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Content Marketing plan - preliminary and high level for C-Level Exces and neophytes at AT&T / YP.

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Content marketing plan

  1. 1. Content Marketing Plan Across all platforms
  2. 2. Climate: Twitter/Twitterscopes/FeedCurrent climate, engagement, and promo ideas Brands are in control. Prospects who want more information about a product, attend an event, or get information will often have to register on a Web site. As a result, they give information, giving power to our brand. Our Twitter plan with regard to Twitterscopes has steady, incremental growth ranging from a 5% to 7% jump weekly. To increase engagement, we need to up our game by having a contest -- best horoscope of the week -- or a prize for re- tweeting our horoscopes. Prize could be a free natal chart, or a blog post about a user's experience and how our horoscope provided empowerment. Weekly stats for signs which retweeted and checked their horoscopes most. We need to create more buzz around why Leo was No. 1 this week, but last week Cancers checked their scopes more often. This way, it's like a competition and we track the results weekly. At Buzznet we created Team Edward and Team Jacob for "Twilight" and held contests around each one. Horoscope contest is needed. Perhaps a user can write one -- for their sign and the winning scope will be published on our page. Cross-promotion needed between all networks. Twitter updates, links, quotes, meditation, and testimonials are all working, but not creating ample buzz. Twitterscopes can be folded into our Twitter page updates or we can simply use this feed for promos and contests only. Just 1% of our brand's fan base drives 20% of traffic to our site. These influencers can directly influence 30% of our sales just when they recommend our psychics to a wider social network. Identify top influencers. Most engagement is generated through answering questions like "What's the No. 1 Reason to Breakup?" Recognizing those who comment most and what they comment is key. Let's use those fans - our biggest fans to become our biggest marketing weapon. It matters less if our fans never visit our page, they get the feeds regardless. We need to gauge engagement through those feeds. Rewarding fans with currency. Let's create fan currency - allow fans to collect points every time they engage with us - 10 points every time they write a testimonial, or 100 points if they make a purchase and tell us about it. We need a loyalthy program specific to FB and Twitter fans. Loyalty point programs provide an identity to our key influencers, people with the most points will engage more and share with fans. We could tally up Tarot tickets, or Psychic Points, or items that you collect for your vision board like psychic faces you spoke with over the phone. A puzzle piece. Another facebook app idea pitched to product is items fans can share for their collective vision boards, goal attainment.
  3. 3. Climate: Facebook / Twitter Plan Key action plan and measurements: • Establishing clear objectives and success metrics (see slide on KPIs) • Evaluate opportunities through our unique strategic lens • Create a unifying concept or theme • Construct our social marketing architecture (in progress) • Aggregate and/or build social media assets (in progress) • Develop a plan for monitoring and responding to consumer discussions (new social media coordinator) • Roll out an integrated earned and paid media promotional plan (up for discussion) • Nurture our fans and community (need someone devoted to this full-time, social media coordinator) • Measure against objectives and optimize continuously (in progress, requires more attentiveness) Fans are more motivated by fame than fortune. Recognize experts in our space, like Dan in Missouri, but we need to pinpoint fans who share our feeds most, and create a "Top Contributor" page or add it as a module to the blog. Dan became a guest blogger. We can call it out in our newsletter, and put a special graphic or badge next to him. Advertising on other tabs. offered to host content/ad/promo on their tab. Let's branch out and try,,,,, BlogHer, and MomCafe. Increasing contact / relationships with psychic communities and blogs. - Content sharing -- video sharing, cross promos like check out this tutorial on reading Oracle cards, or Sharing our google widget on social media sites, promoting it, promoting our new tools like the compatibility meter and the revamped psychic selector. Live Chat or Meebo Users visit the customer roundtable, a post which has increased comments and personal messages from psychics and customers alike -- 4,780 comments and counting since July 2009. Provide WP plug-in or actual forum for this growing community. P
  4. 4. Climate: Facebook / Twitter Current climate and beyond. One user sees a psychic which intrigues her but she doesn't want to expose her personal info. Said user compares our service to others. When trust is instilled, she'll choose to expose her demographic information. In return she receives information related to what she will likely want, reducing her need to navigate our large/counterintuitive at times Web site. Then she's getting ready to commit to purchase. We offer greater incentives – additional discounts or premiums like personalized reports, Tarot cards, calendars, Oracle cards, an ebook on our fave psychic quotes and columns – if she gives more information. We can offer additional related products or begin a dialogue. We offer a discount if this user tells her friends (trusted peers) that she's made a purchase. Customers trust word of mouth, especially in our landscape. Then we can offer a group discount to all her friends, too. Thus, paying it forward... Point system for: • Video plays • Forwards • Polls • Time spent • Clicks • Installs • Share/passalong • Comments • Ratings • Contest entries • Content creation
  5. 5. Editorial: Facebook Strategy We must establish our identity through storytelling. Posting blogs tailored to our FB demo, posing questions, engaging super fans to write for us, and including polls is a working model. It's time to build on this and create psychic pages for the top tier psychics. We can easily convert them into superstars/celebs with a following. We need a forum for customers and non-customers, and moderators for said forum to become a new age micro site/social networking community by FY 2012. STEPS: 1. Post events. Whether it’s a product launch (Horoscope Page), KR day, or another time-sensitive promo, creating an event can trigger updates that fans can share with their friends. 2. Develop interactive applications. Create applications that trigger actions which appear in fans’ feeds. For instance, a Page might offer a virtual gifting application that makes it easy to share branded content with friends. (Product has a host of our team's ideas) 3. Encourage fan participation. When fans share content such as photos or videos on a Page, those updates appear in fans’ feeds. Fans may also write on Page walls, comment and “Like” posts, which keeps fans engaged, although it won’t be visible in friends’ News Feeds. 4. Convert visitors to fans. When visitors become fans, their friends are exposed to that action - this alone can be a key tool. 5. Conduct a detailed analysis of our Page and competitors’ Pages to determine the degree of engagement and type of content shared. Find out how many people on Facebook currently list your brand or association on their personal profiles – this is the low-hanging fruit to sizing the immediate opportunities for fans. 6. Upload to YouTube - learn the lifecycle of our videos, establish a YouTube channel, and create Tarot tutorials. Explore who’s watching our videos and where to see how that matches up with our target audience. Review where videos are embedded to determine online promotional programs and advertising campaigns are impacting views or might help your videos gain even more visibility. Consider testing promoted videos from Horoscope Page, and blog.
