translating languages (by 2024) Writing high-school essays (by 2026) Driving a truck (by 2027) Working in retail (by 2031) Writing a bestselling book (by 2049) Working as a surgeon (by 2053)
  15. 15. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning “The Relentless Pace of Automation” Artificial intelligence could dramatically improve the economy and aspects of everyday life, but we need to invent ways to make sure everyone benefits. MIT Review
  16. 16. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning What’s next for the Sharing Economy?
  17. 17. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Data is the new oil.
  18. 18. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning “The amount of data on th planet is set to grow 10-fold from 2014 to 2020 from 4.4 zettabytes to 44ZB. Zettabyte: a unit of information equal to one sextillion (a thousand raised to the seventh power (1021)
  19. 19. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Protocols vs. Precision Medicine Besides startling side-effects, you find out that Nexium only works for 1 in 25 people (Schork, 2015). Precision or personalized medicine can identify the traits of individuals that will determine a drug’s effectiveness. Then doctors can better understand what should be prescribed.
  20. 20. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning The Myth of Average Ted Talk and “The End of Average” by Dr. Todd Rose
  21. 21. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Based on Neuroscience and How we Learn Universal Design for Learning developed by CAST (
  22. 22. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Empathy, humor, creativity, and problem- solving are hard to codify and automate.
  23. 23. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  24. 24. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  25. 25. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  26. 26. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Proving Performance vs. IMproving Learning Performance Orientation Learning Orientation Students learning same material at same time. Learning driven by students’ goals. Students focus on tests and grades. Performance linked to effort and progress. Students placed in grade level based on age and earn letter grades “to pass.” Students progress through levels based on performance and demonstrating mastery. The pace of learning is directed by the teacher, technology, or curriculum. Students accelerate the pace of learning through goal setting, voice, and choice. Traditional Classrooms Learner-Centered Environments Chris Watkins 2010
  27. 27. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Let’s Bring Back the Joy of Learning What Baby George and Handstands have Taught Me about Learning Michael Wesch
  28. 28. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  29. 29. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Conservatory Approach • Mentoring • Professionals Teaching • Apprenticeships • Performance-based • Advisories • Real Audiences
  30. 30. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Makerspace Movement Connecting learning to real world by tinkering, discovering
  31. 31. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning 3D Printing and Empathy Just imagine the future of 3D printing
  32. 32. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Virtual Reality in Education Experiencing the real world in a virtual world
  33. 33. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Flexible Environments Studio K: We are Builders Studio 1: We are Leaders Studio 2: We are Storytellers Studio 3: We are Connectors Studio 4: We are Changemakers Studio 5: We are Designers
  34. 34. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Inquiry Hub Main reasons for coming to the Inquiry Hub: • Flexibility • Self-paced • Explore different interests Just a few of the projects: • Building Lawn Mower • Wrist Band Computer • Unmanned Air Vehicle • Investments and Stocks • Hydroponics • Urban Gardening Vancouver, British Columbia
  35. 35. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning What skilled learners do differently?  Think on their own  Ask more questions  Are process-oriented  Keep the big picture in mind  Make mistakes work for them  Look up answers  Are good observers  Cultivate curiosity  Live with uncertainty  Teach others  Keep learning  Share what they learned 25 Things Skilled Learners Do Differently by Saga Briggs
  36. 36. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning They demand we grow, self-reflect, be positive longer, love harder, and gain new skills.
  37. 37. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning eLearning • Gamification Demonstrating evidence of learning by creating together
  38. 38. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Dimensions of Global Competency competency-for-an-inclusive-world.pdf @oecd2018
  39. 39. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning
  40. 40. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Following the Path to Global Awareness Sixth graders brainstorming local and world issues and then seeing where they fall into one of the UN SDG goals. JoAnn Jacobs @JoAnnJacobs68
  41. 41. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning “Global I am.. Poems” using Flipgrid Bronwyn Joyce @JoyceBronwyn Our Global Classroom Network Australia
  42. 42. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Schools without classrooms. • To aid students in engaging while working. • Students in groups based on level not age. Learning Spaces at Vittra Schools in Sweden 1. The Cave 2. The Lab 3. The Camp Fire 4. The Watering Hole 5. The Showoff
  43. 43. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Learning in New Zealand
  44. 44. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Learning by Doing Something for Others
  45. 45. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Keep up with what’s changing Ignite a passion for learning Make learning personal Innovate and experiment Measure what matters
  46. 46. Handout: @bbray27 #rethink_learning Barbara Bray Co-author, Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning Email: Twitter: @bbray27 Blogs at Rethinking Learning Owner/Founder, My eCoach