Baratunde at Digital Directions Conference in Sydney


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Baratunde at Digital Directions Conference in Sydney

  1. 1. @baratunde at #DD11
  2. 2. crowd work
  3. 3. about me
  4. 4. comedian
  5. 5. political writer/activist @jjpolitics
  6. 6. tech geek
  7. 7. f/k/a@the_swine_flu
  8. 8. #MayorThurston @DeliNYC
  9. 9. director of digital @theonion
  10. 10. oEstablished 1756
  11. 11. History O
  12. 12. O
  13. 13. O
  14. 14. O
  15. 15. O
  16. 16. O
  17. 17. O
  18. 18. NEWS o the ONION VOLUME 37 ISSUE 34 AMERICA’S FINEST NEWS SOUR ™ # ® CE 27 SEPTEMBER–3 OCTOBER 20 01 SPECIAL REPORT Hugging Up 76,000 Percent American Life Turns Into Bad Jerry see NATION page 10A Bruckheimer Movie Jerry Falwell: Is That Guy A Dick Or What? Above: Flanked by Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld, President Bush pledges to “exact reve as we know who we’re exacting revenge against nge, just as soon see PEOPLE page 3C and where they are.” Rest Of Country U.S. Vows To Defeat Whoever Temporarily Feels Deep It Is We’re At War With Above: An actual scene from real life. NEW YORK—In the two we eks since Affection For New York WASHINGTON, DC—In a televised terrorists crashed hijacked pla World Trade Center and Pentag nes into the Bush said during an 11-minu on, Ameri- see NATION page 8A address to the American people te speech can life has come to resemble Tuesday, a from the Oval Office. “The Unite a bad Jerry determined President Bush d States is Bruckheimer-produced act preparing to strike, directly ion/disaster vowed that the U.S. wouldMassive Attack On defeat “whoever exactly it is and decisively, against you, whoever you are, just as soon movie, shellshocked citizens Tuesday. reported we’re at war with here.”Pentagon Page 14 News “America’s enemy, be it as we have a rough idea of your identity and a reason- “Terrorist hijackings, building up, thousands of people dying s blowing —these are Osama bin Laden, Saddam see NATION page 14A Hussein, the Taliban, a multi- ably decent estimate as to see MOVIE page 13 where your base is located.” STATshot national coalition of terrorist Added Bush: “That is, organizations, any of aA look at the numbers that shape your world. rogue’s gallery of violent Islamic fringe groups, or an assuming you have a base.” Bush is acting with the full Not Knowing What Else entirely different, non-Islamic we’ve never even heard of... be aggressor support of Congress, which on Sept. 14 authorized him to use any nec- To Do, Woman Bakes warned,” see WAR page 6 American-Flag Cake Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell TOPEKA, KS—Feeling helple the wake of the horrible Sept. ss in 11 ter- ‘We Expected Eternal Paradise rorist attacks that killed tho Christine Pear- usands, O son baked a For This,’ Say Suicide Bombers cake and deco- rated it like an JAHANNEM, OUTER American flag being fed honeyed cakes by 67 DARKNESS—The hijackers Monday. virgins in a tr
  19. 19. O
  20. 20. O
  21. 21. oA Sampling Of Divisions
  22. 22. The Onion Newspaper O
  23. 23. O
  24. 24. O
  25. 25. O
  26. 26. O
  27. 27. NEWSWIRE:Area Man Urges Calm In Middle East So He Can Catch Up On News O
  28. 28. O
  29. 29. O
  30. 30. The Onion Publishing O
  31. 31. O
  32. 32. The Onion News Network O
  33. 33. ONION NEWS NETWORK• Founded in 1896• Seen in 92.2 Million U.S. Households and 500,000 U.S. Prison Cells• Broadcasts in 152 Languages in 811 Countries• 9 Billion Viewers Worldwide• Peabody Award-Winning• Ad Based O
  34. 34. #Television#SportsDome & @ONN
  35. 35. oOnion Digital
  36. 36.• Online since 1996. Winner of countless Webbys• ~7M uniques/month (15% mobile site) - Another ~2M for plus 2.5M total comments• Under the hood: - Django-based homegrown CMS; custom server- side video encoding solution; dynamic photo cropping; postgres + python; our own video ad server, e-commerce and mobile; GIT to manage source code - All with four servers, one database; CDN- based; only three developers O
  37. 37. And now, a series of important words... O
  38. 38. Conversation O
  39. 39. Participation O
  40. 40. Always-On O
  41. 41. Real-Time O
  42. 42. SOCIAL MEDIA!! O
  43. 43. O
  44. 44. O
  45. 45. social media• Big numbers: Twitter 2.6M followers; 0 following; 4th influence rank; Facebook: 1.5M fans• How we use it - Basic content distribution - Viral distribution from web, mobile sites, apps - Breaking news - Live event coverage - “Participation” - Nation-building (especially TV show support) O
  46. 46. apps• 1 Million app downloads on Android and iPhone• Generally in top 10 in news• Some notes - Apps are like children. Gotta feed and clothe them - Android growth much faster than iPhone - Providing something people don’t want fails O
  47. 47. Digital Choreography O
  48. 48. Exhibit A.Onion News Network on TV O
  49. 49. OMFG CUTE!!! O
  50. 50. O
  51. 51. O
  52. 52. O
  53. 53. O
  54. 54. Numbers• @ONN Mentions: 922 (vs daily average of 30)• @ONN New Follows: 711 (vs daily average of 150) O
  55. 55. Exhibit B. #Oscars O
  56. 56. O
  57. 57. Image from O
  58. 58. Image from O
  59. 59. Numbers: The Doubling @BrookeAlvarez Followers: 4,169 to 8,400 Facebook Fans: 1,250 to 2,172 O
  60. 60. oTu Stultus Es.
  61. 61. oYou Are Dumb.