  6. 6. Platform: Facebook apps Apps: Vision Board List is with product from brainstorming session. Some include, giving the vision board object of the day, like a mansion, for example. Life Path Maze Create a path where users can choose with squares that offer different opportunities, calls to action, and stages of life. Mix and match all pieces or purchase the app to share your life plan. There's a book by AC Ping called "Be" - each square can be configured with tough life questions. Stumped? Call a psychic. What's your biggest block in life? Wheel of Fortune A roulette looking wheel with different tarot cards. You spin the wheel and land on a Tarot card. Then you discover the meaning of the card using our proprietary guide/tutorial online. (We have this content for Tool of The Day on the Horoscope page, driven by EMS) Land on a card -- each wheel spoke has a different title/subject like "Life Path," "Love," "Career," "Finance," "Past Lives" and "Numerology." The psychic who specializes in each one will appear to advise you on said topic by calling... Fill In Your Timeline An actual timeline of your day, week, or month. You fill it in with different milestones like, "got a promotion," or "my ex texted me," and they all add up, and you can share this timeline of events with friends through a feed from your app.
  7. 7. Facebook / Twitter Plan - AppsVision B
  8. 8. Marketing Plan/Product/Premiums If we intend to monetize and sell our viable content as a product, here are some methods and points to consider: 1. Packaging content cohesively -- headline, more link/anchor tag, social media buttons, images, alt tags, hyperlinks, bylines linked to psychic profile/product pages, and video should all be cohesive, dynamic, engaging, tease-oriented to not give away our content until they "Keep Reading" until end of page. Restructure like button after Keep Reading - insert ad at the end of the page, or link to our forum. Create a more dynamic user experience which begs a purchase path. Images - consider edgy images not from stock photography. An image speaks louder than words and can make or break the best content. 2. Liam Letters - Liam's column is a guilty pleasure for many. He's consistently the most sought after psychic advisor with his Sex Q&A column. A "best of" series or "greatest hits" or a "packet of Liam's Letters" (Not unlike Penthouse Letters for new age savvy women) can be the first of its kind. We could charge a nominal fee to download the ebook, or to purchase his content. His archived content should take users to a page where they pay for monthly access, like a subscription. He receives more letters than Red, and ladies seem to like him as a trusted, handsome, and out of the box adviser. 3. Column syndication - look for a syndication service or syndicate – to represent us. Often syndicates will take 40-50% of our income, but it can be worth that payment to take advantage of their already established reach and reputation. Distribution will follow. Meet Your Spirit Guides -- cards or column letters with all different types of guides, Samurai, Warriors...etc. 3. Psychic Tool Kit - a customer gets Tarot cards with our psychics on them, or our own branded cards calling out the SUN CARD - since it's our logo, too. Provide a guide/chart to numerology, crystals, astrological basics, candle colors, psychic workout columns, and more. 4. Widgets galore - our Horoscope widget is widely successful. We can do a Daily Guidance, Tarot Tricks, I Ching, guide to channeling, Vision board widgets, etc. Gadgets are easy to implement, contain our RSS feed, and increase our brand recognition, easy to share, download, implement and create for the end user and product/dev teams.
  9. 9. Mobile Platform: Promotion 3 separate mobile platforms with end points containing our blog posts/feeds. • WAP • Smartphone - iphone • Smartphone - Android Cross promotional contests with FB and Twitter; text your response to participate in a sweepstakes, and user is charged 10 cents for every response. Psychics provide predictions via text, like LuvScopes only much more robust. Based on the astro influences of the day, you're most likely to... FB apps and mobile apps (see earlier slides for concepts) Offer exclusive content - Liam's juiciest response, the best psychic quote of the day, personal experiences from other users, showcasing our contributors with their best nuggets of advice or biggest impediments. Giving users dirt or details which didn't make it to press. Some of Liam's raunchier content was rejected but the advice and depth/insight is still highly entertaining. Access to this content is a nice hook. Mobile only coupons - Create a coupon for mobile users who get 10% or a special gift/premium if they purchase via phone without CS or online interaction. Texting updates and posting them to Twitter or FB. Users can text their experience, thoughts, comments and they'll get posted to our FB page.
  10. 10. Mktg Plan: A. Situation Analysis 4. Climate:- SM - Content C. Marketing Plana. Product ii. Editorial Style/Appropriateness iv. Editorial 1. Cross Platform Strategy d. PromotionEditorial (offers on each platform - how it's done)Same promo sked on diff verticals (insert sked) and package content around it