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Conversion optimization and customer retention strategies from Great e-commerce companies.

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  • Screen shot of open id login in some popular websiteKogan website showing friends purchased a product
  • Screen shot of responsive design store
  • Screen shot of amazon showing recommendations
  • Screen shot showing social media responses to customer queries
  • Screen shot of ASOS website showing promotion bar
  • Example showing a reward point system or leader board screen in a ecommerce website
  • Maximise your online shop results!

    1. 1. Barath Kumar OMate Pty Ltd Maximise Your Online Shop Results Conversion optimisation and customer retention strategies from Great E-commerce companies
    2. 2. Context • These are not purely my ideas • Most popular strategies used in successful e-commerce websites • Seen more commonly in industry blogs, forums and expert reviews • There are 100’s. Categorised and filtered the most common ones based on ease of implementation • We are not going to cover much on why it works. Its proven.
    3. 3. Desired Outcome • You will take away some techniques and strategies that you can apply in your online store • You may know some of them. Get them from back to front of your mind • Increase in ability to make informed decision regarding your online store optimisation
    4. 4. Glossary • Conversion optimisation – Not just sales/visits – Track all activities • Add to wishlist, subscribe, compare products, search etc • Customer retention – Not just repeat sale – Track repeat visit, newsletter open rate, feedback, etc
    5. 5. Low – Medium - High Implementation Complexity
    6. 6. Low 1.Product name, image and description • Product name – Tell exactly what your product is – Avoid codes unless necessary – Easy to identify the product – Less need to click through and read more – Enough info to make buying decision • Images – Makes significant difference in conversion – Professional high resolution photos – Use videos if you can
    7. 7. Product name – example from Amazon
    8. 8. Product Description • Not just specifications and details • Sell it , drive emotion • Address the customer needs • Address the benefits • Guide on how to use the product • Make the buyer feel good and smart about buying
    9. 9. saute-pans|ckwfryfry
    10. 10. 2. Reassure safety and security • Install SSL • Display the Verisign, Symantec security logo • If there is a return policy, make it clearly visible • Using padlock icon in check out page proven to improve conversion in many cases
    11. 11. 2. Reassure safety and security
    12. 12. 3. Multiple Payment Options • Always provide multiple payment options • Minimum Paypal, Mastercard and Visa • E-wallet and bank transfers • If you sell international, research on popular payment options in the country you sell • payment-processing/alternative-payment-processing- methods/
    13. 13. 4. Clear Distinct Call to Actions • Buy, Add to cart • Add to wish list • Compare Product • Write a review • Sign-up for newsletter
    14. 14. 4. Call to Action -
    15. 15. 5. Basic On-Page SEO • Site map for easy navigation • Page title, page description, alt tags for every single product page • Enable e-commerce tracking in analytics – Track sales, popular products, which product is viewed but not bought, popular search terms and all user activities like compare, view time – TrackingEcommerce
    16. 16. Medium 1. Tracking of status • Confirmation email after purchase with link to track status of delivery in website • Confirmation email when product is dispatched • Login area to see the delivery status of the product • Use integrated tracking like temando –
    17. 17. Medium 1. Tracking of status
    18. 18. 2. Delivery Options
    19. 19. Medium 2. Delivery options • If you are multichannel, give option to pick up from store • Normal, express, same day ,collection point • Use Auspost, temando, etc •
    20. 20. Medium 3. Use best practices in site search • Available stats - 30 % of users will use site search • Improved sales and conversion • Valuable information on what customers want
    21. 21. Medium 3. Use best practices in site search -Position and size of search box - easy to find -Let people search using enter key -Allow users to narrow searches before they begin -Use auto-complete -Link to advance search option if you have lot of products • Make it really easy for the user to find the product they are looking for • Track all the search term data to analyze what visitors are searching for
    22. 22. 3. Use best practices in site search
    23. 23. 3.
    24. 24. Medium 4. Social Login and social proof • Registration is sometimes a barrier • One of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment • Let users register using Facebook, Googleplus,etc. • Show how many of their friends liked, purchased , reviewed your products
    25. 25. Medium 4. Social Login
    26. 26. 4. Social plug-in shows friends activity –
    27. 27. Medium 5. Structured mark-up format • • >> Google prefer the structured markup format for all websites. • Implement the tags for product related pages. • Helps search engines to provide enhanced search results like ratings, breadcrumb, etc to intelligently display relevant content to user
    28. 28. Medium 5. Structured mark-up format
    29. 29. High 1. Responsive design • Easy to use in any device • All pages must be optimised and tested for multiple devices and browsers • Mobile browsing is already overtaking desktop browsing
    30. 30. – responsive online store
    31. 31. – responsive online store
    32. 32. High 2. Recommendations Recommend products at different points based on user’s actions • Customer who bought this also bought • Cross sell/up Sell – recommend iPhone case when customer adds iPhone to cart • Recently viewed, last purchased Popular e-com platforms have free extensions – connect/product-recommendations.html –
    33. 33. Recommended for you section in Amazon
    34. 34. High 2. Recommendations
    35. 35. • Taking recommendations to next level • Ask the user what they like and don’t like • Make the experience as personalised as possible – Welcome username – Automate birthday cards or send discounts coupons on birthday – Emails personalised to user’s interest - segmentation – Live chat – , High 3.Personalisations
    36. 36. High 3.Personalisations
    37. 37. 3.Personalisation - Live chat
    38. 38. High 4.Promotions
    39. 39. High 4.Promotions • Because we have been trained to react to promotions • Regular promotions – seasonal promotions, clearance sales, deal of the day, weekly deals – You don’t need a reason – Issue discount coupons. Use free extensions. • Promote through newsletters, banners and site wide promotional bars – Have email templates and banners handy
    40. 40. 4.Promotions Site wide promotional bar to access discounted items
    41. 41. 4.Promotions Discount for newsletter signup
    42. 42. High 5.Gamification • Applying the addictive aspects of game play to non-game activities • Point system for writing reviews, sharing in social media, etc • Points redeemed for products
    43. 43. High 5.Gamification
    44. 44. Recap • Easy 1. Product name, description 2. Reassure safety and security 3. Provide multiple payment options 4. Make the call to actions button stand out 5. Basic on-page SEO
    45. 45. Recap • Medium 1. Allow tracking of delivery status 2. Provide delivery options 3. Allow search and use best practise 4. Allow social login and show social proof 5. Mark-up the product pages for increased visibility
    46. 46. Recap • High 1. Make website responsive to mobile devices 2. Provide recommendations 3. Personalise the experience 4. Run regular promotions 5. Gamify user activity
    47. 47. Next Steps • Compare against check list • Enable ecommerce tracking in analytics Offers • If you like us to review your site and provide a report for free, please ask • Free $100 worth ad words when you spend $25 • How may would be interested to come next month – We will cover basics of ad words and e-commerce analytics tracking
    48. 48. Questions ? • Thank you Maximise Your Online Shop Results Conversion optimisation and customerretention strategies from Great E-commercecompanies