ocmjea 6 preparation guide


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OCMJEA 6 Preparation Guide from EPractize Labs.

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ocmjea 6 preparation guide

  1. 1. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.OCMJEA 6 Preparation TipsOCMJEA 6 Preparation Tips OCMJEA 6 Preparation Tips What is OCMJEA 6? Exam name and exam code knowledge you can gain after completing OCMJEA 6 Prior certification/course requirements Exam objectives Time required to prepare for OCMJEA 6 Recommended Training Guide or Book for OCMJEA 6 Benefits for individuals Benefits for employer
  2. 2. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.What is OCMJEA 6?What is OCMJEA 6?OCMJEA 6Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect certificationtests Javaarchitecture experience using latest APIs and components availablein Java Enterprise Edition 6.
  3. 3. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam name and exam codeExam name and exam codeYou need to complete 1Z0-807 Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect CertifiedMasterExam (Step 1 of 3) , 1Z0-865 – Java Enterprise Edition EnterpriseArchitect CertifiedMaster Assignment (Step 2 of 3) and 1Z0-866 – Java Enterprise Edition 5EnterpriseArchitect Certified Master Essay Exam (Step 3 of 3) to achieve thiscertification.
  4. 4. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.SoftwareCOTSComponentsSoftwareCOTSComponentsknowledge you can gain afterknowledge you can gain aftercompleting OCMJEA 6completing OCMJEA 6The certification tests your Java EE 6 knowledge. Empowers in drivingJava EEArchitecture for enterprise applications. Java EE certified architectscan easilyevaluate various design options, frameworks, software COTScomponents, etc.DesignOptionsDesignOptionsDesignPatternsDesignPatternsOCMJEA 6OCMJEA 6OCMJEA 6OCMJEA 6
  5. 5. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Prior certification/course requirementsPrior certification/course requirementsComplete any Oracle approved course.OCMJEA 6Complete Oracleapproved course.
  6. 6. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Exam objectivesExam objectivesExam objectives• Topic 1 Application Design Concepts and Principles• Topic 2 Common Architectures• Topic 3 Integration and Messaging• Topic 4 Business Tier Technologies• Topic 5 Web Tier Technologies• Topic 6 Design Patterns• Topic 7 SecurityYou can visit Oracle site athttp://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=458&get_params=p_track_id:OCMJEE6EAorDownload EPractize Labs OCMJEA 6 Exam Training Lab , OCMJEA 6AssignmentTraining Lab and click Plan > Objective to know more details about thiscertification.
  7. 7. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Time required to prepare for OCMJEATime required to prepare for OCMJEAYou can get approximate estimation from the belowlinks based on your current knowledge.http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification-advisor/time-estimator.php?s=19http://www.epractizelabs.com/certification-advisor/time-estimator.php?s=20
  8. 8. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Recommended Training Guide orRecommended Training Guide orBook for OCMJEA 6Book for OCMJEA 6EPractize Labs offer complete Training Material that includes set ofMock Exams to prepare for this certification.You can download athttp://www.epractizelabs.com/certification/oracle/ocmjea-6/mockexam.htmlhttp://www.epractizelabs.com/certification/oracle/ocmjea-6/assignment.html
  9. 9. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for individualsBenefits for individuals• The certification empowers in driving Java EE Architecture forenterprise applications• OCMJEA 6 certified architects can easily evaluate various designoptions, frameworks, software COTS components, etc• Being a certified architect helps you to improve your careerpotential, gain more respect, boost up your job security andopportunities.• With OCMJEA 6 certification, you become more competitive in the jobmarket.
  10. 10. © EPractize Labs Software. All rights reserved.Benefits for employerBenefits for employer• Enables management to distinguish OCMJEA holders as professionalswho can act as Technical Architect for new or existing initiatives.• Helps in deciding the best architecture, frameworks and softwareCOTS components based on project budget to minimize cost• More confidence to drive technical decisions with business partners.• Enables project team to get best practices guidance from a qualifiedarchitect.