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Sm content recs_baran_010913

  1. 1. Content Summary  Clean interface, navigation and social links clearly promote “findability” and a pure user-centric experience.  Pretty slick mobile action. Viewport tags appear in order!  Adding blog and blog content & frequent updates will increase search engine page ranking results.  Tweet and post to social sites frequently and link to blog posts. [Fix Twitter link in HTML code. Missing a “/”]  Creating, optimizing, and promoting content are keys to website traffic and leads – this garners 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than sites/DJs who don't.  Consider adding Google Analytics (free account) to track visitors, bounce rates, organic keywords, where users are coming from and where they go when they exit the site. Or simply use WordPress’ audience insights plug-in or analytics feature on the dashboard / main page.
  2. 2. Social You have really strong content and a robust fan base/followers. Tweet more regularly if you want to harness the power of Twitter. Share your blog posts, relevant news articles, and interesting stuff from other sites. Reply to users personally, regularly. Many brands neglect to do so. Consider posting polls, quizzes, contests/giveaways or ask fans for their favorite songs, playlists and to contribute posts or comments. Post 2x per day, use Hootsuite or another social platform to post to all social platforms/accounts at once.
  3. 3. Blog / News • Refresh content / update regularly – as a best practice. • Minimum of one post per day or 4 per week and link to social sites. Best times to post / dayparting = 9am, noon, and 4pm + weekends. Set posts in advance using WordPress – you can create content and then set it up to post on a certain day/date/time. • Create RSS feed • Attach Facebook fan widget if using WordPress. Cross linking from Facebook to blog will increase traffic. • Consider a Facebook ad. Many bands get discovered this way by new fans:) • Create contests / givaways or ask fans for their favorite songs, playlists and to contribute posts or comments. • Challenge fans on the state of mainstream DJs/create a weekly poll. • Include images in each post and tag images with alt tags / keywords. • Create posts such as top 10 lists, or top 5 songs of the week, top 5 all time fave DJs, top 5 undiscovered songs, etc. Lists and numbers in headlines tend to perform well. Make a list of feature stories and news stories to include in your weekly content mix. • Be sure to set up categories such as author names, Playlists, News, Events, Giveaways, and any feature content names. Tag each post with pertinent keywords, and make sure categories are mapped to the correct posts.
  4. 4. SEO Search engines look for fresh content so that they can serve it up later in search results. If they don't index it, results won't show it. The more fresh content you create, the more often search engines will come back looking for more. Consider adding an RSS feed, using meta keywords, titles and page descriptions provided in content inventory. Consider adding an XML sitemap. A developer can help.
  5. 5. Page descriptions While page descriptions don't directly affect your search rankings, they do affect how likely someone is to click on your search results. The text you put in your page description shows up prominently in search engine results. Make sure it's compelling to get more people to click. See H1 column for suggestions.
  6. 6. SEO Trends Panda is the new GOOGLE algorithm, with a recent update. A site can be “Panda-lized” for low quality. Emphasis is placed on original content, useful information and freshness. SERPs or Search Engine Results Page Rankings have been lowered – (ex: DJ Tina appears on page 4 of Google search results from page 2). On the Music page, I strongly recommend using “free music” though some = paid because it’s compelling. Consider using headlines and headers/sub headlines. Each page scanned by Google and other search engines requires clear page titles (which appear in the browser bar above the URL), page descriptions (appear in HTML and search engine results), meta keywords (3-5 per page).